Ptron Bassbuds Duo Vs Boat Airdopes 141: Which One Is A Smart Buy?

Everyone in today’s generation is looking for comfortable, trendy, and modern gadgets, and especially if you want to live a wireless life, it is undoubtedly quite expensive to buy such gadgets, so you always complete thorough research before investing in such pricey items. The earwear market has recently experienced tremendous expansion. These businesses have introduced their most recent set of reasonably priced true wireless earbuds in the nation in an effort to strengthen their position. These companies have introduced some of the most intriguing airdopes in the industry. Modern earphones have built-in HD microphones and simple touch controls. The gadget does have a splash- and sweat-resistant construction.

Additionally, the truly wireless earbuds promise to deliver a well-balanced audio experience. A few companies have introduced wireless stereo earphones in India with cutting-edge Bluetooth connectivity and other intriguing features. Due to the popularity of Airdopes in the earphone market, we have compared the Ptron Bassbuds Duo with the Boat Airdopes 141 for you.

Ptron Bassbuds Duo Vs Boat Airdopes 141: Comparison Table

FeaturesPtron Bassbuds DuoBoat Airdopes 141
Launching Year20212012
Model NamePtron Bassbuds DuoBoat Airdopes 141
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Average Battery Life9 Hours20 Hours
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.1Version 5.0
Online Pricing RangeRs 699Rs 1,499
Customer Ratings3.5/54/5

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Ptron Bassbuds Duo Vs Boat Airdopes 141: Detailed Analysis


Ptron Bassbuds Duo

The Airdopes 141 is a little better made than the other one because its case has LEDs that show how much battery life is left and a clear CTC area for touch controls. To know how much battery is being used, a little addition called the battery life indicator is given. The Airdopes 141’s design and manufacturing are quite excellent.

The pTron Bassbuds Duo features an expanded earpiece that is constant in style. The pTron logo can be seen on the section of the earphones where touch controls are located. Additionally, there is an indicator that, when turned on, blinks. Hands-free control of the contents is made simpler by the touch controls. On the other hand, the overall construction quality of the product is subpar. Although the design and feel of these earbuds under Rs. 1,000 are relatively simple, they can be used as a beginner set.


What matters most right now is how nice the sound is. Boat, a leader in the audio sector, incorporates strong, distinct, and well-balanced sound into each of its products. Both Boat 141 and have the rich-sounding Boat Signature. It allows you to have a great listening experience while enjoying your playlist. More punchy bass is produced by the Airdopes 141 than by any other earbuds in this price range. It has additional ENx technology, which enhances the calling experience compared to competitors.

The pTron Bassbuds Duo has basic or average audio quality. Even at maximum intensity, the sound does not break or stutter but instead has a calming effect. The bass is audible from the 13mm Hi-Fi Dynamic Speakers. At higher volumes, the bass is fairly audible, and generally, the quality is acceptable for the price range. It seems that using these headphones while playing video games was trouble-free.

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The performance of Boat Airdopes 141 in terms of connectivity is good. The IWP technology enables the Airdopes to rapidly connect to the device when the cover is opened. The Boat Airdopes 141 has sufficient features to be used without encountering any connectivity problems. There is also a beast mode with a delay of up to 80ms.

Ptron Bassbuds Duo has an in-ear, lightweight design. The TWS offers communication through Bluetooth 5.1. Bluetooth connectivity on the pTron Bassbuds has a maximum range of 10 meters.

Battery and Charging

The Boat has added some extra batteries and charging capacity to Airdopes 141. The Boat Airdopes 141 has a higher battery capacity, ASAP charging technology, and better battery life. LEDs on the cover that show battery life are available.

The pTron Bassbuds Duo boasts one of the best playback times on the market right now—15 hours—and a standby time of 120 hours. The Type-C charging connection is located at the rear of the casing and can charge devices from 0 to 100 percent in 1.5 hours. One case may almost charge two or three times for earbuds. Each earbud comes with a 35 mAh battery from the manufacturer, while the charging case includes a 3,500 mAh battery.

Price And Availablity

The cost of the boat Airdopes 141 has ranged from 1499 to 999 rupees. It is preferable to buy it for less than Rs. 1299. On the Amazon India shopping app, the brand-new pTron Bassbuds Duo True Wireless Stereo Earbuds are available for Rs 799. The True Wireless Stereo Earbuds come in the colors Blue, Black, and White.

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Ptron Bassbuds Duo Vs Boat Airdopes 141: Quick Results

ParticularsPtron Bassbuds DuoBoat Airdopes 141Which One Is Better?
PriceBetterGoodPtron Bassbuds Duo
DesignGoodBetterBoat Airdopes 141
SoundGoodBetterBoat Airdopes 141
Battery And ChargingGoodBetterBoat Airdopes 141

Ptron Bassbuds Duo Vs Boat Airdopes 14: Final Verdict

It is difficult to choose between these two because they both provide reasonable prices and good value. The ideal choice will depend on the user’s assessment of which aspects to value most. The Ptron’s entire case is small and lightweight, making it portable. The main USP of the earbuds is their modest overall weight. The pTron Bassbuds Duo TWS earbuds are a great option for Rs. 699, especially if you want to try some more affordable earbuds.

Speaking of the BoAt Airdopes 441 wireless earphone, it is a little and superior wireless earphone that is well recognized, especially for people who travel frequently. Additionally, it has excellent sound quality, which will make listening to it a relaxing and rewarding experience. Voice calls connect instantly, and the sound doesn’t break or crack at all during that time. The boat Airdopes 141 is the finest alternative to select if you have a little budget because it is extremely reasonably priced and of superior quality. Therefore, The BoAt Airdopes 441 is generally not a poor choice to make and worthwhile buying.

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