PS5 Sounds Like A Jet Engine: Is It a Problem?

PS5 Sounds Like a Jet Engine

The PlayStation 5 has a 45mm thick, 120mm fan built into it by Sony. That’s a lot by video game system standards, but Sony did it to make sure the PS5 stays cool and silent despite its powerful graphics. Especially in light of all the criticism leveled at the PS4 Pro’s jet engine-like noise.

Anyone who has a PS5 can have overheating problems, especially now that the console has been available for more than a year. Your console shouldn’t overheat by now, especially because the holidays are approaching, and you probably want to play as much as you can.

PS5 Sounds Like a Jet Engine:

According to Sony, a noisy console means that the PS5 fan is operating more quickly to adequately cool the machine. They recommend that you prepare for the increased fan noise, but they also list a number of steps you may do to prevent your device from overheating. It isn’t a problem as long as your PS5 can maintain an acceptable level of cooling. However, if your console is frequently permitted to overheat, you can notice that your games lag or the console turns off by itself without warning. In severe circumstances, overheating might harm your system permanently. Therefore, even though the PS5’s increased sound is not a problem, you should check to make sure it can keep cool.

Fixing PS5 Sound Issue:

The following actions are advised by Sony to avoid overheating. The proverb “Prevention is better than cure” still holds true in the field of electronics, sometimes even perfectly. The same is true of your Sony console from today.

According to sources, setting your PS5 in the proper location can prevent overheating. Make sure the console is positioned in a space that is open. If the console is positioned close to walls or in a small area, airflow may be restricted. A minimum of 10 cm should be left on either side of the console. Verify that your console is set up on a suitable surface. The heat produced by your PS5 won’t be able to drain efficiently if it is set down on an insulating surface like a rug or carpet.

  • Place it at least 4 inches away from a wall to give it room to breathe.
  • NEVER set your console down on a carpet or floor with long threads.
  • NEVER set up your console in a small space with little room.
  • NEVER use a cloth to cover your system while it is in use. Do that only when it is not powered on.
  • Try to keep your console as far away from the ground as you can to avoid dust formation. Since dust is heavier than air, it gravitates toward the ground. Your console won’t get dirty by absorbing all that dirt if you keep it up.

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Why Do PS5 Fans Make Noise?

The PS5 fan typically makes noise when your PS5 is overheating since it runs faster to cool the machine. Therefore, your PS5 may be overheating if the fan noise is loud and irritating.

How Can PS5 Fan Noise Be Reduced?

A smart technique to lessen and avoid PS5 fan noise is to keep your PS5 from overheating. And now, some advice for you. Please abide by them as you use your PS5 system. Never place your PS5 console on a long-fibered carpet or rug, especially when it’s on.

Instead of keeping your PS5 console in a small or confined space, set it somewhere that is well-ventilated. Please make sure that nothing is blocking the air vents on the back and sides of the console. Additionally, your PS5 console should have at least 10 cm of empty space on each side. Regularly clean the inside and outside of your PS5. You shouldn’t let dust accumulate in or around the air of your console. Your PlayStation 5 system can quickly overheat if the air vents are covered in dust.

How Smooth Is Your PlayStation 5?

Users may sometimes hear a whirring, buzzing, and various other loud noises as a result of random flaws and temporary files, which are the root reason for the console’s inability to function properly. It is difficult to say whether or not the problem with your Playstation is a serious one because we do not know what mistakes it is experiencing. If you notice that power cycling the console fixes the issue, and the problem does not recur, it was most likely just a bug in the system. If, however, you find yourself dealing with the same issue over and over again, it may be time to take your console in for repair so that faulty components may be checked out.

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