Hisense U6g Vs Vu GLo Led: Which One Is Good For You?

Hisense U6g Vs Vu GLo Led

Vu Televisions, founded by Devita Saraf, is widely regarded as India’s most fashionable TV brand. After a successful run of delivering excellent televisions to more than 3 million buyers, the company has released the GloLED TV, Glo Panel, and Glo AI processor. A slightly toned-down version of the Glo QLED TV series is the Glo LED TV series. The Glo LED TV series was released with three different screen sizes (50″, 55″, and 65″) and a 4k resolution. It was created with a fusion of quality, creativity, design, technology, software, hardware, and luxury.

The Hisense U6G was the company’s base-level ULED TV for 2021. It is a model that is favorable to one’s wallet that provides higher picture quality than the majority of other low-cost TVs, and it competes with options that cost more money, but it is lacking in other capabilities. The VA panel helps the TV perform well in both dim and bright settings, showing deep blacks for an excellent dark room viewing experience and producing enough brightness to combat glare in bright settings.

Hisense U6g Vs Vu GLo Led: Comparison Table

FeaturesHisense U6GVu GLo Led
Launching Year20212022
Model NameHisense U6GVu GLo Led
SeriesHisense LED SeriesVu LED Series
Online Pricing Range₹44,999 ‎₹30,990
Customer Ratings4.5/54/5

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Hisense U6g Vs Vu GLo Led: Detailed Analysis


Hisense U6g Vs Vu GLo Led

The Hisense U6G ULED TV may be the entry-level model in the brand’s ULED TV collection, but it doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. The TV may not have the quality design of a more expensive model, but it still looks beautiful thanks to its small bezels and attractive bases. Everything, including the bezels, the legs, and the rest of the body, is composed of black or dark grey materials, and it looks great. The feet, in contrast to the legs of several other TVs in this price category, are composed of cheap plastic. Although it is plastic, it is not cheap material and should be able to support the TV just well. Guests won’t be able to tell that it’s made of plastic unless they take a close look, as it doesn’t appear cheap from a distance or at first glance.

All of the TV’s inputs and outputs are located on its back. There are a total of four HDMI inputs on the TV, three on the side and one on the back. Additionally, there are two USB ports for power, an Ethernet port, an optical audio output, and AV in ports. There are plenty of ports available, more than enough for game consoles, streaming devices, and other equipment.

The bezel-less Vu GLo Led TV maximizes your viewing area with features like a far-field microphone for hands-free voice search and commands and an ambient light sensor for adaptive display settings based on the room’s illumination. The Advanced Cricket and Cinema Modes seen here are exclusive to this Google TV. With this innovation in Cricket Mode, which is part of Vu’s next-generation technology, you receive a live stadium experience in addition to 100% ball visibility.

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Watching Experience

Hisense U6g Vs Vu GLo Led

You may enjoy your favorite shows on the Hisense U6G. Glare won’t be an issue in most spaces because of its excellent peak brightness and respectable reflection control. You can choose your preferred streaming provider thanks to the excellent upscaling of older cable TV shows and the enormous assortment of streaming apps in the built-in Google Play Store. Unfortunately, because of its limited viewing angles, it is not the ideal option for a large seating arrangement because the image seems distorted from the sides.

When it comes to televisions, the Hisense U6G is among the best. It produces deep, profound blacks in dim settings with only a little blooming around bright objects because of its remarkable black uniformity and contrast. It also includes a respectable local dimming option to boost contrast even more. If you still have a sizable DVD library, it upscales lower-resolution content well. 

Due to its bezel-less design, the Vu GloLED TV is likewise big on maximizing screen space. With all of these stunning visuals, excellent audio, and sleekness comes intellect as well. A hands-free far-field microphone that supports voice search and voice commands serves as this. The cherry on top is an ambient light sensor that adjusts the atmosphere of your space to the content on the screen. The advanced cricket mode technology from Vu is available on the Vu GloLED TV. With Advanced Cricket Mode, you get not only a complete view of the ball but also an authentic stadium feel.

Hisense U6g Vs Vu GLo Led: Quick Results

ParticularsHisense U6GVu GLo LedWhich One Is Better?
DesignBetterGoodHisense U6G
Watching ExperienceGoodGoodAny

Final Verdict: Hisense U6g Vs Vu GLo Led

Hisense U6G TV is a great option if you choose picture quality over fancy extras. If you’re a lover of Google, we’d especially recommend it. It will integrate with the rest of your Google devices because it includes Android TV, and it also has Google Assistant preinstalled. Even though it is about a year old, it still has outstanding visuals and complies with most HDR standards. Since it’s a little older, you might also discover that it’s offered at a discount during popular sales times. There are nicer TVs available if you’re not searching for a cheap alternative, especially if you’re looking for a TV with cutting-edge features and aesthetics.

For usage as a computer monitor, the Hisense U6G is an excellent TV. It features excellent input latency and reaction times, all of which are necessary for a responsive feel. Since it has good handling of reflections and high peak brightness, visibility is not a concern in a well-lit space. Unfortunately, because some Windows programs don’t support the BGR pixel format, text appears blurry, which isn’t optimal for text clarity. Additionally, due to its limited viewing angles, if you’re seated too closely, the screen’s sides will appear uneven. It would have been more future-proof if it had HDMI 2.1 connections and a more recent version of Android TV. But there isn’t much space for criticism in this portion when it comes to the overall visual quality.

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