Oneplus Buds Z2 Vs Nord Buds CE: Which Is Better?

Oneplus Buds Z2 Vs Nord Buds CE

The era in which luxuriously expensive Apple AirPods dominated the market in solitary is long gone. High-quality yet affordable true wireless earphones are quickly emerging as a must-have accessory for not only those on the go but even the audio aficionados who demand studio-level perfection from their budget-friendly tech as the 3.5mm jack is now being removed from an increasing number of smartphones. Given that the company is known for offering items at reasonable prices, the introduction of the OnePlus Nord Buds CE in the Indian market generated a lot of attention.  The most recent true wireless earphones (TWS) from OnePlus, the Nord Buds CE, are priced reasonably and are designed for people who are considering purchasing TWS for the first time.

The OnePlus Buds, the company’s first TWS, which debuted almost two years ago, are visually identical to the Nord Buds CE. The company’s newest true wireless earbuds (TWS), the Oneplus Buds Z2, are part of the Nord series and are priced affordably with first-time TWS purchasers in mind. Here is our in-depth evaluation of the OnePlus Nord Buds CE and Oneplus Buds Z2 that we have been using for a while to help you decide which one to purchase.

Oneplus Buds Z2 Vs. Nord Buds CE: Comparison Table

FeaturesOneplus Buds Z2Oneplus Nord Buds CE
Launching Year20212022
Model NameOneplus Buds Z2Oneplus Nord Buds CE
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Average Battery Life30 Hours20 Hours
CompatibilitySmartphones, Tablets, PC, and All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphones, Tablets, PC, and All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.2Version 5.2
Online Pricing RangeRs 4,399Rs 1,999
Customer Ratings4.2/54.1/5

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Oneplus Buds Z2 Vs Nord Buds CE: Detailed Analysis


Oneplus Buds Z2 Vs Nord Buds CE
Oneplus Buds Z2

Let’s begin with what you first see, the charging case. The OnePlus Buds Z2 charging case is shaped like a long oval and has the OnePlus branding on the top. It comes in black and white as it’s only two color options.  It is a pretty straightforward charging case with a front-facing LED indication. A USB Type-C socket for charging and a button for adding additional devices to the pairing list are located on the rear.

The box’s lid can be easily opened with one hand without much discomfort. Naturally, there are two earbuds inside the cover, and they are made in a pretty straightforward manner. The earphones’ stem is fairly long, but there is nothing wrong with it. The OnePlus Buds Z2 may be given commands by touching the area at the top of the earbud. The OnePlus Buds Z2 isn’t terribly ugly. On nearly anyone’s ears, they can look totally casual and regular. When We tested it for a run, they also fit the ear extremely well. The fact that We didn’t have to constantly adjust them to prevent them from falling during the run is definitely a plus in our book.

The box package for the OnePlus Nord Buds CE was strong and portable. A USB-C/USB-D charging cable, two earbuds in a white charging pod, a user manual, a sticker, and a welcome card with member perks were all included. The brand name is printed in grey across the smooth white charging pod, and a pinhole-shaped light indicates when charging is necessary. It is lightweight and simple to use. When inserted, the hefty white earbuds themselves stretch to the earlobe. Each bud has two tiny metallic ridges at the bottom that make it easier for them to slide into the magnetic charging case. Overall, the design is stylishly comparable to Apple’s second-generation AirPods and is svelte, appealing, and fashionable.

The semi-in-ear design of the Buds has advantages and disadvantages. The buds can be used for several hours without irritating or straining the ear because they do not sit too deeply in the ear canal. They remain spotless and free of oil. To compensate for the distance from the eardrum, one must, nevertheless, listen to music and phone calls at a volume that is at least 50% greater than normal. For wearers intending to use their earbuds throughout lengthy flights, train rides, or while working in a busy workplace, the utter lack of noise cancellation will be a problem.


If you’re looking for solid performance in the affordable market, the OnePlus Buds Z2 may be a very nice and tempting solution. The OnePlus Buds Z2 can be your ideal companion if you enjoy listening to music with a lot of basses. Although it can grow very loud, the sound is always clear. We greatly value the noise suppression that these inexpensive TWS earphones provide. Users can choose from Transparency, Noise Cancellation, and Noise Cancellation mode, specifically. There is a “Normal” mode as well.

The 11mm dynamic drivers in the OnePlus Buds Z2 feature active noise cancellation (ANC) up to 40db. These earbuds didn’t interfere with the gaming. The OnePlus Buds Z2 has a 93ms latency, which is a respectable amount. For voice calls, it includes three built-in microphones, which is also a very good experience. There were no problems, not even when I was running and heavily perspiring. Most likely a result of the IP155 rating of the headphones (water and dust-resistant). Be aware that the charging case has an IPX4 rating and can withstand water. The strongest noise-canceling setting is max. Any extraneous sound or frequency that you wouldn’t want to interfere with your listening experience is almost completely tuned off.

As soon as you pair it with Bluetooth and play the first song, you can tell the OnePlus Nord Buds CE are capable headphones. The 13.4 mm titanium drivers produce powerful bass that’s not harsh. You may customize your listening experience with the HeyMelody app by selecting from four different modes: bass, balanced, serenade, mild, and gaming mode. 

Regardless of the mode you choose, the expertly blended audio and high-fidelity sound are a true treat. The Nord Buds CE performed admirably in almost every genre. We tried them, including ASMR, rock, heavy metal, pop, and instrumental symphonies. The instruments are flawlessly mixed, and the vocals are clear and vivid. The capturing of ambient and background noises is handled with pleasing crispness and clarity. The semi-in-ear design, however, implies that outside disturbances may interfere with your listening experience. The Buds are perfect for working in a place with minimal background noise or for unwinding in a relaxed environment.

The Buds are excellent for practically all music and media genres, but anyone with hearing or auditory processing problems might want to choose a pair of headphones with less sound loss because you need the volume to be at least 80% up to appreciate music at exceptionally low or high frequencies. As We were continuously changing the level, We did not enjoy listening to opera or classical symphonies with the Buds. The frequency response, according to the firm, is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

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Oneplus Buds Z2 Vs Nord Buds CE
Nord Buds CE

The battery life on the OnePlus Buds Z2 is also quite good. People who wish to go about their day listening to music, podcasts, or anything else without worrying about the battery dying time and time again will find it to be the ideal solution. The Buds Z2 can also charge quite quickly. If you already own a OnePlus charging brick, all you need to do to use it for rapid charging is remove it from its packaging and plug it into the USB Type-C connector located on the back of the charging case for the earphones.

A 520mAh battery powers the OnePlus Buds Z2 charging case, which the firm claims can provide 38 hours of playback on a single charge. We didn’t keep track of the hours, but we’re very certain that on a single charge, it is capable of providing performance for more than 30 hours when used in conjunction with the charging case.

We used the OnePlus Nord Buds CE right away when they were delivered fully charged. They lasted somewhat more than 10 hours of continuous use, during which We attended a protracted conference call and listened to music on YouTube. However, it was simple to revive the buds once they had passed away. A single 15-minute rest within the case was sufficient for both earbuds to regain 60% of their charge, demonstrating the amazing power of the flash charge technology. The 27 mAh battery capacity per earbud and the 300 mAh charging pouch are definitely advantages for users who are constantly on the go or often forget to keep their devices charged.   According to the official handbook, playing can continue for up to 4.5 hours, phone calls can continue for up to 3 hours, and combined playback can continue for up to 20 hours.

The Buds, however, have the impression of being an indoor device. In spite of the fact that OnePlus encourages customers to bring the Buds to the gym or bring it out with them on a rainy day walks due to its IPX4 protection against water and perspiration, We would not recommend doing either of these things. When We were stretching in the office chair or bouncing around the house to test their grip, the semi-in-ear design frequently fell out. In particular, the left bud was continuously falling out of place. With the buds in, it seems hazardous to exercise or work up a sweat, and it is challenging to ignore their presence.

According to the manufacturer, the Nord Buds CE includes Bluetooth 5.2 and has a latency as low as 94 ms. We used the set with a Google Pixel 6 and a MacBook Air, and the compatibility was amazing. The Buds are reportedly best with OnePlus phones. The organization also stated that the earbuds’ range is approximately 10 meters. 

Oneplus Buds Z2 Vs Nord Buds CE: Quick Results

ParticularsOneplus Buds Z2Oneplus Nord Buds CEWhich One Is Better?
DesignBetterGoodOneplus Buds Z2
PerformanceBetterGoodOneplus Buds Z2
Battery LifeBetterGoodOneplus Buds Z2

Oneplus Buds Z2 Vs Nord Buds CE: Final Verdict

Given the weak performance of their forerunner, the OnePlus Buds Z2 have well exceeded our expectations in terms of how much We enjoy using them. Wait for the inevitable sale instead of purchasing these at their MRP, given OnePlus’ fondness for bundles and discounts.

If you’re seeking reasonably priced, completely wireless earbuds, the OnePlus Nord Buds CE are a good choice. They have a long battery life, good sound quality, and a snug fit. Users who have ears that are very large may find it difficult to use the product because it does not come with silicone ear tips. You shouldn’t have any trouble choosing the Nord Buds CE if your ears are tiny or average.

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Oneplus Nord Buds Vs Oneplus Nord Buds CE

Oneplus Nord Buds Vs Oneplus Nord Buds CE: Which Is Better?

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