Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom: Comparison and Review

The Sonos move and ultimate ears hyperboom are wireless Bluetooth speakers. Many people today enjoy movies at home or throw parties using speakers. We perceive the speakers sound as high in the range that provides us with a theatre-like experience. Because the speaker is portable, we can also carry its weight easily. For picnics, vacations, you can bring speakers. Find out which of these two speakers provides the best sound for our preferences by comparing them.

Here’s a brief comparison of Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom.

Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom:

FeaturesSonos Move Ultimate Ears Hyperboom
Brand  SonosUltimate Ears
Model name  Sonos MoveUltimate Ears Hyperboom
Connector type  Bluetooth, Wi-FiBluetooth, Wi-Fi
Speaker type  Portable, Bluetooth, and Wireless  Portable, Bluetooth, and Wireless  
Available colorsLunar White and Black    Black
(length x width x depth)  
240 x 160 x 126 mm364 x 190 x 190 mm
Driver type  2 x 114 mm woofers + 2 x 25 mm tweeters + 2 x 89 mm x 190 mm passive radiators  2 x 114 mm woofers + 2 x 25 mm tweeters + 2 x 89 mm x 190 mm passive radiators  
Battery capacity  35 Watts229 Watts
average life  
11 hours  24 hrs
Charging time  1.5 hours2.6 hours
Compatibility  Smartphone, Tablet, All Bluetooth devices  Smartphone, Tablet, All Bluetooth devices, and A2DP  
range (Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth)  
91 m42 m
Maximum sound range  105 Decibels100 Decibels
Frequency  2.4 GHz radio frequency, 802.11bgn, and 5.8 GHzradio frequency  47 Hz – 20 KHz
Online price ranges  Rs.43,999Rs.29,236  
Controls You can control volumes, block calls, mute microphones, and use the voice command when Wi-Fi is enabledVolume control, play/pause music player
Weight3 Kg5.9 Kg
Customer ratings4.8/54.5/5
Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

These two brands offer different features and come from unalike manufacturers. It is one thing to pay a high price, but it is another to get good battery performance. Each product has a massive price difference. Therefore, let’s compare the products and find out which one is best for us?

Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Battery Life:

The Sonos move and the ultimate ears Hyperboom are equipping with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. There are 35 watts in the Sonos battery, not 229 watts in the UEHyperboom battery. In addition to the 1.5 hours of charging time for Sonos, the Hyperboom takes 2.6 hours to complete the charging process.  Comparing Hyperboom and Sonos, Hyperboom offers a more prolonged standing time. Unlike Hyperboom, Sonos recommends a charging temperature between 0 to 45 degrees Celsius.

Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Design Features:

In comparison to Sonos, the Hyperboom is heavier. The Hyperboom weighs 5.9 Kg, whereas the Sonos weighs 3 Kg. They are both transportable. However, Sonos weighs less than Hyperboom. The Hyperboom, therefore, has caused it some difficulties. You can use Sonos touch controls to control the volume, mute the microphone, and see LED status indicators. When a microphone is active, a LED indicator will always illuminate. The product can finish with a matte black shadow or a lunar white matte finish. A compact design is more appealing than Hyperboom. As compared to Sonos, Hyperboom has limited design features.

Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Features:

UEHyperboomBluetooth version is 5.0, while Sonos move Bluetooth version is 4.2 – 5.0. In comparison with Hyperboom, Sonos’s connecting range is massive. Coupling more than one device at the same time is possible. The Bluetooth capability is available for both. But Hyperboom does not have Wi-Fi support like Sonos. Sonos offers offline streaming services, we can use Bluetooth when Wi-Fi is not available. To download the Sonos app, you can use your voice to control the Sonos speaker.

Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Sound Quality: 

Sonos move has powerful bass, Trueplay tuning, and a large recording of sound which continuously adapts the sound for where you are and what you’re listening to. You get a great soundstage from the Hyperboom with an intense bass. At high volumes, this amplifier does not distort.It is also good to be able to pair multiple devices at once. If you’re a party person, you should buy this. The sound system is really impressive.

Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Ingress Protection (IPX) ratings:

Sonos Move IPX 56 and Ultimate Ears Hyperboom have IPX 4 ratings. Waterproofing is the best feature of Sonos move. Because it is IPX 56 rated, meaning it can withstand moisture, rain, snow, dust, salt spray, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. A Hyperboom cannot withstand the water like a Sonos speaker can, which can submerge for 30 minutes in 1m water. The water resistance in Hyperboom allows us to split it or splash it.

Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Other Inclusions:

Sonosmove speaker, charging base, and Quickstart guide, 1-year warranty card; UEHyperboomWireless portable Bluetooth speaker, Power adaptor, Documentation (Quickstart guide), 2-year limited hardware warranty card.

Observations on Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears HyperboomPro:

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks:

Sonos Move:

  • Sonos Move is a wonderful speaker
  • There is seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It’s also an extremely expensive speaker.
  • A good product for use outdoors.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom:

  • Great, powerful sound.
  • It is compatible with Bluetooth, aux, and optical.
  • The design is not to sit sideways.
  • It is substantial.
  • Wireless connectivity is lacking.

Sonos Move vs Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Final Verdict:

Based on their performance, both speakers offer an incredible sound quality. Neither speaker disappoints me. The choice seems overwhelming to me. However, both have some drawbacks. The design, weight, water resistance, and the sound system of Sonos move convince me. I’m aware of the enormous price. Investing in the long-term is like making a one-time investment. It does not take up much space or weight for me to carry anywhere.

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