LG Tone Free FP5 Vs LG Tone Free FP9: Which To Buy? 

LG Tone Free FP5 Vs LG Tone Free FP9

LG is a well-known brand in India, there is almost zero possibility that you haven’t heard that name before because LG has been providing us with several products such as televisions, kitchen appliances, microwave ovens, dishwashers etc. Since LG has stepped into the Smartphones and Earphones Industry, they have been known for their fine, luxurious and aesthetic products. 

Recently they’ve launched their Tone Free wireless Bluetooth earbuds series and they are great, till now they have numerous models of the Tone Free series and each one of them is an upgrade of the previous one, but are they? 

To find out the same we present you the comparison of two models from the Tone Free Series, LG Tone Free FP5 vs LG Tone Free FP9

LG Tone Free FP5 VS LG Tone Free FP9: Comparison Chart 

FeaturesLG Tone Free FP5LG Tone Free FP9
Launching Year20212021
ModelTone Free FP5Tone Free FP9
Connection TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Color VariantsCharcoal Black, Pearl WhiteCharcoal Black, Pearl White, Haze Gold
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Battery Life 8 hours10 hours
Battery Capacity55 Mah68 Mah
Charging Duration1 hour1 hour
BluetoothVersion 5.2Version 5.2
Bluetooth Range10M10M
Online Price Range10990 INR18990 INR
In-Ear DetectionNoYes
Find EarbudsNoYes
Sweat ResistantYesYes

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LG Tone Free FP5 VS LG Tone Free FP9: Detailed Analysis 

Build and Design 

LG Tone Free FP5 are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that have a very aesthetic look. They come with a USB-C cable, a travel case, two extra pairs of ear tips of different sizes and some user manuals. Now coming towards its build quality, they are much more comfortable than any other earbuds you have used, they have a perfect fit in your ears and you can even sleep while keeping them in your ears. They are weatherproof so you can roam around in the rain while listening to some music.  

And about the LG Tone Free FP9 model, the build and design are almost identical to the FP5 model, FP9 is a feature upgraded version of the FP5 version. 


LG Tone Free FP5

Talking about the features of LG Tone Free FP5, you can pretty much modify everything possible about the sound quality by installing the “LG Tone free App” and the same goes for the FP9 version, but here we will only feature accessible through the earbuds only.  

LG Tone Free FP5 provides ambient sound mode which allows the user to hear the outside or background sound while listening to music, this may come in handy while driving or jogging where you have to be careful about people and traffic and it also has the ANC mode when you have to escape reality and dive into the music. Model FP5 is compatible with fast charging 5 mins of charging time can give an hour-long playtime. It also has an active voice prompt feature which basically speaks to you when the battery is low or any other important notification regarding itself. 

Now coming towards LG Tone Free FP9, Model FP9 contains all the features of the FP5 model with two more features called “In-Ear Detection” which detects whether the earbuds are in your ears or not and the second one is called “Find Earbuds” which as the name says, plays a sound on your earbuds to help you locate them.  

Battery Life 

LG Tone Free FP5 provides a long battery life of 55 Mah allowing 8 hours of playtime after a full charge. On the other hand, LG Tone Free FP9 provides an even longer battery life of 68 Mah allowing 10 hours of playtime after a full charge, and when the power goes down you can simply clip the earbuds into the charging case to charge them and within an hour your earbuds will be fully charged. 

Audio Quality 

LG Tone Free FP9

Both of them have a great sound quality, both of the models provide Active Noise Cancellation, and apart from this ANC feature these earbuds provide passive noise reduction without activation and talking more about sound quality, both of these have 8mm, audio drivers.   

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LG Tone Free FP5 VS LG Tone Free FP9: Quick Result 

CategoryLG Tone Free FP5LG Tone Free FP9Best One?
Battery LifeGoodGreatLG Tone Free FP9
Audio QualityGreatGreatAny
Find EarbudsNoYesLG Tone FP9
In-Ear DetectionsNoYesLG Tone FP9

Customer Reviews 

LG Tone Free FP5 

  • Earbuds quality is disappointing from, please refund so that we can go for a new one. 
  • Bought a new LG FP5 I’m enjoying and loving it. 
  • After modifying the Earbuds with the LG Tone app, these sound so good. 

LG Tone Free FP9 

  • Wasn’t able to decide whether to buy these or some cheaper ones but I really liked its awesome features.  
  • Great quality. Brilliant sound. 

LG Tone Free FP5 VS LG Tone Free FP9: Final Verdict 

After this comparison, the perfect choice is LG Tone Free FP9 but as for its high price you may face some difficulties in choosing them, because who would want to pay an extra 8000 INR just for two or three more features right? But if you are a tech geek, you’d definitely fall in love with these new features. These new features make your experience much better. 

Now coming to the price, it’s true that you can get much cheaper earbuds than the LG Tone Free series but you won’t be able to experience those luxurious and aesthetic vibes of this product.  

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