Sony SRS ZR5 Vs Sony SRS ZR7: Which One Is Better?

Sony SRS ZR7

Can’t go to the theatre every time the film is released? But want to watch it in the same environment? Then today also the solution is here. The most important factor of the theatre is the sound. Sound is the thing that creates the whole environment of the theatre feel. These setups are called home theatre setups, which means it is the mini theatre situated at your home. Though even having a single soundbar can create a significant change in the quality of sound.

There are lots of brands that have been in this genre of sound tech. And are performing well. But one of the most famous and popular brands is Sony. Sony is a brand that has always been leading the music industry. The sound quality offered by the sony is always been improving over time and has good reviews y customers too.  Talking about the brand value of the sony, it has created significant value in the market over a period of time. The services provided by the brand sony are really great and most importantly there are dedicated sony stores all around the globe to look at your problems.

If you are considering buying the new soundbar then you should always consider sony. It has especially two soundbars which are famous in the market which are SRs ZR5 and other is SRS ZR77. If you are confused about which one to buy then we will discuss every aspect of these soundbars so that you can decide which one is better for you to buy.

Sony SRS ZR5 vs Sony SRS ZR7: Comparison chart

FeatureSony SRS ZR7Sony SRS ZR5
Connection typeBluetooth  Bluetooth
Surround sound2.22.2
  ConstructionDual passive radiatorPassive
Phone speakerYesYes
Phone chargingYesYes
Water resistanceNoNo
wattage45 watts30 watts
weight1.36 kg1.36 watt

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Sony SRS ZR5 vs Sony SRS ZR7: Detailed Analysis


while listening to music or watching a film the most important thing is having good connectivity with the device that you have and the speaker that you have purchased. Normally the Bluetooth works pretty well and is often used in this type of work. If we are watching the movie then we absolutely don’t want the sound to get lagged therefore it is important to check the connectivity of the speaker before we consider it buy.

Both speakers are of the same brands and are very great by the means of connectivity.  Bluetooth is the main and the most convenient way to get attached to the devices. Both zr7 and zr5 come with the best quality Bluetooth connectivity. The other way to connect with the device is by using a wifi network, you have to connect both the device and the speaker to the same wifi network so that it can be operated by us. It automatically gets connected by the speaker and the device for optimum quality music. The other ways of doing it are by google cast and by using Spotify as a medium of connections.

Music quality

Sony SRS ZR5

Having only a loudspeaker and a big volume won’t be enough for the feeling of theatre, it has to be crystal clear too. Fortunately in general talking about the quality of the sound that sony provides is really great and appreciable. Throughout the years’ sony has improved its sound quality and as a result of it, it has been a favorite for the customers.

 Even talking about these speaker qualities it is really good and it will surprise you by the quality of the sound that it produces. ZR5 gives a decent amount of sound quality. While talking about the ZR7 model is overpass the zr5 by a good margin with an extra feature that it comes up with. Zr7 is included with the surround sound quality music which is best for theatre effects and will provide a better environment for you.zr7 has total maximum output music power is of 92 watts in total. Which is great enough to be at home.


Sony SRS ZR7

Having a fixed budget is important when shopping for anything and price is the thing that will decide do we have to buy the product or not because sometimes the products are overpriced and not worth the tag that they come up with. As both the models are of the same brands therefore there is not much variation over the p[rice range and whatever the price is, it is going to be as comparable to each other.

Talking about the actual price range of the product then sony srs zr5 comes at the value of around 35 thousand rupees which is acceptable on the other hand sony srs zr7 has a price tag of exactly the same as sony srs zr5 which is 35 thousand rupees. Both of them are very great and are value for the money.

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Sony SRS ZR5 vs Sony SRS ZR7: Quick Result

FeatureSony SRS ZR5Sony SRS ZR7
Music qualityGood  Amazing

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Sony SRS ZR5

  1. This product is worth the coin.
  2. Works perfectly and sounds great.
  3. No extra wires and no extra difficulties to face.
  4. Excellent product, easily get connected and get ready.
  5. Compared with the other products of the same pricing and category, it can be improved.

Sony SRS ZR7

  1. one of the most worthful products.
  2. The surround sound feature works well and gives a thrilling feeling.
  3. It satisfies the whole pricing that I have paid for it.

Sony SRS ZR5 vs Sony SRS ZR7: Final Verdict

Both of these speakers are of great quality and are of the same price tag too. But it is surely recommended to consider buying sony srs zr7 over the model zr5, the reason being the extra features that it provides especially surround sound.  If you want to convert your home into a mini-theatre then Sony SRS ZR7 is made for you.

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