Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z Comparison

Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z
Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z

Oneplus is a well-known brand of Android smartphones. We all know that mobile phones are the most popular phones among consumers. This brand not only releases mobile phones but also sells headphones, Bluetooth headphones, and other accessories. In this article, we will discuss the two wireless headphones that come with Oneplus. The two headphones compared here are the Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 and the Oneplus Buds Z.

Both have a rechargeable battery and can be charged via a USB cable. The earphones have a USB port that connects to the charging pin. There is an hour, it is fully charged, and you can watch your favorite shows for an hour. Waterproofing is used in devices to prevent water damage. However, it cannot withstand immersion in water. The devices’ active noise cancellation technology is adequate. The layout is comfortable, compact, and wants to keep one’s earpieces out of the direction, allowing users to listen in total freedom. By pressing a button, users can easily get a weather report, the most recent news, and much more.
Overall, the features are satisfactory. Let’s go over the specifics here.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z: Comparison Table

FeaturesOneplus Bullets Wireless 2 Oneplus Buds Z
Launching Year20202020
Model NameBullets Wireless 2Buds Z
ColourBlack, GreenSteven Harrington Edition, Grey, White
Connector TypeWirelessWireless
Dimensions NA3.8 x 2.3 x 2.1 cm
WeightNA50 grams
Form FactorIn-earIn-ear
OS CompatibilityAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
Driver Type10 mm10 mm
Battery Capacity410 mAh450 mAh
Battery Average Life10 hours20 hours
Charging Time2 hours1.5 hours
Bluetooth Versionv5.0v5.0
Bluetooth Range10 m10 m
 Frequency20 Hz – 20 kHz20 Hz – 20 kHz
Online Price RangesRs.4,999Rs.2,999
Customer Ratings4.1/54.2/5

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Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z: Detailed Analysis

Battery Performance:

With 10 hours of playback after only 10 minutes of charging, users can listen to their favorite music tracks and webcasts all day and enjoy the excellent quality sound in Bullets 2. Buds Z is made up of lithium-ion batteries. A recharge offers a category battery life of 20 hours. When effectively integrated energy monitoring, one favorite track will continue to play for an extended period. The with OnePlus Buds Z, users can attach to a remarkable three hours of vibrant, vibrantly audio with just 10 minutes of rapid charging. Fill up and unwind in style.

Design Concepts: 

Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 Bluetooth headphones have been crafted of water-resistant with a top-quality rubber completion on the upper edge, making them quite comfortable and springy to grab. This will never easily avoid from one’s hands or ear. This fits comfortably in one’s ear without causing any discomfort to one’s ear muscles. Ear-fit is safe and satisfied. A perfectly crafted sleekly provides a comfortable, steady fit even during extended utilization sessions. The Buds Z earbud features a cutting-edge 10mm dynamic driver that delivers a deep bass description. With Bass Boost, every beat has more depth and dimension.

Sound Features:

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 Earpieces have the audio output that comes right and is not overly increased. These same vocals are loud enough to be heard and clear. A melody is well. Higher and lower frequency bands are very well controlled. Overall, the sound quality is excellent and soothing. It will rekindle your love for one’s favorite tunes. The OnePlus Buds Z has a Dynamic 3D Stereo with Dolby Atmos and breath-taking sound adherence via the Dirac Audio Tuner Digital Technology ensures engaging audio regardless of the substance being listened to. These earbuds feature a thumping 10-mm dynamic driver delivering thumping bass.

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Bluetooth Specifications: 

Oneplus Buds Z

Both devices have a Bluetooth 5.0 processor, and with all of these headphones having a 30-foot range, users can listen to music without being bothered by a cord. A device with good level capabilities is included, along with Bluetooth features that range from 20Hz-20KHz.

Ingress Protection (IPX) Ratings:

A remarkable IP55 rating ensures excellent water and sweat resistance. The water-insoluble nano-coating resists water and protects against corrosion. The OnePlus Buds Z and Bullets 2 is built to last, from continuing to work out how to walk in the rain.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Technology: 

Because neither device has an ANC as part of its noise-canceling technology, they cannot reduce the distracting noise level. However, both devices feature passive noise cancellation.

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Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z: Quick Result

ParticularsOneplus Bullets Wireless 2  Oneplus Buds Z Which one is better?
Active Noise CancellationPassivePassive Any
Battery-backupGoodGreatOneplus Buds Z
SoundClarity is goodBest sound systemAny

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2:

Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2
  • The standard of sound in the middle and high notes arise outstanding. 
  • The same earpieces are of excellent quality but are both efficient and robust. 
  • The microphone is excellent, and the call clearness is excellent. 
  • Do it if users require a noise-canceling headset with HD voice clear communication.

Oneplus Buds Z:

Oneplus Buds Z
  • There are water and sweat resistances here anyway, which is useful when working out, but they are not waterproof. If users dump those in water, they will perish. 
  • Tap controls are highly amusing as they only have an opinion, which is double-tapping to bypass a piece of music.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 Vs Oneplus Buds Z: Final Verdict

Both have excellent specifications. However, the Oneplus Buds Z has a good battery backup and a competitive pricing range. Bullets 2 has a good battery life, but it is not as good as Buds Z. Both have the same level of water resistance and use the same passive noise cancellation technology. The features are among the best in the price range. Furthermore, when it comes to wireless headphones, Oneplus is one of the best options.

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