Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Vs Realme Buds Wireless 2 Comparison

Tired of those tangled wires? Do those wires interrupt your gaming? Continuously giving up the comfort for your ears? Music doesn’t sound good? Then why not try some good Bluetooth neckbands!! But which one?   

There are a lot of brands providing these neckbands, and claiming that their products are the best. A lot of confusion, right? So, here is a little help for you. The comparison of two of the coolest Bluetooth neckbands of their time, Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z and Realme Buds Wireless 2.  

Both Oneplus and Realme are well-known names in the tech world, their products are proven to be one of the kind. Surpassing several brands, Oneplus and Realme both are close competitors and their comparisons are worth checking. This will surely help you to find suitable neckbands to purchase.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Realme Buds Wireless 2: Comparison Chart  

FeaturesOneplus Bullets ZRealme Buds 2
Launching year20202021
ModelWireless Bullets ZWireless Buds 2
Connection TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Available ColorsBlack, White, Mint, BlueYellow + Black, Grey
Battery Life20 hours22 hours
Charging Duration20 min30 min
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablet, PC
All Bluetooth Devices
Smartphone, Tablet, PC
All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.0Version 5.0
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Driver9.2mm13.6mm Bass Driver
Online Price Range1999 INR2299 INR
Audio Latency94ms88ms

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Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Realme Buds Wireless 2: Detailed Analysis 

Build and Design 

Oneplus Bullets Z is a Bluetooth neckband accompanied by USB-C charging cable, two different sized ear tips, small and large, and some instructions manual that no one reads. Now, talking about comfortability, the earbuds are inclined at a perfect angle to perfectly fit in your ears and the ear tips provide great cushioning for the ears which are great for long-term music sessions. The magnetic earbuds provide great handling of the neckband you can simply take them out of your ears and clip them together around your neck and they’ll become a cool locket.  

On the other hand, Realme wireless Buds 2 also comes with USB-C charging cable, and ear tips of small and large sizes. You can find the same angle inclination of the earbuds to fit in your ears and the ear tips on this one are a lot more cushion than Oneplus Bullets so good luck with even longer music sessions. Buds 2 also have magnetic earbuds but the difference is that Buds 2 have stronger magnets than Bullets Z. 


Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Realme Buds Wireless 2
Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z

Talking about Oneplus Bullets Z, the coolest feature provided by Oneplus is the “Low Latency Mode” which comes in handy while grinding at your gaming and watching movies as in normal mode you can notice the delay in the sound output while playing any real-time game and a bit of lip-syncing problem while watching movies. But, the one and only drawback of this feature are that it is only compatible with other Oneplus smartphones and other Oneplus devices. 

While Realme wireless Buds 2 doesn’t have this feature but it tackles it with another feature named “Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)”. By pressing the ANC button once, this mode can be activated and the noise cancellation mode in this neckband is great it surpasses many brands of neckbands, earphones, and even headphones, and you can switch between ANC mode and transparent mode with just a single press of the ANC button. Further modifications are available in the Realme Link app available on the play store. 

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Battery Life 

Oneplus Bullets Z provides a decent 20 hours of playtime for a full charge and with this new Warpcharge feature it can be fully charged in just 20-25 minutes. So, welcome some quality music time for yourself. 

The same goes for the Realme Buds 2 it also provides a battery life of 20-22 hours. But if used in ANC mode the battery life may last for 10-12 hours because the battery consumption is increased.  

Audio Quality 

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Realme Buds Wireless 2
Realme Buds Wireless 2

Both the Oneplus Bullets Z and Realme Buds 2 provide great quality audio and sound but Realme Buds 2 has an advantage over Oneplus Bullets Z in terms of a good bass as it comes with 13.66mm Bass drivers, which allows the neckband to boost the bass quality and provide a better thumping sound like we all are used to. 

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Realme Buds Wireless 2: Quick Result 

CategoryOneplus Bullets ZRealme Buds 2Best One?
Battery LifeGreatGoodOneplus Bullets Z
BassAverageBestRealme Buds 2
ANCNoYesRealme Buds 2
Sound QualityGoodGreatRealme Buds 2

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Customer Reviews 

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z 

  • Very comfortable and easy to handle, great for my gym routine. 
  • Audio transmission on calls is not good, and diminished clarity of voice is reaching to the other person. 
  • Audio Latency is actually better on Oneplus devices no joke. 
  • Battery Backup is awesome if used within a limit it can even last for a day. 

Realme Buds Wireless 2 

  • Noise cancellation is great, I literally can’t hear a thing outside after Turning on the ANC mode. 
  • The elasticity of the neckband is nice, it didn’t break or tangled in my bag.
  • Charging is pretty fast and the backup is good too. 
  • Audio Latency is too high for gaming, not good.  

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z VS Realme Buds Wireless 2: Final Verdict 

For those who are trying to find a great Bluetooth neckband in the price range of 2000-3000 Rupees, these two are amazingly good. Provided by some of the leading brands in the tech Industry at such low rates. Looks expensive but is affordable. Oneplus Bullets Z and Realme Buds 2, are two great quality neckbands for long music sessions possible because of the battery backup of Oneplus Bullets Z and also for a quiet and peaceful time possible because of the ANC mode of Realme Buds 2.

Both of the neckbands are great in their own way, but the question is which of the ones you should buy?  

As it is clear in the comparison that Oneplus Bullet Z is at an advantage in terms of Audio Latency Mode but also with a drawback of its compatibility with only Oneplus devices. So, if you have any Oneplus devices already then Oneplus Bullets Z is your way to go. And if you don’t have any Oneplus devices on you then you should try out Realme Buds 2. And Realme has also provided a modification app called “Realme Link” for them too, where you can adjust the intensity of the ANC mode and change the Audio Latency, and Much more. Apart from that both of these neckbands provide almost the same features so anyone of them will do. 

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