Oppo Enco R Pro Vs Realme Buds Air 3: Which To Prefer?

Oppo Enco R Pro Vs Realme Buds Air 3

Over the past few years, Realme has produced fully wireless earbuds that are highly feature-rich. The Realme Buds Air 2 from last year won us over with its excellent sound quality, active noise cancellation, and reasonable price. Realme spent some time perfecting its product, which led to the creation of the Buds Air 3. These new wireless earbuds from Realme feature wireless charging, Realme’s strongest noise canceling yet, and a modest redesign with shorter steams.

For consumers who are uncomfortable wearing in-ear earbuds, Oppo Enco R Pro offers a user experience that mixes wearing and sound quality. A high-definition call experience is offered by the earbud’s integrated AI deep call noise reduction technology, which is designed for everyday usage. Let’s look at a detailed comparison of the Oppo Enco R Pro and Realme Buds Air 3.

Oppo Enco R Pro Vs Realme Buds Air 3: Comparison Table

FeaturesOppo Enco R ProRealme Buds Air 3
Launching Year20222022
Model NameOppo Enco R ProRealme Buds Air 3
SeriesOppo Enco Buds SeriesRealme Buds Air Series
Online Pricing Range₹5,799 ‎₹3,499
Customer Ratings4/54/5

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Oppo Enco R Pro Vs Realme Buds Air 3: Detailed Analysis


Oppo Enco R Pro Vs Realme Buds Air 3

The “cobblestone” design of OPPO continues in the appearance of the OPPO Enco R pro charging case. A functional status indicator is built into the charging case’s front, which is composed of piano paint. The “OPPO” logo is printed in a light hue on the hinge of the charging case’s back, which is likewise very succinctly designed. At the base of the charging case is a Type-C interface. The Oppo Enco R Pro earbuds have a straightforward design, with lengthy stalks and a spherical speaker head. In addition, they receive an IP rating for water and dust protection, which is encouraging at this price point.

The earphones’ stems have touch controls that can be simply activated with a simple tap. They allow you to switch the music, operate a voice assistant, and activate the gaming mode. Additionally, you have in-ear detection, which stops playback when an earbud is removed and resumes when it is reinserted. The Enco R Pro’s charging case is really straightforward, much like the earbuds themselves, but it has a cool translucent lid. Additionally, the earphones are more exposed because of the case’s design, which makes it simpler to remove them. The case has a USB-C port on the rear and weighs only 42.8g, making it quite lightweight. However, it’s important to note that wireless charging is not available.

The Realme Buds Air 3 are some of the more attractively made wireless earbuds in their price range. The Realme logo now rests behind a clear plastic window at the top of the lid instead of in the center of the casing, giving it a distinctive appearance. The case is compact and has a pebble-like shape, making it simple to slip into any pocket. When opening and shutting, the lid provides a pleasing snap and substantial feeling. The Realme emblem on the case’s top might not be to everyone’s taste. The actual earphones are lightweight and readily go into most ears. They are made of glossy plastic; however, We would have preferred a soft-touch substance. The earbuds don’t have any ear fins, yet they nevertheless fit pleasantly and securely despite the slick plastic shell. Even when We gave the head a strong shake, they remained in place. Running enthusiasts and gym visitors won’t have any problems with its fit. Additionally, those who lead active lifestyles will appreciate the IPX5 grade.

The earphones’ stems are lighter and shorter than those of most other earbuds in the same price range. However, the way the earphones are organized inside the case is peculiar. While inserting the buds into the case, you must rotate the ear tip portion of the buds in an outward direction. At the base of the charging case is a Type-C interface. The earbuds fit snugly and are quite cozy to wear for extended periods of time. The silicone tips have good passive noise isolation and fit well in the ear canals. There are three pairs of ear tips included, and it’s crucial to pick the proper size pair for the best ANC. In the event that you are unable to choose on your own, the Realme Link companion app helps you. The upper portion of the stems can be touched, and generally speaking, the touch sensitivity is good.


The Enco R Pro’s active noise suppression performs better than We anticipated. The majority of background noise in an office setting, such as a noisy air conditioner and people typing on a keyboard, was drowned out, but abrupt, loud noises still got through. If you’re out in public and want to keep an ear out for announcements or traffic, you can switch between active noise suppression and transparency mode using the touch controls on the earphones. The transparency mode on these earphones does; however, sound piped in and less natural than we’ve heard on a pair of genuine wireless earbuds, We can freely say. Regarding call quality, the Enco R Pro earphones truly pleased me. They provided good reception on both sides of the call. Everyone We met with using the earbuds claimed they could clearly hear me in fairly busy areas because of the dual-mic AI noise canceling.

The Realme Buds Air 3 come with a tonne of useful features, especially considering how affordable they are. They have a Bluetooth 5.2 chip with SBC and AAC compatibility. They do not support aptX or LDAC, but at this price, we don’t anticipate seeing these features. Even more expensive by three times, Realme Buds Air Galaxy Buds 2 lack LDAC codecs. Additionally, the earbuds support transparency and ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) modes. The ANC can also be adjusted. Additionally, there is wind noise suppression, so you can accept calls even when it’s windy (calling while driving or biking is not advised). The earbuds have a wear-detecting feature that determines whether or not to automatically pause/play music based on your level of earphone use.

The ANC On, ANC Off, and Transparency modes can be changed using the Realme Link app, which is a companion. The audio equalizer can also be adjusted. Additionally, the earbuds offer customized audio tuning based on the user’s hearing capacity. The Volume Enhancer and Wind Noise Reduction functions can also be enabled or disabled. The program allows for customization of the Game Mode, Dual Device Connection, In-Ear Detection, and Auto Answer functions. Additionally, you can modify the left and right earphones’ touch control settings. When it came to touching controls, there was a small lag between tapping and the recognition of those taps.

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Sound Performance

The OPPO Enco R Pro is compatible with AAC and SBC audio coding, allowing you to select the most appropriate coding technology for your mobile device on the Bluetooth information page. An exceptional sound quality is delivered by the earbud’s 13.4mm composite titanium-coated diaphragm dynamic driver, which can produce twice as much sound energy as a standard 12mm diaphragm unit. The majority of semi-in-ear earbuds have the common issue that low frequencies are readily lost during transmission. This also contributes to the low-frequency earbud performance problem, which includes hollow, sunken, and textureless earbuds. Therefore, OPPO has a special bass tube installed inside the earbud that increases the sound cavity volume for the speaker, enhances the low-frequency influence, and gives the bass a richer, more powerful sound.

How loud are the Buds Air 3? Their 10mm dynamic drivers produce powerful, snappy sounds with a considerable amount of bass that isn’t at all overbearing. The default sound profile on the Buds Air 3 may best be described as balanced, and they are undoubtedly some of the better-sounding earbuds we’ve recently tried. We liked how the earbuds’ crisp highs and mids and just-right amount of bass came through without overpowering the other audio elements. We used the Buds Air 3 to listen to a variety of musical genres, watch some YouTube videos, catch a couple of basketball games, and access a number of podcasts.

They did an excellent job in every situation, providing a strong connection and reliable audio. As with any in-ear earbuds, noise cancellation partially worked and was able to reduce some static noise, but the fit of the buds is what really helps them form a tight seal in the ears. Three sound modes are available for the Buds Air 3: Bright, Bass Boost+, and Balanced. The latter is the default. The Bass Boost+ option does exaggerate the bass in favor of a more well-rounded sound profile, but We honestly feel Bright mode sounds the best.

Battery Life

Oppo Enco R Pro Vs Realme Buds Air 3

The Oppo Enco R Pro’s battery life may last for 4 hours on a single charge and 20 hours on a full charge. Overall, battery life is brief, making it appropriate for occasional users. OPPO Enco R wired charging test utilizing a portable power tester. 

It is stated that the combined runtime of the Realme Buds Air 3 and their casing is 30 hours when ANC is disabled and about 22 hours when it is enabled. Realme claims that, with active noise cancellation, the headphones will last for up to 5.5 hours. Each bud has a battery with a capacity of 43 mAh, while the carrying case has a capacity of 460 mAh. While testing the Buds Air 3, we discovered that Realme’s predictions were accurate, and we can attest that the battery life is excellent and easily lasts a month with moderate usage. Even if the battery runs out, a 10-minute charge will give you 100 minutes of enjoyment in no time, whereas a complete charge takes 100 minutes. The speedier USB-C port can be used to charge the case, or you can go wirelessly with a Qi charger or compatible phone.

Oppo Enco R Pro Vs Realme Buds Air 3: Quick Results

ParticularsOppo Enco R ProRealme Buds Air 3Which One Is Better?
Sound PerformanceGoodGoodAny
Battery LifeAverageAverageAny

Final Verdict: Oppo Enco R Pro Vs Realme Buds Air 3

To sum up, you will have a good time using the Oppo Enco R Pro earbuds. They are packaged inside a stylish designer case that slides easily into your pocket and is portable thanks to their small size and lightweight. Its large-diaphragm drivers are backed by its excellent ANC system to provide an immersive audio experience. With all of its capabilities, Oppo Enco R Pro is ideal for use while traveling. While traveling through crowded cities and boisterous crowds, you would still be at ease and listening to your favorite music.

We strongly advise that you go with the Realme Buds Air 3. They have a very neutral sound, yet they are punchy enough to provide a good deal of excitement. Its audio tuning would be liked by most people. The ANC’s performance was very outstanding. The earphones are tiny, well-built, well-designed, and achieve a snug fit. Additionally, they are IPX5-certified, so you won’t have to worry about them while working out.

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