Ambrane Dots Tune Vs Airpods Pro: Which One Is Good For You?

Ambrane Dots Tune Vs Airpods Pro

Ambrane is a company that produces mobile phone accessories, most notably portable chargers. However, the company’s earphones aren’t terrible either, and they offer good value for the money. The Ambrane Dots Tune inexpensive entry-level wired earbuds are a recent product launch from the firm. This set of earbuds features a branded design that appears expensive.

On the other hand, Apple has made significant progress since introducing the AirPods in late 2016 and swiftly grabbed the top position in the market for true wireless earphones. Even though the first-generation AirPods were recently replaced by a second-generation model, Apple has already expanded the range of its rapidly expanding true Bluetooth earbuds. Let’s compare the Ambrane Dots Tune and the Airpods Pro in depth.

Ambrane Dots Tune Vs Airpods Pro: Comparison Table

FeaturesAmbrane Dots Tune Airpods Pro
Launching Year20212019
BrandAmbrane Apple
Model NameAmbrane Dots Tune Airpods Pro
SeriesAmbrane Dots Series Apple Airpods Series
Online Pricing Range₹1,599 ₹21,499
Customer Ratings4/54.9/5

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Ambrane Dots Tune Vs Airpods Pro: Detailed Analysis


Ambrane Dots Tune

The Ambrane Dots Tune earbuds market themselves as having the best in-ear comfort fit. This makes them more likely to remain securely in the ear canal for extended periods of time. The earbuds are housed in a small casing and have a half-in-ear shape with silicone tips for a snug fit. Dots Tune TWS, according to the manufacturer, is made to stay in the ears all day and will offer improved in-ear comfort fit. The earbuds are housed in a small casing and have a half-in-ear shape with silicone tips for a snug fit. Each earbud has a pair of microphones for calls.

The new Apple AirPods have a few upgrades over the old ones, but they appear the same and fit in the outer ear much like the old ones. One of the most contentious aspects of the AirPods is their design; some people adore them, while others just don’t. With the AirPods Pro, Apple has opted for a more conventional in-canal fit with rubber ear tips. We found that this resulted in a more secure fit and better noise isolation and guaranteed that the active noise cancellation worked as intended. Three pairs of ear tips (small, medium, and large) are provided in the box for a customizable fit, and they are fitted on tightly and kept in place despite appearing like they wouldn’t. We were able to wear the AirPods Pro for hours on end because of how cozy they were.

Each earpiece has force-touch sensors on the stems that are used to manage calls and control playback. It is possible to set a second custom function to activate Siri or to cycle through the active noise cancellation and sound transparency options. On an iOS device, the Bluetooth settings allow you to specify whichever side controls a particular function. You can choose to have Siri or noise cancellation on both sides, or you can have alternative features on the left and right.

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Sound Performance

Ambrane Dots Tune earbuds deliver a genuine audio experience with strong bass thanks to its 10 mm drivers. Dual microphones are also included in each earphone for hands-free calling. Ambrane Dots Tune TWS also offers voice assistant activation with Siri and Google Assistant. The earbuds are made to be comfortable all day long and to stay in the ear securely. They have silicone tips and a half-in-ear design for a secure fit. Users can take advantage of the seamless connectivity with minimal energy consumption thanks to Bluetooth v5.1 technology. Great music quality, easy pairing, a steady connection, and a claimed operating range of up to 10 meters are all claimed benefits of the Bluetooth link.

The sound profile of the Apple AirPods Pro is quite neutral and acceptable for a variety of audio materials. Although they struggle to produce thumping and rumble, open-back speakers lack bass quality. These headphones are compatible with adaptive EQ, a function that modifies the sound according to how well the earbuds fit and seal on your head. But you can’t change it or turn it off. You may also access some EQ settings on the Accessibility settings page if you’re using a fully updated iOS or iPad device.


The overall playback time of the Ambrane Dots Tune earbuds, including the power contained in its charging case, is up to 29 hours. With just one charge, the pair may last up to 6.5 hours. According to the manufacturer, the earbuds’ 10mm speaker drivers deliver powerful bass and a “genuine” sound experience with ease. Both Siri and Google Assistant may be activated with voice commands on the Dots Tune TWS.

With ANC enabled, we were able to play music continuously for 4 hours and 20 minutes with the Airpods Pro in our regular battery test, which is somewhat longer than the average for most true wireless devices. Our findings support Apple’s claims of a playback time of 4 hours and 30 minutes with active noise cancellation activated and loudness set to roughly 50%. We discovered that the battery life increases to 5 hours and 6 minutes without ANC. It’s even better that the charging case is entirely compatible with any MagSafe or Qi wireless charger, providing you with enough charges for a 24-hour listening session.

Ambrane Dots Tune Vs Airpods Pro: Quick Results

ParticularsAmbrane Dots Tune Airpods ProWhich One Is Better?
DesignGoodBetter Airpods Pro
Sound PerformanceAverageBetter Airpods Pro
BatteryGoodBetter Airpods Pro

Final Verdict: Ambrane Dots Tune Vs Airpods Pro

The Ambrane Dots Tune is affordable across all e-commerce channels and comes with a 1-year warranty. The earbuds seem luxurious, but they don’t have the same level of sound quality that other products in its class do. The headphones compete with some of the more reasonably priced earbuds, which are far superior in this market.

The only Apple earphones we advise purchasing if you want AirPods—or have an iPhone—are the AirPods Pro for a number of reasons. It sounds noticeably better than the open-fit AirPods, and it also has more functionality and handy accessories. The AirPods Pro may be more expensive than the most recent AirPods that support wireless charging, but they are well worth the additional investment.

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