Truke Buds BTG3 Vs TAGG Liberty Buds Pro: Which Is A True Value For Money?

These days, it’s difficult to purchase a good set of wireless earphones. Since the early days of truly wireless earbuds, when we had to put up with substandard sound quality and erratic performance in order to complete away with wires, the market has advanced significantly. Today, things are very different. Companies like Boat, Apple, Truke, Tagg, and others are delivering their most amazing earbuds to date after numerous product generations and experiences learned.

 Another thing to keep in mind as you compare gadgets is that tech companies are increasingly designing their earphones to work best with their own goods through exclusive features and functionality. This article is for you if you want a clearer understanding of the features that Truke Buds BTG3 and TAGG Liberty Buds Pro offer. We will compare Truke Buds BTG3 Vs. TAGG Liberty Buds Pro and see which stands out as the champion.

Truke Buds BTG3 Vs TAGG Liberty Buds Pro: Comparison Table

FeaturesTruke Buds BTG3TAGG Liberty Buds Pro
Launching Year20222022
Model NameTruke Buds BTG3TAGG Liberty Buds Pro
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Average Battery Life10 Hours7 Hours
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.1Version 5.1
Online Pricing RangeRs 1,299Rs 1,299
Customer Ratings3.8/54/5

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Truke Buds BTG3 Vs TAGG Liberty Buds Pro: Detailed Analysis

Build And Design

The Truke BTG 3 has an eye-catching appearance. The BTG 3 has a quirky Spiderman-inspired housing with a pebble-like shape that displays two LED indications. The TWS earbuds are made of high-quality plastic and are angled at a 45-degree angle to fit more comfortably in the ears. Together with the charging case, these earphones weigh only 42.7 grams. It’s interesting to note that the Truke BTG 3 has an IPX4 grade for water and sweat resistance, letting you use these even while working out. For charging, a USB Type-C port is supported. Notably, while using these earphones nonstop for hours, we never felt uncomfortable or needed to adjust them. Truke BTG 3 earbuds, in short, feature a nice built-in design.

The TAGG Liberty Buds Pro has a sleek appearance and solid construction. The earphones’ plastic casing is matte and has a sleek appearance. The case’s white earbuds have a slight (but noticeable!) resemblance to the well-known Airpods. The earbuds are easy to insert into the ear and connect to smartphones. At least they worked well with the ears and were comfy all around.

Audio Quality

Truke Buds BTG3

Despite the fact that cheap wireless earbuds frequently have poor audio quality, the 10mm audio driver in the Truke BTG 3 delivers pleasing audio performance. These earbuds have a low latency of 55 ms and can emit powerful, clear audio at both low and high volumes. Call noise cancellation is another feature that uses a deep neural network powered by Al. The call quality could have been a little bit better, though.

The device’s powerful bass and deep, rich sound quality provide for outstanding music listening and a movie-watching experience. These provide the finest gaming experience available due to a dedicated gaming mode and Empirical Technology, which guarantees 2x energy efficiency, 2x transmission speed, and 1.8x connection reliability.

The TAGG Liberty Buds Pro is respectable enough for music lovers to provide continuous playtime. Unfortunately, the average sound quality of the music is a cause for concern, as music with a lot of bass was not particularly spectacular. According to us,  it was a big error that the company said the earphones have a 10mm driver for enhanced bass. The user can pause and resume music with a simple tap on the earbuds for convenience. Unfortunately, we were unable to fully enjoy the music play experience because there are alternatives like boAt, JBL, Truke, and others that offer a better music experience for a reasonable value.

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Battery Life

The newest Truke BTG is advertised to have a battery life of up to 10 hours. These earbuds provide around 8 hours of playback duration on a single charge at a 50% volume level and nearly 40 hours with the case. It enables quick charging and takes about two hours to fully recharge.

When utilized with the case charger, the TAGG Liberty Buds Pro case offers a total playtime of 30 hours. Additionally, a Type-C charging cable is included in the box, which makes it possible to charge the smartphone quickly. When we tested them, the earbuds’ claimed playback time of 75 minutes with a 5-minute charge genuinely worked.


The Truke BTG 3 TWS earbuds connect as soon as they are taken out of the case, making pairing them very simple. Bluetooth 5.1 is used to complete the pairing.

The TAGG Liberty Buds Pro has Bluetooth 5.1v, four microphones, and background noise cancellation for pristine voice clarity. Unfortunately, the gadget we were offered for review did not adequately support the noise cancellation feature, as we encountered a lot of background noise while on the phone and using the earbuds to communicate. Even if the mic is good and produces a lag-free, loud, and clear sound, the listener may experience significant disruption. The TAGG Liberty PRO Earbuds are simple to connect with and work with both iOS and Android devices. We used it with both the OS and the gadget connected in a matter of seconds.

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Truke Buds BTG3 Vs TAGG Liberty Buds Pro: Quick Results

ParticularsTruke Buds BTG3TAGG Liberty Buds ProWhich One Is Better?
Build And DesignBetterGoodTruke Buds BTG3
Audio QualityBetterBetterTruke Buds BTG3
Battery LifeBetterBetterTruke Buds BTG3

Truke Buds BTG3 Vs TAGG Liberty Buds Pro: Final Verdict

Overall, the TAGG Liberty PRO Earbuds fall into the budgeted category and have all the features that one could be looking for, but the Indian market is already crowded with players like boAt, Bose, Truke, JBL, and more who are providing comparable specifications at comparable price points.

After using both devices for several weeks, we’d conclude that, in comparison to the TAGG Liberty PRO, the Truke BTG3 are now the best wireless earbuds under INR 1500. They provide superb sound quality for an immersive music, film, or gaming experience and are incredibly comfortable to wear. They are also water- and sweat-resistant. Even though it could have had a touch sensor for volume control, the other features make it a wonderful alternative for e-gamers looking for earphones.

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