OnePlus 10R Vs OnePlus Nord CE2: Which Is Best?

OnePlus Nord CE2

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, without smartphones, we can’t even imagine life. The features that a smartphone provides are amazing level and it is like having the power of the world in the palm of your hand. Smartphones these days have replaced a lot of electronic and analogue devices such as cameras, alarm clocks, a typical phone, and up to some extent, even computers too. There are a lot of things that can be done with the use of the smartphone and the main feature of the smartphone is its durability that it has.

There are a lot of brands that have launched a variety of smartphones from budget range to flagship range, for every budget. Even every single day, it is seen that a new smartphone has been read, but very few of the brands make up to the mark of recognition. One such brand is OnePlus. OnePlus has made a very amazing recognition in the market and it is especially known for the quality of the product that it provides. Not only smartphones but also earphones, ear pods, and even smart TVs as well. OnePlus has made a very positive image in the customer’s eyes. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone or any kind of electronic device then you must consider the OnePlus. OnePlus has a very wide range of smartphones from the budget, mid-range, and up to even flagships which are the best performers in their range.

OnePlus has very famous models but 2 of them are immensely awaited and were appreciated by the customers. One o them is Nord CE2 and another one is the OnePlus 10R. both of them are of amazingly great quality and worth consideration.  If you are confused between these 2, then we will discuss every aspect of it, and then you will be able to decide which one is perfect for you to buy.

OnePlus 10R Vs OnePlus Nord CE2: Comparison Chart

FeatureOnePlus 10ROnePlus Nord CE2
Model10RNord CE2
Battery5000 mAh4500 mAh
Fast ChargingYesYes
Camera50 MP Tripple64 MP
ColorBlack, greenBlue, Gray
Ram8 GB, 12GB6GB, 8 GB
Rom  128 GB, 256 GB1258 GB

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OnePlus 10R vs OnePlus Nord CE2: Detailed Analysis


OnePlus 10R

Cameras these days have evolved so much in smartphones. Even the total megapixels that it captures are also way more than the previous phones. To some extent, it also gives a fair competition too. Overall of that, the software that is used to enhance photos nowadays uses very effective AI techniques that handle the image and make it presentable, while the lenses capture more and more pixels. It is clear that the cameras of these smartphones have become a very important factor when considering buying smartphones.

The overall quality of the OnePlus cameras is very great and it is improving over time.  10R has the main camera of 50 MP, which is a great quality camera. It also comes with an 8 MP ultra-wide lens that covers 120-degree angles. 10R also provides the 2 MP of a macro lens. The front camera of the 10R is 16 MP and captures beautiful selfies. The main rear camera can record the video up to 108p with 30fps. Overall the quality of the camera is amazing and worth the pay. Talking about the quality of Nord CE2, it has a main camera of 64 MP and a 16 MP wide-angle camera lens. The front camera of the CE2 is 16MP. Overall the quality of the camera is decent. While comparing R10 and CE2, it seems that the 10R has an edge over the CE2.

Battery Capacity

When buying any kind of electronic device it is important that the battery should be long lasting and will give support for a longer time. Especially talking about smartphones, we know that we can not live without the smartphone which is why it becomes a very much important topic for smartphones. Another important factor is fast charging as in this fast world no one has time to wait. Therefore fast charging also becomes the deciding factor.

The battery capacity of the CE2 is 4500 mAh, which is a very huge battery and will easily last for the day of use, for a normal user. One of the most amazing factors of the CE2 is that it comes with a 65 Watt charger that charges the whole battery in just 15 minutes and you are ready to go for the whole day. The battery capacity of 10R depends on the model and comes in a 4500 and 5000 mAh battery which is pretty amazing. It has huge 80-watt and 150-watt chargers that are immensely fast. It is clear that the battery of the 10R easily has a better battery than that of the CE2.

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OnePlus Nord CE2

Pricing is the factor that decides whether to decide to buy a smartphone or not. As in the industry, the prices of electronic devices change a lot, that is why one should check from various places about the price and purchase the one which is better among them. The price of CE2 is about 24000 rupees, which is a fair deal according to the features that it provides. The price of the 10R is about 39000  rupees which is also a fair deal.

OnePlus 10R Vs OnePlus Nord CE2: Quick Result

FeatureOnePlus 10ROnePlus Nord CE2
Price        DecentFair

OnePlus 10R Vs OnePlus Nord CE2: Final Verdict

Both the smartphones are worth the buy. If you are someone who wants a high-end phone then you should consider 10R, if you want a budget smartphone then CE 2 is the smartphone that is made for you.

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