Nokia T2000 VS Boat Rockerz 335: Which To Choose?

A decade ago, Nokia was the most valuable and reputable company. Because Nokia was such a dependable brand, people had unwavering faith in it. However, the plot later took an unexpected turn. The former industry leader is now attempting to reclaim his position. Nokia now sells headphones and speakers in addition to smartphones.

The Nokia T2000 wireless neckband is one of Nokia’s products aimed at increasing sales. Nokia has already released a few earphones/buds, but their prices are exorbitant. Nokia, on the other hand, has finally hit a home run with the release of an enticing Bluetooth earphone.

On the other hand, on September 9, boAt Lifestyle released the Rockerz 335 Bluetooth neckband and dubbed it the “Greatest Of All Time.” Without a doubt, boAt has a strong belief in the product’s quality.

As a result, before you buy the product, we will double-check all of the features to ensure they meet your expectations. We ordered a boAt Rockerz 335 with this goal in mind, and I believe we’re on our way.

Nokia T2000 VS Boat Rockerz 335: Comparison Table

FeaturesNokia T2000Boat Rockerz 335 
Launching Year20222022
Model NameT2000Rockerz 335
Connector Typewirelesswireless
Available ColorsWhiteBlue
Average Battery Life6 hours7hours
Charging Time1.5 hour1.5 hour
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.1Version 5.0
Connection Distance Range (Bluetooth)11m10m
Driver DynamicDynamic
Online Price RangesRs.1,099Rs.1,499
Customer Ratings4.2/54/5

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Nokia T2000 VS Boat Rockerz 335: Detailed Analysis

Design and Build Quality

Nokia devices are legendary for their dependability and durability. It is in charge of some dependable goods on the market. Was Nokia able to maintain the same level of construction? Yes, that is correct. This Bluetooth earphone has an excellent build quality. Remember that the neckband is made of skin-friendly material, and the ends are made of strong plastic. The ear tips are made of lightweight aluminium. I would rate the price as excellent. Not the cheapest option, but certainly superior to the others. The ear tips’ 45-degree arc ensures a secure fit and maximum comfort. After hours of use, these headphones will not irritate your ears. When not in use, the magnetic ear tips transform these headphones into a necklace.

Nokia T2000

Surprisingly, these ear tips do more than just look nice; they can play music when disconnected and pause it when reconnected. It has a minor but discernible impact on battery life.

The Rockerz 335’s control board, on the other hand, is made of metal, while the rest of the part is made of high-grade silicone that is both soft and flexible. The silicone construction makes it comfortable to wear around the neck or carry in your pocket for extended periods of time, but keep in mind the 30g weight.

All of the controls, including the charging port and an LED indicator, are located on the right end of the neckband. BoAt branding can be found on the on/off button, the left end of the band, and both earbuds.

I almost forgot to mention that these headphones come with magnetic charging cases as well as silicone ear locks for a secure fit and tangle-free listening. Please keep in mind that these locks are necessary for your comfort; otherwise, inserting the buds into your ears may cause pain. After inserting your earbuds, rotate them so that the tips face slightly outward. This was inspired by my own life.


To be honest, we weren’t expecting such a high-quality offering from Nokia at this price. This earphone’s impressive list of features may deter customers from purchasing headphones from competing brands. Examine the details and make your own decision. Qualcomm aptX HD Audio, as far as I can tell, provides 24-bit HD Bluetooth sound. In addition, the device has a quick-charging feature that allows for nine hours of playback after only ten minutes of charging time. If Qualcomm cVc Echo Cancellation’s claims are true, call quality will be greatly improved and background noise will be greatly reduced.

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According to the manufacturer, the 125 mAh battery should last 14 hours. Despite not having the largest battery in its class, Bluetooth 5.1 allows it to last longer than most. Battery life is extended thanks to BT 5.1’s improved power efficiency. Furthermore, the chipset in use significantly reduces power consumption.

Under normal conditions, you can expect 7-8 hours of playback time at 70% volume. When the volume is set to 80% or higher, the battery life can be increased to six or six and a half hours. It is also advantageous to have fast charging capabilities. The Nokia T2000 features fast charging, which can provide you with nine hours of listening time in just ten minutes. The battery life is adequate and does not appear to be a problem.

Boat Rockerz 335

One of the boAt Rockerz 335’s main selling points is its long battery life. A 150 mAh battery is included, and it is compatible with the ASAP Charging standard. According to the manufacturer, a full charge takes only 40 minutes and provides up to 30 hours of backup power. On paper, everything appears to be in order.

Instead of the standard 30 hours, it took about 17 hours to completely discharge the unit, and I received it fully charged. I had the volume at fifty per cent the entire time. The battery can be charged from empty to 80% in 10 minutes using the USB-C port, and the remaining 20% can be filled in another 20 minutes. It must, in particular, be fully charged in 30 minutes. The LED light will turn blue when the battery is fully charged.

Audio Quality

Nokia has done something intriguing here. They provided the Qualcomm 3034 chipset, which supports aptX and aptxHD. This chip was designed to have a minimal impact on battery life while maintaining sound quality. Qualcomm aptX HD was created in response to the growing demand for high-quality audio transmission. Because of this improved codec, extremely high 24-bit audio quality can now be transmitted via Bluetooth. This implies that their music can be appreciated for its subtleties.

BoAt, on the other hand, avoided compromising sound quality whenever possible. As a result, it includes noise cancellation and support for Qualcomm’s aptX HD and aptX Classic codecs, as well as Qualcomm’s cVc codec for acoustic distortion decoding. Furthermore, the dynamic audio drivers in both earbuds have a diameter of 10 millimetres. As a result, it provides an exceptional sonic experience. It’s not necessary to crank up the volume to hear it, and the bass is just right. The call quality is excellent in both directions. As a result, the microphone is also in good working order. The noise cancellation system effectively muffles low- and medium-frequency noises while leaving higher-frequency sounds audible. It makes perfect sense for less than Rs.2,000 (approximately $56).

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Nokia T2000 VS Boat Rockerz 335: Quick Result

ParticularsNokia T2000Boat Rockerz 335Which one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodAmazingAny
Deep Bass GreatGoodBoth
Sound QualityBetterBestBoat Rockerz 335

Nokia T2000 VS Boat Rockerz 335: Final Verdict

The price-to-performance ratio of these wireless headphones is excellent. It currently has the best set of features available. At this price point, neither Xiaomi nor Realme offer comparable specifications. If you want high-quality wireless earbuds for less than Rs. 2,000, we recommend these. The bass heads, on the other hand, are unsatisfied. It’s certainly not the best setting for bass. This could be remedied by adjusting the equalization settings. In any case, we believe bass fans should avoid this one.

Boat Rockerz 335 boAt provides us with a fantastic time at an affordable price. For just Rs.1,999, you can get beautiful sound, a long battery life, a premium-feeling build, and features like dual-pairing support, ASAP Charging technology, and waterproofing.

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