Blaupunkt BTW20 Vs Blaupunkt BTW07: Which One Will You Choose?

Blaupunkt BTW20 Vs Blaupunkt BTW07

There has been a recent surge in the popularity of wireless audio devices, and several companies have responded by launching their own versions of wireless earbuds, neckbands, and headphones. As more smartphone manufacturers stop including earphone ports, the demand for genuinely wireless earbuds is increasing. A company called Blaupunkt focuses on introducing goods in the Bluetooth earphone market. We had to test out Blaupunkt’s newest Truly Wireless Earbuds series when they were delivered to us. Here is what we think of these earbuds after using them as our everyday devices.

Blaupunkt BTW20 Vs Blaupunkt BTW07: Comparison Table

FeaturesBlaupunkt BTW20Blaupunkt BTW07
Launching Year20222022
BrandBlaupunkt Blaupunkt
Model NameBlaupunkt BTW20Blaupunkt BTW07
SeriesBlaupunkt Earbuds SeriesBlaupunkt Earbuds Series
Online Pricing Range₹ 1,023Rs. 1,999
Customer Ratings4/53.5/5

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Blaupunkt BTW20 Vs Blaupunkt BTW07: Detailed Analysis


Blaupunkt BTW20

The entire Blaupunkt BTW20 is constructed out of plastic. The square case’s respectable appearance is enhanced by its rounded edges. The charging case stands out from the competition because of its sliding design. The front of the device has a USB Type-C charging connection that is protected from water and dust by a sturdy rubber case. You can attach straps around the case’s hollow ring for simple carrying. Regarding the earphones, they have a stem design that is discrete and comfortably fits in the ear. The earbuds can safely snap into their charging cases since the charging ports on the bottom of each unit are magnets. Even when making severe head-banging motions, they remain stable. Additionally, the earbuds are sweat-resistant, making them suitable for heavy use.

Regarding the style and appearance of the Blaupunkt BTW07 Earbuds, the charging case features matte color coding, and the earbuds likewise feature a matte and glossy color mix. Additionally, the charging case’s design is hard plastic, which makes it incredibly compact. The earphones, charging case, and total build quality are all comprised of premium plastic, which, given the price, results in a respectable build. The charging case has three LED lights in the front and a USB Type C port on the back for charging. The charging case is branded with the Blaupunkt logo on top. The Blaupunkt trademark appears on the earphone stamp, and the chrome-finished border surrounding the imprint provides the design with a quality and professional appearance.

Sound Performance

Regarding sound quality, we found no issues with the Blaupunkt BTW20. It produces a very well-balanced tone. It is intended specifically to provide high-resolution audio. The earphones have respectable sound quality. Non-intrusive bass balances the pitch. The Blaupunkt BTW20 boasts powerful bass thanks to its built-in 13 mm speakers. Additionally, the company claims that by enabling high-definition sound, these drivers make the product perfect for audiophiles. The brand has designated the Blaupunkt BTW20, which has a built-in microphone, as a high-end offering. They assert that they can cancel out ambient noise and provide calling experiences on an equal level with those provided by ANC headphones currently on the market.

The Blaupunkt BTW07’s 10mm dynamic driver, which is also compatible with SBC and ESC, is the device’s primary sound output. The audio level is excellent, and there is no audio leakage, so even at maximum volume, your neighbors won’t be able to tell that you are listening to music. The vocals are also quite clear, and the bass is deep, thick, and powerful. There are also a lot of rich balance sounds available. Overall, HD sound quality is delivered, and it provides decent sound quality, given the price range available. We can honestly tell that these earbuds’ indoor performance is quite good compared to the price for calling chats, online classes, and zoom meetings because the manufacturer has used the ENC environment noise cancellation technology under them. Voice will not be an issue because these earbuds are excellent. And when it comes to outdoor conditions, it performs admirably as much as is possible in outdoor traffic. If you speak to someone while in traffic, the person in front will be able to clearly hear you, but only to the degree that is 20% of the time lighter than the traffic noise itself.

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Battery And Connectivity

Blaupunkt BTW07

The charging cover of the Blaupunkt BTW20 contains an LCD indicator that shows the battery level. The earpieces’ separate charge levels, as well as the case’s overall charge %, are shown on the LED display at the front of the case. These earbuds have a runtime of up to 30 hours and come with a charging case. The earphones feature the A2DP profile and are Bluetooth 5.0 compatible, with a 10-meter range.

With the accompanying charging case, the Blaupunkt BTW07 provides up to 40 hours of playback on a single charge. They also support quick charging, and a Type C charger will give you 4 hours of gameplay in just 10 minutes. It supports the most recent Bluetooth v5.2 for connectivity and provides a more reliable connection. They are compatible with any Bluetooth audio devices that support the Bluetooth A2DP standard, including Android phones, iPhones, laptops, smart TVs, Macbooks, and desktops.

Blaupunkt BTW20 Vs Blaupunkt BTW07: Quick Results

ParticularsBlaupunkt BTW20Blaupunkt BTW07Which One Is Better?
Sound PerformanceBetterGoodBlaupunkt BTW20
Battery And ConnectivityGoodBetterBlaupunkt BTW07

Final Verdict: Blaupunkt BTW20 Vs Blaupunkt BTW07

The Blaupunkt BTW20 earbuds do provide superior sound production and battery life for Rs. 1299. It’s possibly one of the most respectable pairs of mid-range earbuds available in India.

However, the Blaupunkt Truly Wireless Earbuds BTW07 deliver the kind of performance you would anticipate from a pair of inexpensive TWS headphones costing Rs. 2,499. However, they have a few fundamental flaws, such as weak construction and an uncomfortable fit.

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