Realme Watch S Pro VS Dizo Watch R: Which Is Best?

Realme Watch S Pro VS Dizo Watch R: Detailed Analysis

Realme Watch S Pro is a relatively new addition to the company’s line of smartwatches for the Indian market. The first GPS-enabled smartwatch from Realme. More than 100 watch faces, 15 sports modes, a continuous heart rate monitor, and reminders to drink water and get out of your chair are among the features. While In India, the sub-Rs 5,000 smartwatch market is also thriving. Finally, not everyone can afford to buy an Apple Watch, a Samsung Galaxy Watch, or a Fitbit. To attract customers, low-cost wearables must have good displays, appealing watch faces, and reliable fitness tracking. The most recent attempt at this is the Dizo Watch and Realme Watch S pro so does it make sense to buy the Pro version of the Realme Watch S or the Dizo Watch, which costs RS. 9,999?

Realme owns the Dizo brand, which is part of the TechLife category. With an AMOLED display, a long battery life, and 5ATM water resistance, the Dizo Watch R is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-cost fitness tracker. Is it a good investment, on the other hand? The following is what I believe.

Realme Watch S Pro Vs Dizo Watch R: Comparison Table

FeaturesRealme Watch S ProDizo Watch R
Launching Year20202022
Model Name Watch S ProDW2120
Available Colors Black, Blue, Orange, and GreenSilver, Black
Average Battery Life14 days15 days
Charging Time2 hours3 hours
CompatibilityiOs with 9.0 or above, android with 5 and aboveAll Smartphones
BluetoothVersion 5.0vVersion 5.1v
Display454×454 Pixels360×360 pixels
Online Price RangesRs.9,999Rs.4,499
Customer Ratings4.4/54.2/5

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Realme Watch S Pro Vs Dizo Watch R: Detailed Analysis


The Realme Watch S Pro appears to perform well when worn on the wrist. The 46mm dial, designed in the style of a traditional watch, provides plenty of space for navigation and reading notifications. I was worried that it would be too big for my slender wrist, but as time passed, I grew to like how the watch looked on me. The dial has 454×454 pixels and a maximum brightness of 450 nits. The screen is stunning, and an ambient light sensor allows you to adjust the brightness without touching the screen. The silicone wristband has a traditional buckle for easy replacement and is made of silicone. I had no complaints about the Realme Watch S Pro’s durability, and it had a premium appearance and feel to i

While talking about the Dizo Watch r’s design and construction quality is one of the areas where budget watches typically fall short. The Dizo Watch R performs a complete 180-degree turn. Because of its sturdy construction, wearing this watch makes you feel like you’re wearing a high-end timepiece. Despite this, it’s very easy to hold.

Realme Watch S Pro

The silicon straps, which are reasonably comfortable, are the only ‘cheap’ part of this watch. They can, however, be replaced, allowing you to use different straps. The two buttons on the right side are easy to press and do not have a shaky feel to them. You won’t have to worry about any protruding buttons or crowns pressing into your wrists if you wear this watch while doing activities like push-ups or racquet sports.

Performance and Intrerface

The Realme Watch S Pro has two buttons on the right side that help you navigate the user interface. Swiping left displays information about your sleep and heart rate, as well as your step count and calories burned. Use the widget’s scroll bar to learn more about the quality of your sleep. You can adjust the brightness, enable power-saving and do-not-disturb modes, and toggle the lift-to-wake gesture via an on-screen menu. The flashlight is a useful feature on a smartwatch that I found myself reaching for on a regular basis. Because I prefer to turn it off every night, having the option to use lift-to-wake as a shortcut is a welcomed convenience.

On the Other hand, Dizo Watch R’s touch response on the screen is excellent, and the user interface is straightforward and easy to use and navigate. These are welcome additions, such as the ability to personalize your watch’s main app menu and the option to choose between an analog and digital Always-on Display.

In addition to basic watch functions such as changing watch faces, brightness, and navigating between apps, the Dizo app’s software allows users to access features such as a camera shutter, notification tuning, and fitness data logging. The app’s design is flawless, and it integrates seamlessly with the watch’s features.

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The Realme smartwatch includes a breathing guide as well as alarm, stopwatch, and timer functions. There is also a feature that allows you to use the phone’s camera remotely.

The workout modes contain a wealth of information. Outdoor running, indoor running, walking, cycling, hiking, swimming, yoga, rowing, elliptical training, cricket, strength training, and a free workout is among the 15 workout modes available on the Realme Watch S Pro. In addition to distance, time, and laps, the swimming mode includes SWOLF (stroke count) data, average stroke frequency, and average pace. However, while in workout mode, there is no way to control the music. This required several trips to my phone, which I wished I hadn’t had to make.

Whereas talking about the features of the Dizo Watch R, both the 5ATM water resistance and the lift-to-wake feature are extremely effective. Because of the powerful haptic motor inside, you won’t miss any of the notifications. Because the watch is a low-cost device, it’s understandable that it lacks a speaker.

The lower physical button on the left provides access to the workout menu. From here, the app monitors your heart rate and other vital statistics as you exercise in various sports modes. The heart rate sensor, SpO2 sensor, and step counter all provided consistent data. There were no unexpected increases in steps, which can be a problem with less expensive devices.

Watch Apps and what else is lacking in both of these watches

Dizo Watch R

Before the Realme Watch S Pro and a phone can be connected, the Realme Link app, which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, must be installed. In a matter of seconds, my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was paired with the Realme Link app. The app tracks workouts, heart rates, and blood oxygen levels in great detail. Select the photos you want to use as your watch face background by going to Settings > Watch Face > Gallery Face. You can choose to only receive notifications from specific apps. Choosing a few is an excellent way to keep things simple. It is possible to set and customize reminders to get up, stretch, and drink some water.

Talking about Dizo Watch R,  at this price point, the Dizo Watch R represents excellent value for a smartwatch. In my opinion, the process of changing watch faces takes far too long. The watch can only store one custom watch face, along with a few other default options. As a result, if you want to change watch faces, you’ll need to return to the app.

Notifications cannot be interacted with, at least not through pre-programmed quick responses or manual typing. This is a common limitation of budget monitors. However, given the price point at which the item is being sold, this is to be expected.

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Realme Watch S Pro Vs Dizo Watch R: Quick Result

ParticularsRealme Watch S ProDizo Watch RWhich one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodGoodAny
DisplayGoodAverageRealme Watch S Pro
PerformanceGoodBetterDizo Watch R

Customer Reviews

Realme Watch S Pro

  • We adore the design of the realme watch S, as well as its incredible features. And finally, the most critical one: a blood oxygen meter.
  • The Realme watch S is ideal for those looking for an entry-level smartwatch. Has all of the essential features. Is fashionable, has a cool display, is water-resistant, and has a bright screen.
  • Amazing watch with excellent daily tracking. There is a slight lag with the app, but it is otherwise excellent. The battery life is excellent.
  • The display is visible in direct sunlight and the buttons are extremely tacky, but the best part is the weight of the watch; regardless of who wears it, it is the lightest available.

Dizo Watch R

  • A fantastic watch at this price point, with an incredible Amoled display that constantly captures everyone’s attention.
  • A nice assortment of watch faces. Monitoring of activity
  • Indeed, this watch is incredible in terms of appearance. Many thanks to Dizo for creating such an attractive timepiece. Thanks to Dizo and Realme, which is a well-known brands, we hope to establish a strong position with a quality product in the future.
  • The display is incredible. The features are present, but what good are they if they do not function properly? As an example, the raise to wake function is so sensitive that it activates the display with a slight hand movement, and the watch also indicates that my bed is alive.

Realme Watch S Pro VS Dizo Watch R: Final Verdict

At Rs. 9,999,  alongside with DSizo Watch R also competes with the Mi Watch Revolve and the new Amazfit GTR 2. All three of these watches, which have built-in GPS and numerous sports modes, have a 5ATM water resistance rating as standard. The Amazfit GTR 2 has a speaker and microphone and can answer phone calls and respond to voice commands. Whereas the Dizo Watch R is a smartwatch for those who have given up on finding a smartwatch for less than Rs 4,000 or Rs 5,000 due to design flaws, display quality, or features. However, it lacks a speaker and Bluetooth calling support, making it a solid bang for your buck purchase despite the lack of these features. The ongoing one-of-a-kind discount only adds to the allure of this promotion.

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