Nama J2 Juicer Vs Kuvings: Which One Is Suitable For You?

Nama J2 Juicer Vs Kuvings

The desire to make juicing simple and pleasurable for the consumer is a key factor in the industry. The time and effort required to cut and prepare ingredients are the two main reasons why individuals don’t juice more often. These concerns are pointless with the new Nama J2 cold press juicer, which features the most advanced big hopper on the market. Kuvings, on the other hand, is a juicer with a lower cost than others. For those wishing to switch from the less efficient centrifugal-style juicers, it’s a fantastic starting-level option. Check out our comparison of the Nama J2 and the Kuvings if you’re interested in purchasing a high-quality cold press juicer. These two juicers are both extremely high-quality and feature-rich.

Nama J2 Juicer Vs Kuvings: Comparison Table

FeaturesNama J2 JuicerKuvings
Launching Year20182022
Model NameNama J2 JuicerKuvings
SeriesNama Juicer SeriesKuvings Juicer Series
Online Pricing Range₹17,499 ‎₹19,440
Customer Ratings4/54/5

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Nama J2 Juicer Vs Kuvings: Detailed Analysis


Nama J2 Juicer

The cute packaging of the Nama juicer was the first thing we noticed when it arrived. The second thing that stood out was how much better the juice tasted compared to other brands. When compared to juice from other fruits, the flavors of Nama juice are far more complex. Celery juice, which often has a salty and mildly bitter flavor, was the first juice we tried. We picked up a lot more flavors in the Nama, including some sweetness and earthiness. Since then, we’ve tried carrot, beet, kale, spinach, pear, pineapple, and wheatgrass, and all of them taste fantastic.

The Kuvings is a juicer that is easy to put together and takes up very little space when not in use. The main unit has dimensions of 45 x 21 x 22.9 cm, and the juice jug fits snugly into the pulp container, so you only need to find space for the cleaning brushes. It comes with two simple-to-remove containers that hold one liter each of juice and pulp, respectively. When juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables, the cap on the juice spout can be closed to prevent drips and aid in blending the juice.


When you purchase a Nama, you will receive a finer screen that can be used to make smoothies but not frozen foods. A cold press juicer is rapid, despite our uncertainty. Juicing can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. Vegetables are inserted rather fast. You don’t even have to shove most items into the Nama’s mouth because it will take bits out of the food and bring it in on its own. The Nama does not necessitate the use of a lot of muscle like other juicers do.

The Kuvings manual recommends pre-soaking tough vegetables like carrots in cold water before juicing. We let them soak for approximately an hour because it doesn’t specify for how long. You will need to account for the fact that juicing hard vegetables does require some planning and preparation. The carrots were readily juiced, and there was no froth in the juice; however, it had a little gritty texture, similar to other juices we had produced. The amount of parts in this juicer is comparable to other masticating models, and it even features helpful red indicators that show where the parts should line up during installation. Nevertheless, we discovered that getting each component into place frequently required many tries, which grew annoying over time. It is really simple to operate once everything is locked in, and disassembling it is considerably easier.


Both of these machines produce a similar quantity of pulp residue and mess. Some excellent elements in the J2’s design make cleaning quick and simple. The hopper lid may be removed as needed, the pulp exit is completely accessible, making cleaning a pleasure, and the processing blade is secure and comfortable to touch. Families who drink juice together stay in good health. Keeping everyone healthy is a top priority. Nama has installed sensors to ensure that the lid will not open and that children cannot open it. The new design is elegant and contemporary, making it an essential kitchen appliance for anyone who wishes to increase their plant consumption through juicing.

Various improvements to Kuvings’ design would make them simpler to clean. To help remove the pulp from the final juice, this juicer includes mesh strainers of various sizes; however, cleaning these is more difficult than cleaning the plastic auger components. Overall, it performed equitably in terms of cleaning and convenience of use. Kuvings is used for a portion of the cleaning across the slow juicer board since it has three brushes, one of which is made specifically for cleaning the screen. These brushes allow Kuvings machines to clean up more quickly and easily than a slow juicer would.

Nama J2 Juicer Vs Kuvings: Quick Results

ParticularsNama J2 JuicerKuvingsWhich One Is Better?

Final Verdict: Nama J2 Juicer Vs Kuvings

When pitted against one another, the Nama J2 and the Kuvings are competitive but evenly matched-pair. Each machine has advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed against one another to determine which is best. The Kuvings require nearly no preparation time, are simpler to clean up after, and are especially ideal for celery. It includes a smoothie and sorbet screen, as well as a 15-year warranty on everything.

The Nama J2 is simpler to assemble, has a walk-away hopper, and produces more juice with less pulp. It costs cheaper but has a 2-year limited parts warranty and no sorbet screen. No matter which of these juicers is perfect for your home, you can be sure that it will be a high-quality appliance and produce juice that is excellent.

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