Samsung S22 Vs Oneplus 9 Pro: Which is Best?

Smartphones have become one of the most important things in our life. Smartphones have replaced lots of electronic devices such as cameras, and alarm clocks and with the use of various apps like UPI we can even pay the bills without the physical money. Smartphones are very well become a necessity these days. With time, it is clear that not having a smartphone will lag you behind the world.  Lots of varieties of smartphones are available in the market which is very amazing and of great quality. Talking about the qualities then, the performance Is depended on the chipset of the device and the camera must be great enough for the price that we are paying for it. 

Currently, there are lots of brands and companies which are releasing numerous amount of smartphones. Almost every day a new smartphone has been released and that is why it is necessary to choose from the best and more importantly which smartphone is better for you. Although there are lots of brands that launch smartphones but very few are trusted by the people and customers, and one of such brands is Samsung. Samsung is a Korean brand, and has a huge chunk of the smartphone industry in here hands. Samsung gave a wide range of smartphones from budget to best quality flagships. One such brand is OnePlus, it is a Chinese brand that has become very famous because of the features that it provides. They have a big range for all kinds of people and it is very famous among the customers. if you are planning to buy a smartphone then you must consider these 2 brands. Samsung has launched the S22 series and its base model is of very great type. On the other hand, OnePlus also launched OnePlus 9 Pro. If you are confused about which one of these to buy then we will discuss every aspect of these smartphones so that you will be able to decide which one is better for you.

Samsung S22 vs Oneplus 9 Pro: Comparison Chart

FeatureSamsung S22OnePlus 9 Pro
Weight168 gm197 gm
Ram8GB128 GB
Storage8 GB128 GB
Size6.1 Inch6.7 inch
GlassGorilla Glass Victus+Gorilla Glass 5
ChipsetSnapdragon 8 gen 1Snapdragon 888
Rear Camera50 MP (Wide Angle) 10 MP (Telephoto) 12 MP48 MP 50 MP 8 MP (Telephoto ) 2 MP (Monochrome )
Font CametaPunch Hole 16 MP Punch Hole 10 MP
IP Rating  IP68IP68

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Samsung S22 vs Oneplus 9 Pro: Detailed Analysis


Samsung S22

With the increase in the market of the smartphone brands, it is seen that the competition is very high and that is why companies have to launch better and better features to the model. Cameras of smartphones are amazing these days, that is why instead of buying a pricy DSLR, people are tending more towards buying a smartphone with better quality cameras and with extra features. S22 has in total 3 high-quality cameras on the rear side. One of which is a main camera of 50MP, the other is a 10 MP telephoto and the 3rd one is a 12 MP camera for the wide-angle shots.  It can even record the video a tt 8K with 24 fps and even go to 960fps for the HD quality. The front camera of the S22 is 10 MP wide-angle. And it can also record 4K videoes up to 30 fps.

The OnePlus 9 Pro has 4 cameras in total on the back of the phone. The main camera is about 48 MP and has a wide lens of 50 MP, with that, it also has a8 MP telephoto and 2 MP Monochrome. It can record the video t 8K 30fps and 120/30/60fps  ultra HD. The front camera is 16MPwith autofocus.  Both the cameras work very well but with the use of time, it is noticed that the quality of the S22 is slightly better than that of the OnePlus 9 Pro.

Feature and Performance

With the increase in the competition with smartphones, brands have to come up the features that will attract the customers to brands. The performance of the smartphone is the most important feature and that is dependent on the chipset of the smartphone. Talking about the OnePlus, it comes with the processor of Snapdragon 888, which is a very high-end chipset and performs very well. And can handle multitasking too. It has a GPU of Adreno 660, which helps to boost the performance while doing heavy tasks like gaming with ram-consuming games.  It has a CPU of 2.84 GHz which is an octa-core processor. OpnePlus 9 plus performs very well in total.

Samsung S22 has a very huge advantage in the case of performance and that is the chipset that has been used in it. It is a snapdragon 8 gen 1, which is the best chipset in the market right now, and no other chipset can be compared to it in the android range. The CPU it has is 3 GHz and the GPU is also Adreno 730 which is better than OnePlus 9 Pro. Overall the performance of the Samsung S22 Is better than that of the OnePlus 9 Pro.

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Oneplus 9 Pro

Pricing can become the deciding factor. The price ranges always vary, therefore, it is very important to check the prices from various platforms before buying the products. The price of the Samsung S22 is about 73 thousand, which is a bit high but, it is worth the price that we are paying. The price of the OnePlus 9 Pro is about 55 thousand which is also fair according to the features.

Samsung S22 vs Oneplus 9 Pro: Quick Result

FeatureSamsung S22Oneplus 9 Pro
PriceBit HighFair

Samsung S22 vs Oneplus 9 Pro: Final Verdict

It is clear that by all means, the Samsung Galaxy S22 wins, but we also need to pay more for that. If you are ready to invest that money then S222 is a better option for you.

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