Jabra Elite Sport Vs Jabra Elite Pro+ TWS: Which To Buy?

Jabra Elite Sport Vs Jabra Elite Pro+ TWS

Music is becoming a very huge part of our lives. It is exciting to hear music while gyming, while running while studying too. Therefore having a good device that will give great quality audio. There are various music devices like earphones, over-ear headphones, and music portable speakers, but the most famous type of audio device these days is ear pods. These are small and very compact types of earphones and are easily operatable. These ear pods get easily connected by using Bluetooth and the connectivity is also great. Due to the small size of such earphones, they are very convenient to use and easily fit into the pockets.

There are lots of brands that have great quality ear pods and are recognized by customers. One such brand is Jabra. This brand is very well recognized by customers. Jabra has lots of varieties of all kinds of speakers and audio systems. Earbuds are one of such a kind. There is a number of models of earbud by Jabra which are famous in the market. But particularly two of their earbud models are famous. One of them is Jabra elite sport and another one is Jabra elite pro. Both of them are very convenient and good quality earbuds, if you are considering buying an earbud then you must consider buying earbuds from this brand. And if you are confused between these 2, then we will discuss all the details about these two earbuds so that you will be able to decide which one is perfect for you.

Jabra Elite Sport vs Jabra Elite Pro+ TWS: Comparison chart

FeatureJabra elite sportJabra elite pro+
ModelElite sportElite pro+
Active Noice CancellationYesYes
ColourBlack, goldBlack, green
Battery8 hr music8 Hr

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Jabra Elite Sport vs Jabra Elite Pro+ TWS:  Detailed Analysis


When buying any kind of electronic product, one o the most important thing to keep in mind is the battery life of the product. In the case of earbuds, the size of them is small, and eventually the battery size too, but over time companies have made longer-lasting batteries and the most important thing is, the case in which we put the buds is also the charging case. Therefore even if the charging of buds has been gone and you are outside, still u can change ur buds.

Talking about the individual battery life of the buds, as both the models are from the same brand that is why the quality of the battery is the same. Elite sports has a music time of around 8 hours and with a charging case, it can last up to 13.5 hours for calls and takes almost an hour to charge. On the other hand, the elite pro provides the 8 hr music time and it takes arounf]d 2 and half hours to charge completely. Clearly, the battery of elite sports is better than that of elite pros.

Music Quality and feature

Jabra Elite Sport

The most important thing that we consider before buying any music product, is its music quality. For some people, decent quality music is also acceptable but some people are ready to go a bit extra for a good quality speaker. The quality includes the bass, the amount of volume that it can create, and the total amount of stereo. For individuals the expectations of music quality are different, that is why you should check the review of earbuds before buying it. Also, the extra features are also important, which the company provides, that help the brand to stand out in the crowd.

Both the earbuds are of premium quality and the feature that it provides are insane. Both the buds have active noise cancellation which works amazingly. Enenthogh the quality is the same but the elite pro has an extra edge over the elite sports model, the bass that the elite pro can create is of insanely great level and has a very good noise cancellation too.  On the other hand, the elite sporty has an IP67 rating which will make the earbuds work in the dirt also.


Jabra Elite Pro+ TWS

Pricing is the thing that decides we should whether consider the product or not. The price range of the product is one of the most important things in every shopping. Having a fixed budget in mind will give u an idea about the features that you want. In the market of electronics, it is very well known that the price of electronic products inflects a lot. And that Is why one should look for both offline and online while purchasing and especially the costly items.

The pricing of both the buds is a bit on the premium side talking about the individual prices then the elite pro comes at the price range of around 18000 rupees which is a high amount of money for the earbuds, but the features anf=dthe quality that we get is of great level and it is worth themoa=ey we pay. On the other hand, the price of elite sport is around rupees 12000-13000 rupees which is also a bit high but again it comes to the quality and utility of the product.

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Jabra Elite Sport vs Jabra Elite Pro+ TWS:  Quick Result

Feature  Jabra elite sportJabra elite pro+
PriceHighVery High

Customer Review and Feedback

Jabra Elite Sport

  1. The battery life is amazing
  2. Best quality buds in this range
  3. Very compact and stylish

Jabra Elite pro

  1. Best quality sound
  2. The bass is amazing and so clear.
  3. A bit high on the price meter.

Jabra Elite Sport vs Jabra Elite Pro+ TWS: Final Verdict

Both the buds are amazing and worth consideration. If you are someone for whom music quality matters the most and you can go a bit high on price then Elite pro is a good choice besides that, with a very little compromise of sound, you will get amazing battery life and dirt-free buds then Jabra Elite Sport is made for you.

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