Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Vs JBL Flip 6: Which One To Choose?

Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Vs JBL Flip 6

Anker intends to enter the cutthroat and highly competitive market for Bluetooth speakers with the release of the Soundcore Motion+. The Anker Soundcore Motion+ strives to provide high-quality sound in a waterproof and portable device for daily use, even if it may not have fancy features like the ability to charge your phone or optical input. Is this the greatest Bluetooth speaker, or should you go with the JBL Flip 6? The JBL Flip 6 looks to continue the tradition of rugged, portable Bluetooth speakers from the JBL brand, which are perfect for taking on camping trips or to a pool party. At the end of the day, it still has a comparable sturdy design and sound profile to the JBL Flip 5, but with some cosmetic tweaks and an ostensibly enhanced audio configuration. Is Flip 6 a viable replacement for an established utility player? Here, we’ll analyze this in greater detail.

Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Vs JBL Flip 6: Comparison Table

FeaturesAnker Soundcore Motion PlusJBL Flip 6
Launching Year20202021
Model NameAnker Soundcore Motion PlusJBL Flip 6
SeriesAnker Soundcore SeriesJBL Flip Series
Portable ApplicationAvailableAvailable
Playback Time12 Hours9.5 Hours
Online Pricing Range₹20,624₹10,999
Customer Ratings4/54.5/5

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Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Vs JBL Flip 6: Detailed Analysis


Anker Soundcore Motion Plus

There are no disco lights or other spectacular design elements on the Motion Boom Plus. The case is a black rectangle with rounded corners that looks vintage boombox-like. Motion Boom Plus resembles its predecessor, the Motion Boom, in terms of appearance. The front grille of the new model is the same shape and bears the Soundcore branding. The Motion Boom Plus, on the other hand, is significantly larger and has a carrying strap and an integrated handle. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities, as does the speaker’s complete water- and dust-proof qualities. You don’t have to be concerned about dropping Motion Boom Plus into a pool while the party is going on because it floats in the water.

The control buttons are located below the handle on top of the speaker. There are buttons to turn on Bluetooth, the power switch, the PartyCast button, and Soundcore’s BassUp technology. When the buttons are pressed, they become light. The volume controls and a play/pause button are located on a rubber strip that runs along the center of the panel. A USB-C port for charging the speaker, a USB-A port for using the Motion Boom Plus as a power bank and charging other devices, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for non-Bluetooth devices are all located on the back of the speaker.

The Flip 6 is a pretty similar speaker to its predecessor and the four models that came before it; it still has its distinctive visible passive bass radiators at either end and is covered in fabric in a variety of colors. It still flaunts its status as an outdoor speaker by virtue of its rubberized end caps, but now it has more to brag about, thanks to an IP67 certification that protects it not only from water but also from dust. It weighs only 550 grams, so it won’t break the bank or your back if you throw it in a bag or backpack. It’s a convenient size for taking on the go thanks to the included carry rope and the fact that it fits snugly in one hand.

This time around, JBL has gone for maximum brand exposure by replacing the discreet red JBL logo on previous models with a large, central logo and by including a rubber kickstand to prevent it from sliding around when set on a flat surface. Just above this are a very simple rubberized control panel with buttons for power, pairing, and a USB-C input for charging. Additionally, the anchor, for now, a more sturdy feeling carry wire, is located here. The top features raised playback controls that are the same color as the cloth, so they blend in but are still simple to feel with your hand. They control playback and volume, and a single click activates PartyBoost, which lets you combine the Flip 6 with other JBL speakers in mono/Party mode with older models like the Charge 5 or Flip five or in stereo with a second Flip 6.

Sound Performance

JBL Flip 6

The sound that Soundcore offers at a competitive cost is renowned for its high caliber. Like its contemporaries, the Motion Boom Plus packs a powerful 80W punch in a relatively compact package. Deep, powerful sound and bass are produced by the speaker’s two 30W woofers and passive radiators on the sides, while the 10W tweeters let you hear every nuance of the music. This indicates that you can use it in TWS mode in connection with other Soundcore speakers that support this mode to enjoy synchronized music and incredibly strong stereo sound.

The capability of using it as a speakerphone is one feature you won’t anticipate from a speaker of this size. You may answer incoming calls using the built-in microphone on the Motion Boom Plus. The microphone is capable of handling the conversation, and the quality gets better the closer you are to the speaker, even if you receive a work call while at a beach party and streaming music from your phone.

The JBL Flip 6’s performance has been a major selling point, so it’s no surprise that the company is so focused on preserving it. This Bluetooth speaker aims to play your music and sound great while it does so with very few additional features (helped in the Flip 6 by an upgrade to support Bluetooth 5.1). Yes, indeed, it does. When we put on Beyoncé’s energetic Cuff It, the JBL immediately starts pumping out the sound; it’s clear that this is the genre of music for which the Flip 6 was designed. Even at a low level, this tiny speaker’s presentation is full of energy, which is something you can’t frequently say at this price.

The midrange is also expertly taken care of, with enough room for the instruments to breathe and a slightly forward presentation that helps voices remain clear and distinct even when competing with deep basslines. The JBL Flip 6 is anything but a chill speaker. It makes every effort to capture your interest and get your foot tapping while advancing the music with a tight grasp on timing across the frequencies. It doesn’t feel like a speaker you’d buy to listen to classical music on, but if your tastes are in hip hop or R&B, your soundtracks will sound great here.

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Portable Application

There is an app from Soundcore that works with their headphones and speakers. After opening your Motion Boom Plus, we suggest downloading it right away for both Android and iOS. This app’s main purpose is to distribute firmware and upgrades. To ensure peak performance, Soundcore urges users to upgrade their devices’ firmware. In addition to firmware updates, the Soundcore app enables you to configure the Auto Power Off feature, adjust the volume, and use the Extra Bass feature.

The equalization in the Soundcore app is its most intriguing feature. You can create a Soundcore account and select unique EQ profiles for various situations if you want to fine-tune the speaker’s sound to precisely match your requirements. Use one of the presets in the app if you don’t want to mess with the settings; we suggest giving Soundcore Signature a shot.

The JBL Portable app, formerly known as “JBL Connect,” provides firmware updates and a user manual for the Flip 6. Additionally, you can turn on or off the speaker’s feedback tones here. Instead of using the specific button, you may alternatively enable PartyBoost and stereo playback inside the app. Just two JBL speakers from the same generation will function in stereo. For PartyBoost, my JBL Flip five and Flip six pair together, but they are unable to play stereo sound. The software has a rudimentary equalization that allows you to change the highs, mids, and lows, which is possibly its most significant feature. The app doesn’t have much else going on, but that could be a good thing. To achieve the desired results, it is unlikely that you will need to tamper with any of the more specialized configuration options.


With the Soundcore Motion+ from Anker, 12-hour battery life is guaranteed—slightly less than the best competitors in this price bracket. The speaker lasted 16 hours and 13 minutes during our battery test with continual music playback. It appears like Anker has adopted an under-promise and over-deliver strategy, so you won’t have to be concerned about this speaker’s battery dying during a day trip. The speaker may be charged using the supplied USB-C connector in around four hours. With the Soundcore Motion Plus, quick charging is not available.

According to JBL, a completely charged Flip 6 battery can play music for up to 12 hours. There is no power adapter included in the box, only a USB-C to USB-A charging cord. Unfortunately, the 9 hours and 25 minutes of listening time We got out of my JBL Flip 6 were not even close to the company’s stated 12-hour maximum. It’s sufficient for a day walk or a beach party, but for anything more, you’ll need to carry a battery pack or bring it home to recharge.

Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Vs JBL Flip 6: Quick Results

ParticularsAnker Soundcore Motion PlusJBL Flip 6Which One Is Better?
Sound PerformanceBetterGoodAnker Soundcore Motion Plus
Portable ApplicationBetterGoodAnker Soundcore Motion Plus
BatteryBetterGoodAnker Soundcore Motion Plus

Final Verdict: Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Vs JBL Flip 6

If you’re looking for a versatile Bluetooth speaker, go no further than the Anker Soundcore Motion+. It doesn’t have a single unique feature, but it excels at almost all of the valuable aspects. Competitors’ speakers might be more robust, louder, sound better, or be more portable, but none offer a package as complete as Anker’s Soundcore Motion+.

The JBL Flip 6 is an outstanding illustration of what a portable speaker in this market should provide: superb durable design and punchy, powerful performance. It doesn’t have the greatest features, but it does pretty much everything you’d want it to. 

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