One Plus Buds Z2 Vs One Plus Buds Pro: Comparison!

One Plus Buds Z2 Vs One Plus Buds Pro
One Plus Buds Z2 Vs One Plus Buds Pro

After being the kingmaker in the smartphone market one plus is trying to get a lead in the wireless earbuds market also. After some of the biggest companies like Sony, Oppo, Realme launched their earpods. Oneplus is trying to annihilate the market after the mediocre success of their Oneplus buds pro but the main question arises which one you should buy and which one is banged for the buck.

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One Plus Buds Z2 Vs One Plus Buds Pro: Detailed Analysis


In the terms of design, the Oneplus Buds Pro retains the name Pro in it the whole body gives you a premium appeal whenever you look at it having a matte finish with chrome accent speaks class whereas the Z2 is built with plastic with a gloss finish which seems like a regular wireless earpods for you.

Charging Case

One Plus Buds Z2

Talking about the charging case the Pro has a matte look with smooth corners which is easy to grip and looks great in the hands while the Z2 has a plain finish with cheaper material built with it. (One plus Z2 and buds pro spec sheet)


In terms of fit and comfort, we were surprised to find that the Buds Z2 fit better. Of course, this is a highly personal preference that is determined by the shape and size of your ears, but the Pro’s somewhat rounder and more bulbous design meant it didn’t fit as comfortably in our ear as the non-Pro model. We had to wiggle and press a bit further to get it to fit firmly and register that it was the ear.

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Sound Quality

This is the section where everyone is curious to know about so, Both carries 11mm, Drivers, with 45 decibels of noise cancellation giving you a quiet journey while traveling and speaking about the sound quality both of them have plenty of juice to rock you up with the great amount of bass and are loud but the major difference between the pro and the normal one is the extra features one plus has provided to the pro version like a personalized sound profile which will adjust with a tap on your phone and the pro version also provides a more rich and balanced version of the sound.

Battery and Charging

One Plus Buds pro

The battery capacity on both the earbuds and the case is the same across the two sets of buds. Each earbud has a 40mAh battery, with a 520mAh battery in the case to recharge them while docked in their cases. That implies the performance is nearly the same as well. OnePlus claims that with ANC turned on, you can get roughly 5 hours of music playback on both pairs, or 7 hours with it turned off. With both the case and the buds, you get around 27/28 hours of ANC playback. With the Pro, you enjoy the flexibility of both wireless charging and rapid cable charging. You may charge the buds pro from the back of your phone if you have a phone that supports reverse wireless charging, like the OnePlus 9 Pro. Alternatively, if you utilize a cable, 10 minutes of charging will provide you with 10 hours of music listening. In comparison, the Buds Z2 will only last 5 hours with the same charging time.

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Both buds come with an excellent amount of quirks and features with them like fast charging, touch play/pause, and pause music after removing the buds from the ears, They both have touch controls for other controls, but in distinct ways. For the single, double, triple, and long tape settings, the Buds Z features a single touch button on the exterior, but the Pro needs you to squeeze on the stem. In terms of latency, using them with a OnePlus flagship in Game Pro mode results in a 94ms delay with Bluetooth 5.2.

Bluetooth and waterproofing

Both of the earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0+ and are IPX 7 water and sweat-resistant best for gym rats and runners.


Oneplus Pro buds-9900INR/-
Oneplus Z2 buds- 7500INR/-

One Plus Buds Z2 Vs One Plus Buds Pro: Final Verdict

In the Pro buds, The bass is incredibly powerful, and the sound quality is amazing, maybe even better than the AirPods Pro, especially when you include customized audio ID. The stem squeeze controls are simple to operate, and I enjoy that when you press them, you can hear a slight but definite tactile feedback. There are three different earbud sizes to choose from to fit your ears. If you have a OnePlus phone, you will have immediate connectivity, similar to how AirPods connect to an iPhone or iPad. Another thing I enjoy is the appearance. The appearance is quite high-end. That concludes the advantages. I also experimented with zen mode, which is a lovely touch. Concerning the drawbacks, I wish the argument had been a little stronger, such as it has a cheap hinge and the manner it opens and shuts. The noise cancellation on these earphones is adequate but not exceptional.

The Z2 comes a little under the price of Pro buds and this is without a doubt the most dissatisfied I’ve ever been with a pair of buds, especially for the price. These are expensive at 7500 inr, and I find it difficult to rationalize them when you can get the OnePlus Buds Pro (despite all of their issues) for just that little bit more. If you enjoy bass, you may not have an issue, however, the sonic signature of these earbuds is not to my liking. There are no extra features, and the likes of Zen Mode Air, OnePlus Audio ID, and others are absent.

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Written by Damini Tripathi

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