Samsung QN90A Vs Samsung QN85B: Clear Your Confusion Here

Samsung QN90A Vs Samsung QN85B

Samsung’s QN90A and QN85B are getting closer than ever to OLED TVs in terms of picture quality; however, they still don’t quite match it. While maintaining contrast and black level to a degree we’ve never seen on any non-OLED screen before, this QLED TV is brighter than any OLED display. You should definitely choose one of these TVs over a comparable OLED if you need that brightness or watch in a bright setting where ambient light is a huge problem. In order to determine whether the two Samsung phones, the QN90A and the QN85B, are superior, we will be conducting a more in-depth comparison of the two.

Samsung QN90A Vs Samsung QN85B: Comparison Table

FeaturesSamsung QN90ASamsung QN85B
Launching Year20212022
Model NameSamsung QN90ASamsung QN85B
SeriesSamsung TV SeriesSamsung TV Series
Online Pricing Range₹1,89,490₹1,40,160
Customer Ratings4/54/5

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Samsung QN90A Vs Samsung QN85B: Detailed Analysis


Samsung QN90A

Even if one TV is very similar to another in appearance, Samsung was still able to give the QN90A an aura of luxury. The stand, which has a small footprint and is centered, is the most noticeable design improvement above the dual legs featured on most TVs. Our favorite feature is how it suspends the large panel over my credenza, making it appear to float apart from the furniture. The Samsung remote is also one of our faves because it has few buttons and feels just great in hand. Even the Netflix and Amazon app shortcut keys are prettier than on other remotes: They lack flashy colors and instead just match the rest of the wand. The channel and volume keys click up and down. Ambient mode gets its own button.

When you remove the QN85B from its package, the tangible advantages of NeoQLED technology become immediately evident to you.  This television is incredibly thin. Any OLED with a price similar to it will have a little section where it is thin, and then it will all swell out where it maintains its circuits and other components. When you’re staring at the screen, the bezels around it are so thin they almost don’t exist. Additionally, it leaves a lot of room between the surface and the bottom of the screen, meaning that whatever soundbar you choose should fit in without difficulty. As we’ve all come to expect from Samsung, the build quality is nearly flawless. The QN85B’s components don’t seem particularly high-end or opulent, yet there is no indication that it wasn’t made to last a lifetime.

Picture Quality

A TV of this type is obviously all about picture quality, and the QN90A excels in this regard. For example, most material looks absolutely stunning on the QN90A since it is brighter and more colorful than most other 4K TVs and has greater black levels and contrast than other LED-LCD TVs due to the usage of Mini LED. Having said that, the ability to create brighter, more colorful visuals is one thing; however, knowing when and where to use such technology is quite another. Here, the 4K Neo Quantum Processor comes into play.

The Samsung is made to be comfortable to view even in relatively brilliantly lit environments due to the QN85B’s clear, crisp, and incredibly bright whites, which are far ahead of what a similarly priced OLED TV can offer you. Because there are so many dimming zones with individual control and smooth, even backlighting, the QN85B also has very good black levels. Be aware that the screen is unable to prevent haloing from occurring in white text on a black backdrop and that some little white features in a scene with a lot of darkness can completely vanish. The Samsung’s blacks, in contrast to its white tones, are homogeneous, devoid of detail, and as a result, not at all revealing. The Samsung boldly handles motion, draws a smooth edge, provides good depth of field, and tightly controls image noise. Actually, the only thing keeping this from being a great all-arounder in terms of picture quality is the total lack of understanding of dark tones.

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Sound Performance

Samsung QN85B

The sound quality of the Samsung QN90A is rather poor compared to its predecessors. The highs don’t shimmer, and the bass response is barely noticeable unless you really crank the volume past half (50+). Even the mid-range, which dominates most TV shows and films, can occasionally be challenging to distinguish. Regarding “making an effort,” Samsung can’t be blamed. Six speaker drivers, Object Tracking Sound, and Q Symphony compatibility all point to the QN85B as a TV that has paid more attention to its audio performance than is typical. The midrange, where the voices are present, sounds essential since it is distinct, convincing, and detailed enough to convey character and diction. Samsung’s music, however, lacks considerable dynamism and power, which significantly contrasts with the vividness of its visuals.

Samsung QN90A Vs Samsung QN85B: Quick Results

ParticularsSamsung QN90ASamsung QN85BWhich One Is Better?
Picture QualityBetterGoodSamsung QN90A
Sound PerformanceGoodBetterSamsung QN85B

Final Verdict: Samsung QN90A Vs Samsung QN85B

The Samsung QN90A is an excellent television for any purpose. Its VA panel’s high native contrast ratio and great local dimming for presenting deep blacks make it ideal for watching movies in dimly lit areas. It has good reflection handling and gets bright enough to eliminate glare if you want to use it in a well-lit room to watch television and sports.

When compared to other TVs, the QN85B excels in several key areas, including maximum brightness, color volume, compatibility with next-gen consoles, and aesthetic value. Its inability to function with black tones, reflective screen, and extremely constrained Smart TV experience are its main drawbacks.

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