Why Did Flipkart Stop Their Affiliate Program?

Why Did Flipkart Stop Their Affiliate Program?

Flipkart was founded by Binny Bansal in 2007, and its primary work today is to sell products of various varieties on its website. But today in this article we will learn about its affiliate program and why Flipkart stopped it.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of using a special link on your website to promote another organization or website, which is also known as “affiliate company marketing.” It is possible that you will be compensated if someone purchases something after clicking on the link provided.

A variety of legitimate marketing websites are available to those who wish to earn money online. Learning how to make money with Flipkart’s Affiliate Marketing program is now an excellent time investment.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money?

A great way to make money with Flipkart is through its affiliate program. Place links and banners on your website that direct customers to Flipkart products by utilizing this program. When a visitor to your site makes a purchase after clicking on one of your affiliate links, you will receive a commission and profit based on a percentage of the sale.

Why Did Flipkart Stop Affiliate Marketing?

The wide variety of products and services it offers across numerous categories, such as electronic devices, fashion, home décor, baby care, gaming, books, automobiles, sports, and more, makes Flipkart one of the best online stores for both buying and selling, as well as affiliate marketing and other forms of online marketing in general. There have been significant profits generated by Flipkart’s affiliate program from the efforts of many affiliates. Nothing more than signing up with Cuelinks and putting our tools to work to become a member of Flipkart’s affiliate marketing program will be required of you. Flipkart’s affiliate program can be used to promote other affiliate programs in addition to the Flipkart program thanks to this two-minute content monetization tool, which can be implemented in minutes. Customers who purchase products on Flipkart through your website will be eligible for a Flipkart affiliate commission, which is calculated according to the product category.

Since being acquired by Walmart, Flipkart has drastically reduced affiliate commissions and placed a cap on the number of sales generated by affiliate partners. Affiliates’ volume of business has decreased significantly in recent months, with revenue reductions ranging from 90 percent to 50 percent as a result of changes in the online marketplace. it varies according to the nature and volume of traffic

Some affiliates suffered losses of up to 80 percent or even 90 percent, depending on the circumstances. In addition to receiving confirmation from several Flipkart affiliate partners, Entrackr has obtained copies of numerous emails sent by Flipkart to its affiliate partners. According to three Flipkart partners who were previously earning thousands of dollars in commissions, an affiliate’s monthly lead processing is now limited to Rs 9,999 per month for the first time (from sales in crores).

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Since then, the company has reduced the commission rate in the fashion and accessory categories from 10% to 7%, a reduction from the previously mentioned 10%. The result was that Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers (except RedMi and Apple’s iPhones) saw their commissions drop significantly.

As a result of the fashion industry’s importance to their overall revenue, affiliate earnings have decreased. Despite the fact that Flipkart affiliate partners are not surprised by the commission cut, they are surprised by the volume of sales that can be generated on the site on a monthly basis.

CashKaro and CouponDunia, which had lost approximately 80 percent of their business to Flipkart, have seen volume recover by approximately 50 percent in the last 15 days, while smaller affiliates are still struggling (they had lost approximately 80 percent of their business to Flipkart).

60% Loss

Following the decline in Flipkart volume in May, two affiliate partners have reported that they have recovered 60 percent of the lost business in the last two weeks, according to the affiliate partners’ statements. Because of a previous business relationship with Flipkart, they requested anonymity to protect their identities.

Following its months-long acquisition of Flipkart, Walmart has decided to scale back its affiliate business operations. A number of changes have taken place at Walmart since the company was acquired, and some speculate that the company’s recent restructuring of its affiliate program could signal the beginning of a larger play or strategy.

Because of a decline in the volume of orders placed on Flipkart, Amazon is the only major horizontal player that still relies on affiliate sales as a source of revenue. Snapdeal’s affiliate program had previously been suspended, but it has now been re-activated following a customer request. How do I create an affiliate product link for a Flipkart product?

What Flipkart’s Co-Founder Has To Say About Affiliate Marketing Before Stopping

“When it comes to affiliate revenue, Flipkart has consistently been one of our most profitable e-commerce stores over time. Flipkart generates more revenue per lead than any other retailer, owing to the fact that its conversion rates are among the highest in the industry. Our early success would not have been possible had it not been for Flipkart. Prices on Flipkart, in my opinion, are extremely competitive and tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum. Knowing this from personal experience as the co-founder of one of India’s largest price comparison websites is invaluable.”

Final Verdict

To conclude, although it was a great way to make money with Flipkart is through its affiliate program. But still, Flipkart did not consider it a more profit-making step for them. Also, CashKaro and CouponDunia, which had lost approximately 80 percent of their business to Flipkart, have seen volume recover by approximately 50 percent in the last 15 days.

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