Withing Steel HR VS Fossil Hybrid HR: Which To Opt?

Withing Steel HR VS Fossil Hybrid Hr
Withing Steel HR VS Fossil Hybrid Hr

With its cutting-edge features, this Withings Steel HR is both fashionable and functional. The smartwatch has a battery life of up to 25 days, so you won’t have to constantly recharge it

While Fossil nailed the look of this watch with the Hybrid HR, which is composed of Stainless Steel. It’s an appealing hybrid timepiece with a respectable e-ink touchscreen display in a low-cost design. Despite this, the heart rate sensor and sleep tracker were shown to be untrustworthy. Instead of using it to measure your fitness or health, get it because you like the look.

The Withings smartwatch also makes exercise more enjoyable. Aside from that, the smartwatch is compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems. The new Fossil Hybrid HR is a good choice for individuals who like the appearance and feel of an analog watch but don’t require the capability of a supercomputer on their wrist. However, the Hybrid HR technique is not for everyone. It’s possible that this is a better solution than a standard smartwatch for some folks. The Fossil Hybrid HR review by Android Authority explains why.

Withing Steel HR VS Fossil Hybrid Hr: Comparison Chart

Compatible DeviceiOS 10 and above, Android OS 5 and aboveProprietary OS
NotificationText, CallsText Calls
Battery Life
More than Two Weeks
More than 8 days
Display Size42mm
18 mm

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Withing Steel HR VS Fossil Hybrid Hr: Detailed Analysis


The Withings Steel HR smartwatch now comes in black and white color variants.

The Steel HR is a game changer in the hybrid watch market since it integrates a heart rate sensor as well as a small digital display while maintaining the watch’s original analog look. It’s a delight to wear this watch because it’s not bulky or disconcerting in any manner.

The hybrid form of this watch will appeal to those looking for a smart-looking wristwatch without the bulk or futuristic style.

Wearing a smartwatch or hybrid watch has become a daily habit for me over the last year, and I have no intentions to change my ways any time soon. This is my all-time favorite wearable.

Detailed Specification

Withing Steel HR

Withings Steel HR  array is completed by infrared heart rate sensors, day/night movement sensors, and a three-axis MEMS accelerometer.

Battery: A charger is required to recharge the battery. Under normal conditions, a full charge can last up to 25 days; five days longer in training mode; and an additional 20 days in power reserve mode. (Only time and activity tracking)

Low-light visibility is an issue because the Fossil Hybrid HR’s display isn’t illuminated by default. Certain Fossil gadgets now have a backlight. Simply double-tap the watch face to turn on the backlight. Check to see if you’re hitting hard enough; the illumination doesn’t always turn on.

The software features of the Fossil Hybrid HR are limited. If you prefer “dumb” smartwatches, this is the place to be. Please keep reading if you require all of the capabilities, which include LTE connectivity, contactless payments, smart home automation, and built-in music storage.

As previously stated, side buttons can be customized with shortcuts. Workout mode, wellness dashboard, stopwatch, music control, timer, and weather are all available options. The wellness dashboard displays how well you slept the night before, as well as the number of steps you did, the number of calories you burnt, and the amount of time you were inactive (more on those later).

The physical watch hands were not a concern in most circumstances. When they’re covering information like the weather or your step count, a short flick of the wrist sends them both spinning in opposite directions to get out of your way. When scrolling through menus, the hands will also automatically move to the three and nine places.

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Fossil Hybrid HR

When you first glance at the Steel HR, you might think it’s simply another analogue timepiece. The dial has two hands and a little button on the side of the watch. However, if you look closely, you’ll find a few additional traits.

There is a little round dial at 6 o’clock with its own tiny hand and hash-marks counting up to 100%. The Withings HealthMate smartphone app shows you how close you are to meeting your own fitness objectives (iOS and Android). At 12 o’clock, there is a little digital panel that illuminates when you press the watch’s side button. This little display panel displays the date, time, your metric readings, and any notifications you’ve set up. The Steel HR is distinguished from other hybrid watches by the use of OLED technology on its touchscreen display. This elevates it to the level of a true smartwatch.

Whereas at first sight, you could be forgiven for believing this is an analog-only watch. The usage of actual watch hands and number markers on the bezel is one of the Fossil Hybrid HR’s analogue watch features. The exhibit, on the other hand, is the most essential aspect of this level.

Even while Fossil doesn’t label it “e-ink,” this is the same technology used in older Pebble devices and Kindles. E-ink has both advantages and disadvantages for some people. It’s a fantastic idea, but there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind.

Because e-ink consumes less electricity, the Hybrid HR may operate for up to two weeks on a single charge, which is fantastic for the environment. I can’t comment to its longevity because I’ve only had mine for a short period, but thus far, I’m impressed. My unit was down to roughly 7% battery life after the first setup, a software update, and a 45-minute treadmill workout. When it’s sunny outside, the watch loses only a few percentage points of accuracy. I think Fossil’s battery estimates are correct.

Withing Steel HR VS Fossil Hybrid Hr: Final Verdict

The Withings Steel HR, unlike other smartwatches, is a hybrid device that falls in between an Apple Watch and a Fossil-style hybrid watch and when talking about Fossil Hybrid HR, unfortunately, if you look past the gorgeous visuals, there are several half-baked elements that distract from the experience. You’ll be sorry if you use the Fossil Hybrid HR to track your fitness or health.

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