JBL TWS 4 vs RedMi Airdots: Finding the Best For You!

JBL TWS 4 Vs RedMi Airdots
JBL TWS 4 Vs RedMi Airdots

The headphones market is getting more and more crowded these days. There are a lot of models with the same design and features out there, so it can be hard for buyers to find the one that suits them best. That’s why we’re here – to help you find out which ones are the best wireless headphones among jbl tws4 vs redmi airdots!

JBL TWS 4 Vs RedMi Airdots: Comparison Chart

PLAYTIME6-8 Hrs4-6 Hrs
BATTERY43 mAh with 600 mAh case60 mAh with 580 mAh case

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JBL TWS 4 Vs RedMi Airdots: Detailed Analysis


The JBL TWS 4 earbuds are sleek, high-tech-looking earbuds. They have a design that is both stylish and ergonomic. The earbuds are angled so they go into the ears at the perfect angle, providing a comfortable fit. They also come with different sized tips to ensure they fit snugly into your ears. Considering the AirDots’ low price, first impressions are very positive, owing to the stylish pill-box shell that protects and recharges the earbuds while not in use. The buds are held in place by small magnets and may be accessed by opening the hinged cover. they will remind you of samsung galaxy buds.



AirDots appear to be a solid construction. It is totally made of plastic. This makes you feel at ease. Airdots have such a small form factor that you can use headphones for hours on end without being bothered.

The excellent thing is that it fits my ears, sometimes it appears that you have earplugs that I used in my morning job and the experience was great, it is anti-splashing as well as avoiding excessive contact with water.

Wireless earphones were actually designed for the best in comfort. As a result, it must be comfy. In terms of comfort, the Redmi AirDots are excellent. I can wear it for 3-4 hours without getting tired of it. Because the buds are delicate, they do not press against the walls. Same is for JBL TWS 4 they are light weight in nature but build quality is extremely cheap as compared to JBL standard it comes in Charging box with tansparent lid just like a lunchbox where as xiaomi provides matte type finish with their box

Sound Quality

Because of the in-ear design, we were thrilled with the bass performance and wider spectrum of frequencies available. However, you must ensure that the buds are firmly in your ear, as they have a tendency to loosen somewhat, resulting in a substantial drop-off of low-end tones. The buds come with three different sizes of ear covers in the tws 4 but being bassy sound quality is not upto the marks as compared to Airdots,

The Xiaomi Redmi AirDots have a bright mid-centric characteristic that is uncommon in this market class. Mid-bass is normally prioritised in cheaper headphones, but not with the Redmi AirDots. That’s a positive development, but it comes with its own set of problems.

The AirDots sound incredibly intimate due to the limited breadth and lack of depth in the soundstage. Imaging is so limited in how it may arrange instruments on the stage, but it is also quite limited in general since the two channels appear more independent than they should, with sound appearing to come from both left and right rather than directly in front of the listener. Instrument separation is also limited. Bass is quite good.

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Microphone and call

In both of them, the microphone performs a terrible job of recording the voice since it sounds too distant and metallic. Holding one of the earpieces in front of the mouth provides a partial solution, but it does not completely solve the problem.


The battery life is excellent considering the size, frequently exceeding 8 hours. The case has a 600 mAh battery that should allow two more charges to the earpieces, for a total of 12 hours of battery life. The actual outcome is very close to what Xiaomi advertised, which is a bit of a miracle in and of itself. whereas the JBL provides betweeen 6-8 hours of playback and with case it provides other 10 hours of playback throughout.

Charging Time

Mi Airdots

Tray for charging The buds may be charged 2.5 times, resulting in a total operational time of 14 to 15 hours. Now, I have to say that I utilised AirDots at 70% volume and had music playing continuously for 4 hours. It takes about 1.5 hours for the earbuds to charge from 0 to 100 via the charging box, which is a reasonable charging period considering how long they are in use, While JBL Provides approx 10 hrs of playback with its box and charging type is approx 2-2.5 hrs from 0 to 100 with USB-C connectivity.

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Xiaomi equipped the Redmi AirDots with Bluetooth 5.0, although no additional codecs were included on top of SBC. This reduces overall audio quality, albeit devices are not intended to recreate music at the highest possible quality. The JBL TWS has a same problem in that it does not deliver the highest quality that it should. connectivity is fast no problems in that range is 10m. Xiaomi provides indivisual pairing for its devices as well also it has ancient bluetooth v4.2


When you’re listening to music or watching a video, you’ll notice a clicky button on either side of each bud. A single click pauses any current playback, while a double click enables the Google Assistant on Android phones and Siri on iPhones.

The Xiaomi Redmi AirDots’ controls are so rudimentary that they’re plain awful. You will have no fun utilising them. Each Air Dot is pushed around and creates discomfort when you click the side of your ear. Just avoid them unless you need to take a quick break, Comparing to JBL both of them provides same functionality but controls in JBL are far superior than Airdots which means you dont have to push your fingers all the way in to play/pause music they are touch controls

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JBL TWS 4 Vs RedMi Airdots: Quick Result

Driver7.8 mm8.0mm
WaterproofYES IPX 4NO
Touch ControlsButtonsNot Present
MicsYes PresentPresent

JBL TWS 4 Vs RedMi Airdots: Final Verdict

Airdots are a nice small pair of wireless earbuds for the price-conscious. Yes, the sound isn’t innovative, and it’s certainly less impressive than others, but Bluetooth buds at the same price are frequently downright awful.

Xiaomi just seems to be pretty good at developing solid affordable tech, and the AirDots are no exception.
AirDots are a piece of technology that will astound you with how wonderful it is for the price.

For us Xiaomi is the easy winner as JBL TWS 4 feels like chinese knockoff in terms of quality, design and audio for your hard earn money Airdots are one of the best to purchase.

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