Pixel Buds Connecting While In Case: How to Solve?

Electronics have a lovely history of developing irritably minor bugs and technical glitches, because of which we get irritated. Even though the names of the product and the technological issues have changed, human brains continue to suffer. This comes in the form of Pixel Buds connecting at random while they are in the case, and it is available to the many million users who have purchased Buds. We frequently have to browse through pages of some basic fixes that never quite seem to work when looking for a tech fix. Typically, an update, a device reset, and a few more very basic solutions can fix this.

Today, we are going to concentrate on what you can do to ensure that anything like this does not occur in your case. You might also need to troubleshoot your phone because it is certainly another potential source of the issue. Don’t feel like you’re the only person dealing with this issue because it’s more widespread than you think it is. It is not so harmful as long as you address it before any damage that lasts for a lengthy period of time occurs.

Pixel Buds Connecting While In Case: Try These Steps

Update the firmware

The installation of new firmware always feels like an unnecessary interruption to the flow of our music, and this is especially true on days when we need to get a lot of use out of our earphones. If you don’t always have access to the internet, it might be very simple to allow yourself to miss a few updates.

Being out of date on firmware is a major cause of erratic connections, which is probably one of the last things you would like to hear when something isn’t working. Most folks definitely don’t know how to go about doing this process. Technically speaking, it’s not their responsibility; Pixel Buds update automatically, as do the majority of modern tech items.

Low Charge Or Battery Drain

Put your earbuds on a charger for a few hours if you notice that they are randomly connecting more frequently with each use. Your earbuds might keep choosing to connect because a dead or low battery can cause Bluetooth connection problems. We strongly advise charging your earbuds completely to ensure that any potential complications be avoided.

Poor Connection From The Device

Since it was first introduced, Bluetooth has experienced tremendous growth and development. Due to Bluetooth’s propensity to drain the battery, they seemed to advise turning it off; however, today, battery life is relatively unaffected by Bluetooth. Nevertheless, the ground-breaking technology still has some drawbacks, the most infamous of which is the occasional faulty connection.

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Reset Your Device

This is a good task to do when you feel like your Pixel Buds are lagging behind because it tends to fix a variety of issues that occasionally crop up. This method will solve a wide range of Google Pixel Bud issues and is no more challenging than the last approach. The majority of people will probably find a solution to this. Since you probably forgot to link your earbuds to your phone, you will need to do so in order for them to reconnect. After completing this, put them in the charging case to check if the connection problem persists.

Need to Clean the Earbuds

Hygiene is sure to come up whether you are having a conversation or reading an article regarding earbuds that involve intermittent charging or connections. Although the consequences of dirt and particles within wired headphones have been witnessed by everybody, charging them was never a concern. Therefore, with the advent of wireless earbuds that operate on a charging case, we must start thinking about the negative impacts of obstructions caused by dirt, wax, dust, etc. A weak connection with the charging port is the cause of the stuttering and uneven pairings that can result from dirty earphones.

Check If Your Gadget Is Under Warranty

Google guarantees that any product bought from them, along with any additional accessories included in the package, will be free of defects.  Regardless of the circumstances, it is in your best interest to familiarise yourself with the terms of the warranty that applies to your specific product. Any damaged or faulty components may be completely free of charge to repair or replace if you have a warranty.


The problem arises when, after implementing these fixes, the product is still problematic. Fortunately, most readers can usually find a simple solution to this problem. The majority of the above-mentioned processes, if not all of them, could be performed in less than an hour. It is simply not possible for us to ensure everyone that we can guarantee a remedy each and every time, despite how much we would love to do so. Therefore, start looking into replacement options or even third-party items for the unhappy item who must still deal with a constantly connecting product. The benefit of buying from Google is that a variety of outside manufacturers supply replacement parts for Pixel Buds.

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