Polk Audio Vs Bose: Which Brand Is Better?

Polk and Bose are two of the most well-known audio brands, so it’s no surprise that people are constantly attempting to compare the two. They’re two of the most popular brands in the world, and for good reason: they both make high-quality products that you should be aware of. Klipsch speakers are another option.

When attempting to compare the two, this can be extremely difficult. Polk is typically the better option if you’re attempting to install a home theatre in your home – they are many people’s go-to brands. However, if you are looking for headphones, Bluetooth speakers, or bookshelf speakers, you can check out Bose.

Polk Audio vs Bose: Comparison Table

PRODUCTSSpeakers, SubwoofersHeadphones, Speakers
CONNECTION TYPEWired and BluetoothBluetooth and Wired
AVERAGE BATTERY6 hours7 hours
FOUNDERMatthew PolkAmar Bose
Customer Ratings3.5 /54.2 /5

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Polk Audio vs Bose: Detailed Analysis

History Of The Brands

Amir Bose founded Bose in the mid-1960s – they are an American brand based in Massachusetts. This hasn’t stopped them from achieving global dominance; in the last 50 years, they’ve emerged as one of the most dominant brands in the audio industry. They specialize in headphones, but they also manufacture car stereos and sound systems.

Polk is another American company founded in the 1970s that contributed to the dominance of American brands in the audio industry. They are well-known for their amplifiers and automobile speakers, but in recent years they have gained popularity for their home speaker systems. One of their most popular products is speakers that can be hidden inside your ceiling or inside your wall.

Audio Characteristics

The models under consideration all use active amplification. The number of channels on the Soundbar 700 is 3.0, while the MagniFi One has 2.1. None of these models includes an integrated subwoofer. An external subwoofer can be wired or wirelessly connected to the Soundbar 700, but the MagniFi One only has a wireless connection. We rated the audio features and specifications of the models we considered 6 out of 10 in our ranking. Spotify audio can be played by the Soundbar 700.


Only the Soundbar 700 supports wireless Internet access. Bluetooth is supported by the soundbars in this comparison. Only the Soundbar 700 supports the HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC). In both models, connecting devices via USB is not possible. The Soundbar 700’s connectivity received a 6 out of 10, while the MagniFi One received a 5 out of 10. The Soundbar 700’s manufacturer includes a device control application. The Bose Soundbar 700 includes a microphone. The models under consideration are not suitable for use in a multiroom system.

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Polk’s products have an excellent cost-to-quality ratio, which is one of their main advantages. Polk speakers are not the highest quality, but they are also one of the most affordable brands on the market, particularly for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. So you can’t really complain about the price because they’re going to perform admirably.

Because the majority of their products use a titanium dome tweeter, they are excellent for high-pitched frequencies. This is also true for their wireless subwoofer and all of their centre channel speakers.



When it comes to deep and heavy sounds, Bose is usually associated with Polk – think subwoofers or a full Bose system. This means that they’ll be the better option when it comes to getting a full surround sound system.

Although this isn’t all they’re known for, the brand has evolved into one of the premium lower-cost brands available today. You’ll find cheaper Bose options, as with most brands, but there are also some more expensive Bose speakers available, depending on what you’re looking for.

Surround Sound in Multichannel

The MagniFi One and Soundbar 700 both lack Dolby Atmos audio decoder support. Due to the lack of DTS:X, the devices in this comparison cannot process surround sound. The soundbars received the same 4/10 rating for multichannel surround support.

Comparison of Bose and Polk speakers

Typically, brands specialize in a specific type of speaker. Klipsch speakers, for example, are best known for their home theatre systems, and they’re frequently the first brand people look for when looking for that style of stereo.

Bose is best known for its Bluetooth and satellite speakers, which have a fuller sound than other brands. They can also be used with other devices and have many models that can be used with Google Assistant or Apple Airplay.

Polk typically produces a great selection of low-cost in-wall and ceiling speakers that can be used to improve room acoustics and deliver clear sound throughout your home.

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Polk Audio vs Bose: Detailed Comparison

Both the Bose TV Speaker and the Polk Audio Signa S3 are excellent Soundbars for people willing to spend around $300; neither is a bad choice.

Ratings, a highly trusted source that performs reliable in-depth testing, praised the Bose TV Speaker. It did well in its roundup of “The 5 Best Soundbars Under $300 – Spring 2022,” where it was named the “Best Small Soundbar Under $300,” which makes it a product worth considering.

As for our Polk Audio Signa S3 review, it was found to be a great product by two highly trusted sources that perform thorough hands-on testing – it earned the “Great for Music Listening” and “Best for Chromecast Media Streaming” awards from CNET and PCmag, respectively, which is quite an impressive feat.

Our direct Bose TV Speaker vs. Polk Audio Signa S3 review score comparison revealed that, of the sources that tested both Soundbars, Digitaltrends preferred the Bose TV Speaker, while TechGearLab liked both equally

We also looked at which sources liked these products the best and discovered that the Bose TV Speaker received the highest, 8, review score from Digitaltrends, while the Polk Audio Signa S3 received the highest, 8.1, review score from CNET.

Polk Audio vs Bose: Quick Result

ParticularsPolkBoseWhich one is the best?
Battery LifeBetterGoodBose
Audio QualityGreatBetterBose

Polk Audio vs Bose: Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a good pair of headphones or a Bluetooth speaker, Bose should be your first stop. They’re a good benchmark for other speakers, and they compete with brands like Sonos. Bose also produces some fantastic audio equipment.

It’s difficult to compare these brands because they each have a reputation for their respective products – Bose for headphones and Polk for home theatre. In all honesty, you’re unlikely to have problems with either of these products, and they’re both relatively high quality – especially for the price. Depending on what you’re looking for, either of these two brands will have it.

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