Realme TechLlife Watch s100 Vs DIZO Watch 2 Comparison!

Realme TechLlife Watch s100 Vs DIZO Watch 2

As the technology is leading, we are having very great power in small packs. Such as in the last century, computers got invented, and then the smartwatches which were able to do most of the work of these computers and smartphones are well fit in the pockets too. And now smart gadgets are becoming smaller and smaller and one such a product is smartwatches. Smartwatches have been very well known these days and the most important thing has been the fact that you can literally have the power of smartwatches on your wrist. Besides that, these watches also work as fitness bands and keep eye on fitness such as blood oxygen level footsteps, and much more. Having a smartwatch these days will surely upgrade your whole lifestyle.

There are lots of brands that make such a smartwatch. One such brand is Realme. Realme always have been great in the field of electronics and technology. They have a range of smartwatches that are really great for use. Realme has a very good brand value in the market. The other brand is of name DIZO. Which is a relatively less known brand but the quality and the feature that they provide is of really amzing range. They have released a range of smartwatches that are convenient and of good quality. If you are planning to buy a smartwatch then you must consider these 2 brands. Particularly from Realme, there is a model as TechLife Watch s100 which is one of the well-known smartwatches from Realme. On the other hand, DIZO has a model named DIZO Watch 2. If you are confused between these 2, then we will discuss everything about these smartwatches, after which you will be able to decide which one is better for you.

Realme TechLlife Watch s100 Vs DIZO Watch 2: Comparison Chart

Feature  Realme TechLlife Watch s100DIZO  Watch 2  
ModelTechLlife Watch s100Watch 2
Screen size4.3 cm4.3 cm
Battery12 days10 Days
Watch Faces110+100+
Sports mode2415
Water resistanceIP685 ATM
ColorBlack, GrayBlack

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Realme TechLlife Watch S100 vs DIZO Watch 2: Detailed Analysis


Realme TechLlife Watch s100

While purchasing any kind of electronic device, one of the most important things that we should keep in mind is the battery life of the product. The longer the battery is easier it will be to make life easier. Over the use period, it is seen that the overall battery life decrease, hence the overall quality of the battery is also important.  While buying such a product, always read the review from online sources such that you will get to know the desired battery that you want.

Realme smartwatch has a huge amount of battery which is also of great quality. On a single charge, this smartwatch can last up to 12 days, which is a huge amount of time. The battery of role is of awesome quality and amazing too. On the other hand, the battery of DIZO is also of decent in quality and it lasts up to 9 days on a single charge. Clearly, it is seen that the realm has an edge over the DIZO in terms of battery life.

Qualities And Features

There are lots of brands and numerous types of smartwatches. And to be in the market it is important to have good features that will attract the people towards them.  There are many quality features that come with these smartwatches. Such as operating your smartphones with smartwatches, being able to answer calls through smartwatches, and the majority from the perspective of the heath such as blood oxygen monitoring, step counter, sleep monitor, and much more.  Having a good knowledge of the features will always be useful while buying the smartwatch.

Realme is a very great brand and has awesome features like sleep monitoring, step measure, whole-day oxygen level monitoring, and much more. Over that, it comes in 2 colors gray and black. A very good screen of 1.69 inches and one of the most unique features of the Realme is it has a temperature measuring device inside of it which I a great feature especially in a situation of covid. It has over 110+ stylish watch faces to choose from and 24 overall sports modes. Realme comes with a rating of IP68 which will keep the watch safe even at a depth of 5 m. it also has those basic features like weather forecast, music control, photo control, phone finding, alarm, and much more. On the other hand, DIZO has a premium quality metal frame, and it is also water-resistant with 5 atm has in total 100+ styles and 15 sports modes. You can even control it fully with their app called DIZO app. It has 4 color options black, silver and golden and last is white. The water resistance Is of amazing level as the company even class that you can easily swim, wearing it. Both the watches are of a similar quality if talking about the feature.

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DIZO Watch 2

The price is the factor that decides whether to consider and buy the product or not. In the market of the electronics it is clearly seen that the gap is huge and that is why the pricing also changes for website to website and from location to location therefore it is important to see the pricing from various locations.

The realme has a tag of around 2500 and the DIZO comes at price of around 3000. Both of the watches are worth the price and give perfect return on investment.  

Realme TechLlife Watch s100 Vs DIZO Watch 2: Quick Results

Featurerealme TechLlife Watch S100DIZO  Watch 2

Realme TechLlife Watch s100 Vs DIZO  Watch 2: Final Verdict

Both of the watches are worth buying but Realme has an edge because of price and battery. If you are planning to buy smart watch then Realme TechLlife Watch S100 is made for you.

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