Tagry Earbuds Review: Everything That You Must Know!

Choosing a new pair of earbuds can be a difficult task. To begin with, there are simply too many options available on the market. A quick internet search will turn up literally thousands of different earbud models, each with its own quirks. Even if you wanted to look at all of them, no single person could possibly have enough time. Instead, you must narrow your options. What kind of match are you looking for? What is your budget? Are you looking for longer-lasting batteries or wireless charging? These types of questions will determine the type of earbud you seek. You can then narrow down your options.

These earbuds have an external battery display and noise-cancelling microphones. These Bluetooth 5.1 earbuds have five different ear tip sizes for a custom fit. But which one will be the best fit for your requirements? To find out, we’ll have to examine both of their designs and features closely. We’ll look at battery life, audio quality, charging cases, and other features. We’ll be able to make an accurate comparison at that point. Let’s know more about it.

Tagry Earbuds Review: Detailed Analysis


The TAGRY True Wireless Earbuds are vertical, like the AirPod Pro. The shells are mostly black, with a graceful curve near the top. Having said that, the backs of the shells are silver-grey, which adds a nice touch. These areas on the back of the buds serve as soft-touch controls for interacting with your phone. You can change the volume, skip tracks, and answer or end phone calls. You can also use your phone’s voice assistant to perform more complex tasks.

The set includes three sets of ear tips in three different sizes. They provide a secure, comfortable fit as well as good noise isolation when properly fitted. They shouldn’t be sloppy, and there shouldn’t be a lot of outside noise coming in. Of course, there is such a thing as a too-tight fit, so a smaller tip is also acceptable. The goal is to find the combination that works best for you.


These earbuds have an IPX5 rating for water resistance, which means they’re slightly better than sweat-resistant. They can withstand a gentle stream of water, so you can safely wash them with a damp cloth. They’ll also be fine in the rain or during a strenuous workout. Just don’t submerge them in water, and you should be fine.

The TAGRY buds, like most wireless earbuds, come with a charging case. This case is made of the same black plastic as the earbud shells’ main parts. It has a vertical design, like the buds, and the earbuds drop in from the top. They fit into moulded wells and stay in place magnetically, allowing them to charge consistently. When you’re finished putting the buds in, the lid is spring-loaded and easily snaps shut.

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Tagry Earbuds

The case’s front has a digital display that shows the current battery charge level. A percentage readout across the top indicates the charge of the case’s reserve battery. At the bottom, there are two separate bar meters that display the left and right earbud charges. To save power, the display will turn off when the lid is closed. When the lid is opened or the case is plugged in, it will turn back on. For charging, a USB Type-C cable is included.

Take a look at the Tozo A1 earbuds if you prefer a different design. They have a small, in-ear design that is barely visible when worn. However, this smaller form factor comes with significantly shorter battery life.

Connectivity & Battery

On a full charge, the TAGRY wireless earbuds will last approximately six hours. Keep in mind that this is a manufacturer’s rating, and it is based on using the buds at half volume. They won’t last as long if you use them at a higher volume. Even so, six hours is a pretty good battery life for a pair of wireless earbuds, especially at this price. The charging case has enough capacity to recharge the phone four times. That’s an extra 24 hours of battery life, for a respectable total of 30 hours without plugging in.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology is used to connect these earbuds to your phone or another device. Bluetooth 5.0 is the current industry standard, and it is adequate for the majority of applications. The most notable change is an increase in bandwidth over Bluetooth 4.2. This means you can listen to high-quality audio, which wasn’t always possible with wireless buds. Bluetooth 5.0 also has lower latency and a more stable signal, which helps to prevent dropped connections.

Audio Clarity

The TAGRY True Wireless Earbuds feature 13mm drivers, which are relatively large for wireless earbuds. They use a triple-layer composite material that produces a surprising amount of texture in the audio. We’re not talking about Bose quality here, but you get good value for money. There’s a lot of space here, and the stereo is nice and wide. However, the bass is a little underwhelming. It’s there and it sounds fine, but it’s not as punchy as we would have liked.

Call Quality

These earbuds have excellent call quality. They record your voice along with a sample of the background noise using three sets of microphones. The internal CVC hardware then gets to work, removing background noise from your voice transmission. This means that even in a noisy environment, the other person can clearly hear you. Remember that this will only work with your own voice transmission. How well you hear the other person is more dependent on their microphones.

Consider the SoundPEATS H2 if you’re willing to pay a lot more for better audio quality. They have dual drivers, which improves performance at lower and higher frequencies.

Tagry Earbuds Review: Final Verdict

As you can see, these earbud sets have advantages and disadvantages. The TAGRY True Wireless Earbuds are notable for their full-featured case first and foremost. The battery display is only a cosmetic addition, but it’s a bold one that we like. Although fans of “bass boost” earbuds should look elsewhere, the audio quality is good for the price. However, the call quality is excellent, which is important if you plan on spending a lot of time on the phone.

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