Samsung MX-T40 Vs Samsung MX-T50: Everything Compared!

Samsung MX-T40

Every audiophile’s dream is to make their friends enjoy every piece of music at their parties and events. However, this dream could be an illusion, especially if the event has a poor sound system. But don’t worry, because Samsung has introduced the MX-T500 as the ideal Giga Party audio speaker.

You most likely already own a portable Bluetooth speaker—the kind you’d take on a road trip, use to play music at a late-night hangout, or leave blasting on your beach mat while you relax by the sea—and in this day and age, some may even consider one a necessity. But, while those portable music players are handy for when you’re out of the house or just casually listening to music, they’re not exactly ideal for the kind of mind-blowing, heart-thumping, energy-inducing sound-trip you’d get at a party, club, or the movies.

Samsung MX-T40 vs Samsung MX-T50: Comparison Table

FeaturesSamsung MX-T40Samsung MX-T50
Launching Year20212022
Model NameMX-T40MX-T50
Connector TypeWired, BluetoothWired, Bluetooth
Available ColorsBlackBlack
Average Battery LifeNANA
Charging TimeNANA
Weight6.77 KG11.6 KG
BluetoothVersion 5.1Version 5.0v
Connection Distance Range (Bluetooth)66 feet10m
Online Price RangesRs.9,999Rs.20,999
Customer Ratings4/54.5/5

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Samsung MX-T40 Vs Samsung MX-T50: Detailed Analysis

Design and Build quality

The Samsung Sound Tower MX-T40 provides an unusually satisfying experience. Sure, new gadgets of any kind are always exciting, but seeing an audio device this large feels almost like a life achievement—imagine how excited you were when you first opened your oven or air fryer. The MX-T40 is roughly the size of a small traffic cone or a roadside fire hydrant. Though it is fairly tall in terms of speakers, you should have no trouble finding room for it in your home. Ideally, you’d place the speaker in one area of your home, but if you need to move it, it’s light enough to carry from room to room with one hand.

The MX-T50 is a bi-directional speaker that delivers bi-directional sound in any given listening location for an immersive experience. The 500-watt powered speaker keeps your party going with crisp, clear audio. So, whether your event is indoors or outdoors, this speaker will provide the sound quality you desire.


Samsung MX-T40 Vs Samsung MX-T50
Samsung MX-T50

Other than Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the Samsung MX T50 supports a variety of other connectivity options. To begin, it has two USB hosts that support USB music playback. You can use this feature to play music from your MP3 player or other supported device.

The MX-T50 does not support WiFi, but the Bluetooth multi-connection feature will provide you with an excellent sound experience.

When discussing the Samsung MX-T40, The main controls for the speaker are located on a circular panel on top. There are mostly simple controls that anyone can use—power on and off, play and pause, and volume control—along with a bass button for activating the speaker’s powerful Bass Booster, a source button for selecting which sound source should be playing out loud on the Sound Tower, and a button for switching between LED light modes. You can choose between a fast-paced, blinking light pattern for party settings, a slower, more ambient display for more relaxed settings, or no lights at all. The same controls are available on the device’s remote control, allowing you to customize your settings even from a distance.

A display window perpendicular to the control panel displays the current status of your device as well as operating messages such as which song is currently playing, which light mode you’re in, whether the Bass Booster is enabled, and so on. More technical controls can be found in the back. There are buttons for enabling Bluetooth pairing (to connect new devices), connecting the device to another Samsung Party Audio model (so they can play in sync), and enabling Group Play, which allows you to connect up to 10 Samsung Party Audio devices to play in sync.

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Audio Quality

Samsung MX-T40 Vs Samsung MX-T50
Samsung MX-T40

What good is a party if the lows aren’t punchy and deep? Your party will have audiophile-level stereo sounds thanks to the deep, punchy bass that will crank the Samsung MX-T50 speakers. In addition, the MX-T50 has a dynamic bass boost button. Simply press the button to start the party! Finally, switching between dynamic and static bass is simple, which adds to the MX T50 speaker’s usability. Also To enhance your listening experience, the Samsung MX T50 supports Group Play. So, what exactly is group play? Group play is a feature that allows you to connect additional speakers to ensure you can hear the music no matter where you are dancing or listening to it. The additional speakers are synced from any listening location, allowing you to “travel” with the sound indefinitely.

We put the Samsung Sound Tower MX-T40 through its paces with a wide range of media, including the music of various genres. In terms of sound-tripping, the MX-T40 delivers with impressive precision. Starting with the speaker’s default setting (no Bass Booster), music comes through with crisp and orgasmic separation between tracks. That is to say, the instrumentals, vocals, and drum beat all shine individually, with none of the elements muddying together or competing with one another. That means that whether you’re listening to a song to sing along with the lyrics, groove to the bass notes, or appreciate the instrumentals, you’ll have a good time—and so will everyone else.

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Samsung MX-T40 vs Samsung MX-T50: Quick Result

ParticularsSamsung MX-T40Samsung MX-T50Which one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodAmazingAny
Deep Bass GreatGoodBoth
Sound QualityBetterBestSamsung MX-T50

Samsung MX-T40 Vs Samsung MX-T50: Final Verdict

Don’t let your friends abandon you because you failed to provide them with a memorable sound experience. You will never be sorry if you purchase this cutting-edge sound system. A complete Karaoke machine can be expensive to set up. However, the MX-T50 still includes a tower speaker that performs all of the functions of a Karaoke machine.

One disadvantage is that the Samsung MX T50 is slightly more expensive, but you can rest assured that you’ll get good value for your money.

If you’re looking for a speaker that’s specifically designed for music listening, we think the Samsung Sound Tower MX-T40 is a good option—especially given its size and specs. It provides excellent sound quality that is rich, dynamic, and extremely loud without ever sacrificing all of the little elements and nitty-gritty details that make your favourite songs so great. It’s versatile enough to turn up the energy at a party, keep the good vibes going at a casual hang-out, or simply set the mood for an evening spent at home.

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