JBL 225 TWS Vs JBL Pro+: Which One To Choose?

JBL 225 TWS Vs JBL Pro+

Some things are unavoidable, such as the night after the day. Others, like the arrival of a new pair of wireless earbuds in the office every few minutes, seem unavoidable. The JBL Live Pro+ and JBL 225 TWS wireless in-ear headphones are now available for purchase. It was not predetermined that they would show up; it just seemed that way.

True wireless earbuds under RS. 10,000 are a crowded market, as we all know. Yes, JBL is a household name in the world of consumer electronics, but will the Live Pro+ stand out from the crowd? Is this just another item?

JBL, a manufacturer of audio equipment, has a strong and deep presence in India, with an efficient distribution network that continues to capitalize on the traditional Indian preference for purchasing items in brick-and-mortar locations. Those looking for a dramatic and exciting sound will often find it with a pair of JBL headphones or earbuds, as JBL is also known for its powerful bass.

With these earphones, the business has taken a straightforward approach, emphasizing effortless connectivity and dependable JBL sound above all else. Are these the greatest real wireless earphones you can get for around Rs 10,000? Continue reading to learn more about our in-depth investigation.


We stated in the previous paragraph that we couldn’t afford wireless in-ear headphones in this price range. There are numerous options available from Cambridge Audio, Sony, Panasonic, and Sennheiser – and they are far from the only ones. The Tune 225TWS, which costs Rs. 8,499, is JBL’s most recent addition to its growing line of wireless headphones. Whereas the price of JBL Pro+ ranges around RS. 14,999

JBL 225 TWS Vs JBL Pro+: Comparison Chart

Bluetooth version5.05.0
Ear tip materialSiliconSilicon
Charging Case Weight (oz)1.71.7
Voice Assistant integrationYesYes
Charging time (hours from empty)21.3
Earpiece Weight (g)9.810

JBL 225 TWS Vs JBL Pro+: Detailed Analysis



JBL Pro+ wireless earphones. JBL’s Live Pro+ is off to a good start. After all, there’s no guarantee that the asking price includes active noise cancellation or 11mm, full-range dynamic drivers. Six beam-forming microphones (for telephony, voice assistant interaction, and noise cancellation) are also an impressive number by today’s standards. Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity is adequate for your favorite streaming service’s highest-resolution tier.

JBL has long been known for its high-quality speakers, and it can be fun in JBL 225 TWS as well which can be found in a variety of venues across the world, including parties, concerts, and festivals. JBL now delivers Pure Bass Sound for your music, movies, and games with the Tune 225TWS.

The app’s stability, breadth, and user-friendliness help JBL’s case. You can adjust the level of noise cancellation (or increase ambient amplification), play with equalizer settings, set up touch-control instructions, choose your preferred voice assistant (Google and Alexa are both available), and so on, making it one of the more useful and appealing control apps.

The earbuds’ seven-hour battery life, combined with three additional charges stored in the case, allows for a total of 28 hours of listening time. Wireless charging via any Qi-certified pad, on the other hand, is a nice addition, and 10 minutes of power is enough for an hour of playback.

On the other hand, JBL 225 TWS earbuds do not have a typical cable design to avoid having to disentangle your wires from your hair, jacket, or wallet. JBL’s Tune 225TWS wireless headphones allow you to listen to music without the use of cables.

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JBL LivePro+ earbuds are part of a “ungainly” earbud design that includes a bulbous in-ear portion and dangling stem. Unless you have particularly small ears, they are easy to position securely and comfortably due to their 10g weight. To help with this, three different sizes of ear tips are included.

Whether the dangling stem design is worthwhile (or not), there is plenty of space for a capacitive touch surface. When it comes to JBL speakers, all that can be reasonably expected is for the touch controls to be responsive and dependable. The LivePro+ is available in seven different colors (each with a matching charging case), ranging from black and white to pink and gold, allowing you to soften or emphasize the design as desired. When it comes to JBL 225 TWS  its in-canal secure fit earphones are now the most popular choice for wireless earbuds. However, adopting earphones like the Tune 225TWS that fit outside of the ear has major advantages. Two of these are comfort and hearing what’s going on around you.

Because these earphones are so light and comfy to use, it’s difficult to believe they exist. When used in the right area, the Tune 225TWS provides passive noise isolation.


JBL Pro+

The JBL LivePro+ speakers sound lively and alive when the EQ is turned off. Grace Jones’s My Jamaican Guy has excellent rhythmic expression, excellent detail retrieval, and more midrange eloquence than the price would imply. The JBLs do an excellent job of conveying the character’s inner monologue in this case.

Because of the LivePro+’s ability to handle the midrange with proper immediacy and enough space around it, a vocal can sound convincing – and this positivity extends throughout the frequency range. JBL speakers have a lot (almost too much) of attack at the top end, making early 1980s drum sounds loud and difficult, to begin with. This recording’s roughness is not smoothed out by the LivePro+. To add a little ‘excitement,’ the bass sounds in the lower frequencies are pushed forward a bit, but they’re still well-tuned and steady enough to keep up.

The JBL 225 TWS Because of the absence of bass, it is unsuitable for music such as hip-hop or electronic dance music (EDM). Despite this, the treble and midrange are well-balanced, producing a clean, articulated sound from the singers and instruments. Podcasts and audiobooks, for example, are better suited to this format. The paucity of sound adjustment choices, as well as the lack of compatibility for complex Bluetooth codecs, should be addressed. This is not to say that the Tune 225TWS is lacking in features or quality.

Both the JBL PRO+ and JBL 225 TWS earphones are superb in terms of treble precision. It has a very flat frequency response, with the exception of a few peaks in the mid-and low-treble frequencies. However, because treble delivery is dependent on the position and seal of the earphones, the user’s experience may vary.

You can listen to music, watch videos, and converse on the phone while wearing the JBL Tune 225TWS headphones. It gave us enough information to understand what was going on because to its loud and clear tone.

JBL 225 TWS Vs JBL Pro+: Final Verdict

To conclude we would say the JBL 225 TWS is not the best set of wireless headphones for the money due to a lack of compatibility with modern Bluetooth codecs and discrepancies in settings. But on the other hand, the JBL Pro+ offers the smooth, agreeable sound you’ve come to expect from JBL. However, before making a purchase selection you should have all your boxes ticked.

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