Realme Watch S Vs Colorfit Pro 3: Which To Consider?

Realme Watch S Vs Colorfit Pro 3

According to data, the smartwatch category surged 400 per cent in India’s wearables market, probably at the expense of wristbands (which include TWS buds as well as smartwatches). Smartwatches are getting increasingly popular, and it is safe to assume that the vast majority of people want or want to buy one.

In this market, noise is the dominant player. The ColorFit Pro 3 specs sheet includes some features and specifications from Apple’s and Samsung’s more expensive watches.

Realme has been focusing more on smart wearables while boosting its smartphone market share. Recent statements have indicated that the Realme Watch S will be more sophisticated than the company’s debut wristwatch, which was shown in May.

The ColorFit Pro 3 is water-resistant and continuously monitors your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. The final item on this list has taken on added relevance in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. But how long will the watch last? So, here’s my take on it.

The Watch S has a more classic circular form and a feature set identical to its predecessor. It’s debatable whether Realme is merely a circular version of the first-generation watch. While this is correct, the battery capacity of the Realme Watch has been boosted from 390 mAh to a much more substantial 390 mAh thanks to the addition of an aluminium shell. Because of these three characteristics, the Watch S provides a more sophisticated experience than the Realme Watch.

Realme Watch S Vs Colorfit Pro 3: Comparison Table

FeaturesRealme Watch SColorfit Pro 3
Launching Year20202020
Model Name Watch SColorfit Pro 3
Available Colors Black, SilverGreen, Blue, Black
Average Battery Life14 days15 days
Charging Time2 hours3 hours
CompatibilityiOs with 9.0 or above, an android with 5 and aboveAll Smartphones
BluetoothVersion 5.0vVersion 5.0
Display360×360 Pixels360×360 pixels
Online Price RangesRs.4,999Rs.4,999
Customer Ratings4/54.5/5

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Realme Watch S VS Colorfit Pro 3: Detailed Analysis


The small weight of the Realme Watch S was the first thing I noticed about it. Because it’s so light (48 grams), you won’t even notice it’s on your wrist after a few hours. The tachymeter and round watch casing offer the wristwatch a more conventional look that complements a wide range of clothes. Realme Watches feature a thick bezel, but this time it’s consistent throughout the entire display and there’s no huge chin.

Colorfit pro 3 looks like many other fitness trackers on the market due to its rectangular form and similarities to the Apple Watch. The watch’s polycarbonate body has a metallic finish on top and radiates a modern vibe. It will not be blown away by a strong wind. The watch is easy to wear, yet the case’s slick surface is prone to damage.


Realme Watch S

The Realme Watch S’s 1.3-inch LCD display is ideal for all of the information it displays. The 360 x 360-pixel resolution isn’t the best in class, but it’s sufficient for viewing fine text in notifications and throughout the UI for all apps. According to Realme, under ideal conditions, the Watch S can reach a maximum brightness of 600 nits.

Under direct light, a small spherical sensor for the new photosensitive sensor may be seen near the tachymeter’s uppermost dial. In comparison to its predecessor, the Watch S can now alter its brightness on the fly. There were no problems during my testing period when I left the brightness on auto. The brightness can also be changed manually between five levels.

The Colorfit Pro 3 with the green band is a stylish low-cost smartwatch. However, it was hardly the most comfortable piece of clothes I’ve ever worn. The watch can be read in any light thanks to its 1.55-inch HD screen that displays 320*360 pixels. The watch’s animations are snappy in my experience, and it responds swiftly to touch. Furthermore, the user interface is simple to grasp. We had no problems with our smartwatches being slow or freezing.

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The majority of the Watch S’s functions are exclusively accessible via the Realme Link smartphone companion app, which includes 14 built-in apps. Before you can use the watch, you must first download the Link app (available only on Android) and create a Realme account. You’re finally ready to go. Everything was up and running in a matter of seconds. Many queries will also ask for your phone’s app logs, texts, location, and workout/health data. You must answer these questions in order to use the Realme Watch S.

Instead of being a smartwatch, I was pleasantly pleased by the colorfit pro 3’s utility as a fitness tracker. Messages and WhatsApp notifications from my iPhone were displayed on the watch, and I could control the music with it. You can also use this tool to keep track of your phone.

The watch supports a variety of exercise modes, including indoor and outdoor cycling, walking, running, strength training, swimming support, yoga, and so on. When I first connected the watch to my iPhone, there was no option for strength training. I was able to view this after restarting the watch.


Colorfit Pro 3

We had the Realme Watch S for a week and it never made it to the charger. In terms of battery life, everything about this phone was fantastic. This watch outperforms the original Realme Watch, which lasted only four days in our testing. You can spend a lot more energy if you track your sleep at night and work out for longer periods of time.

The Colorfit Pro 3 watch’s battery life lasts a week or more even with heavy use, such as working out once a day and receiving notifications.

You may also select from a broad range of watch faces in the Noise app. It also displays all of your fitness data, including steps and sleep, as well as the specific inputs for each exercise session.

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Realme Watch S Vs Colorfit Pro 3: Quick Result

ParticularsRealme Watch SColorfit Pro 3Which one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodGoodAny
DisplayGoodAverageRealme Watch S
PerformanceGoodBetterColorfit Pro 3

Realme Watch S VS Colorfit Pro 3: Final Verdict

In terms of build quality, materials, and overall use, the Realme 2 is a significant improvement over the preceding Realme Watch. The new appearance offers a major step forward at a suggested retail price of Rs. 4,999 competing items do not come close to this level of craftsmanship. The Realme Watch S includes an aluminium frame rather than a plastic one, which makes it feel and look better while also extending its lifespan.

The Colorfit Pro 3 smartwatch, which costs Rs 4,999, is packed with functions and sports a fashionable look. The user interface of the watch is simple, and it works well. When it comes to counting steps, it does not, in my opinion, work as well as it should. Take a look at this model if you want a low-cost smartwatch with all the bells and whistles.

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