Gadgets Battle is a Tech Start-up that deals with comparisons of Gadgets from different Niches. We have A wide team of Domain Experts that have been working alongside us.

Our main goal is to provide you with the generic and the most Honest reviews before you start spending your money. Usually, we find affiliate or ad-driven websites whose goal is to sell their products and earn a share. But here we don’t do things that way round. Our first and primary objective is to make your mind clear in terms of the gadget you are about to purchase and even if you don’t buy the product from our links we will be satisfied that you went for the right one!

By the year’s end, we have planned to stretch our work to the extent where people will be doing comparisons of every tech niche, whether be it Mobile technology or gaming laptops everything will be under Gadgets Battle’s Single roof.

We WIll keep Adding our team members under this Section from Time to Time

Team Gadgets Battle

Harshit Singh – SEO Analyst / Author

Tech has always made me Curious from time to time. As I am from Generation Z who have seen the technological advancements in front of their eyes. I am completely into the Specifications of any Smartphone and new technology that comes out. I have been writing for a long time on Tech Niche as this is not work for me but more of a passion!

You can connect with me on Instagram Here

Damini Tripathi – SEO Analyst / Author

I have been a tech nerd since my School days, There is so much to try and test, the feel of any new gadget is something that turns me on .The best way to communicate globally can be done through These Technological Advancements. A single message pops up in real time where we used to send handwritten letters back in the days! Let me keep this short here or I might fill the page with a big essay :P. If you like what I write don’t forget to ping me on Instagram!