Noisefit Agile vs Noisefit Active: Which Is Worth Buying?

Noisefit Agile vs Noisefit Active

smartphones have become a great part of our lives. The use of smart devices overall has taken a significant amount of space in our lives. These devices are meant to make our lives easier and in many ways, they do so. Over time lots of smart devices have been launched. One of the most famous smart devices these days is the smartwatches in many ways this device has helped to overcome the difficulty. Up to some extent it has even replaced smartphones which we carry in our day-to-day life. Overall looking at the scenario having a smartwatch is like having great internet power on your wrist. Having a smartwatch also gives you the assess to the health benefits as these smartwatches come with a variety of health trackers too.

There are lots of brands that offer good quality smartwatches. Even the companies that make smartphones also make smartwatches. But there are some brands that exclusively work on smartwatches and fitness bands. Fitness bands are more tended towards the health part of the side. Noisefit is a brand that focuses on both the factors of having a design of a watch and with benefits of fit bands. The two of the most famous models of Noisefit are Noisefit Agile and Noisefit Active. If you are having trouble finding the best fit for you then we will be discussing these two watches, which will surely get you up to the decision.

Noisefit Agile vs Noisefit Active: Comparison Chart

FeatureNoisefit AgileNoisefit Active
Display Size1.28 inches1.28
Sports mode14 Modes14 Modes
  Special FeatureHeart Rate Monitor5 ATM resistance
  Average Battery7 Days7 Days
External BatteryNot NeededNot Needed
Music ControlAvailableAvailable
Charging time2.5 Hours2.5 Hours

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Noisefit Agile vs Noisefit Active: Detailed Analysis


Battery life is important to factor when considering smartwatches. As we don’t want to charge the watches often. The battery life overall provided by the Noisefit is of decent quality. Both the watches can last up to 7 days as claimed by the company. Depending upon the usage of the user it may vary. Both the batteries of the smartwatch are somewhat identical but can perform differently under different conditions. The software updates that we get on the smartwatches do affect the performance of the smartwatch.

The charging speed of both smartwatches is good as it takes almost two and half hours to charge it completely which is a decent amount of time that we can expect from any smartwatch. As it gives the ability to perform for 7 days, two and half hours are good considering that.

Looks and fitting

Noisefit Agile

As the watch is a thing that we carry the whole day it has to be comfortable and also fashionable too. There are plenty of options available from the design point of view for both the smartwatches. Colours like Robust Black, Zesty grey, sport red, and power blue are available in case one wants to try different types.

Compatibility is the factor that gives an edge to the Noisefit watches. They are super good in fit and are comfortable to wear for the day.

Fitness Factor

Nowadays fitness is getting the attention of the young generation. And everyone is being aware of the fitness. That is why it is necessary for smartwatches to be good in these fields.  Both watches come with various modes for fitness and there are some special features for these smartwatches too. Noisefit Active comes with a spO2 tracker and Noisefit Agile has a heart monitor tracker that keeps eye on the monitor for the whole day and gives near accurate results.

Along with this also there are lots of features that both the smartwatches have. Features like oxygen tracker level, blood oxygen meter,  stress monitor, breathing modes,  sleep monitor,  special female health tracker, and many more things are included in these smartwatches.

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Technology Aspect

Noisefit Active

Both the smartwatches have been launched around the time 2021. The Noicefit active have better software quality overall rather than the noise it agile. The company has assured to give regular software updates to the smartwatches too. The connectivity is really easy in both the smartwatches as with Bluetooth and with wifi also.


This is one of the most important factors when considering buying a smartwatch. Though both the smartwatches seem to be almost identical to each other, there is a difference of 500 rupees in both the devices. This comes because of the major software update that comes with Noisefit Active. That will not make much difference for the normal user but will have a noticeable change after a few months of use.

Noisefit Agile vs Noisefit Active: Quick Results

FeatureNoisefit AgileNoisefit Active
Price Battery FeaturesFair Great GoodBit High Great Good

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Noisefit Agile

  1. I’m glad to buy this amazing superb gadget. and the prices are very affordable.
  2. The product is good and has fulfilled all expectations.
  3. After some months of use, it starts to hang and suddenly goes off.

Noisefit Active

  1. readings nearly accurate, display quality nice, notification etc. Is also good. Overall good experience till now.
  2. The watch automatically calculates the calories burner

there’s an update and when I started updating the watch it became freeze and till now it’s in the same state.

Noisefit Agile vs Noisefit Active: Final Verdict

Both the smartwatches are great to use and are considered to buy. Even the difference between the prices is also not much in case one is considering the budget. But even though I will suggest going with the model of Noisefit active over Noisefit Agile as it has better reviews than another one. It has better software that will be great to handle and will go for a long time also. Overall buying Noisefit Active is a great idea for having good health and making your lifestyle better.

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