Apple iPad Air 4 Vs Xiaomi Pad 5: Which One To Buy?

Smartphones have become one of the most important and necessary things in our lives. The features that smartphones provide have changed the way of life that we live. The smartphone screens are very well designed so that they will help the user, to handle it very well. The Screen size of the smartphones is designed in a way so that a person can keep it in their pocket. On the other hand, laptops are also one of the most used electronic products out there, and the size of them is also a bit bigger, then what if we want the features of the laptop with a little bit small size, in such a genre the tablets come. The size of the tablet is less, they are lightweight and most importantly they can do a lot of functions that will surprise you.  Therefore having a good quality tablet is a very great idea. On the over that, especially for artists who draw digital paintings, for them, it is very important to have a tablet for digital paintings.

There are lots of brands out there that produce very great and amazing tablets with a variety of ranges.  One such brand is Apple. Apple is an American brand that is very famous in the whole world for the quality and the premium-ness that it provides, over that in India, there is a huge craze in youth, about the Apple products.  And the assurance of the quality of Apple is great and these products are long-lasting therefore it is very much convenient to consider buying the apple products. Another brand that has been a phenomenon in the industry of electronics is Xiaomi. It has been very well recognized because of the quality that it provides at a low price. It has a very wide range of products, all the electronics and tablets, are one of them. If you are considering buying any electronic, then you must consider any of these brands so that they are trustworthy. Apple has launched their series of AppleiPad Air 4 and Xiaomi has Pad 5, if you are confused about which one of these is better for you, then we will consider all the aspects of it so that you will be able to decide which one is better for you to buy.

Apple iPad Air 4 vs Xiaomi Pad 5: Comparison Chart

FeatureApple iPad Air 4  Xiaomi Pad 5
ModeliPad Air 4Pad 5
Ram8 GB6, 12
Storage64, 256128, 256
Camera12 MP13 MP
Screen10.9 inch11 inch
ProcessorA14SnapDragon 860
Battery115608720 mAh

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Apple iPad Air 4 vs Xiaomi Pad 5: Detailed Analysis


Apple iPad Air 4

The screen size of the device is very important, the main purpose of the tablet is to provide a bigger screen, and that is why the quality of the screen should also be good, so that we can enjoy the perfect colours, over that the pixels must be also large soo that we can enjoy the movie with extra HD quality.  As the size of the screen is large, it will consume more battery in such a case, we need an efficient system that will save the battery of the tablet over the use of time.

The screen size of Pad 5 is 11 inches which is a very huge has a 1600-2560 WQHD+ screen which has a refresh rate of 120 Hz.  It is a very good screen and has a brightness of 500 nits. On the other hand, Apple iPad Air 4 comes with a full HD screen.

Features and Performance

There is a lot of competition in the market for tablets, and that is why brands have to come up with surprising features that will attract customers towards them. Apple is a brand that never disappoints anyone and that is why it has some great features such as dual mic, recording, face time, and much more like that.  The performance of the chipset is very much great and one of the best in the market right now. The battery of it lasts up to 10 hr on a single charge. And it has a charger of 20 watts.  In the case of Xiaomi, the processor is decent and all the features that it provides are also amazing like Dolby speakers that will give you the perfect quality sound.  It comes with a total of 6 GB ram and in the option of storage, it has 128 GB and 256 GB storage options. But it seems that Apple has an edge over Xiaomi in case of performance because of the A14 Bionic chip that it comes with.

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Xiaomi Pad 5

It is the factor that can become the deciding factor for any of the devices which we are buying. As the prices fall and go up because of various reasons that are why it is important to check the prices from various platforms before buying the product.

The price of the Apple iPad Air 4 is about 51000, which is a fair deal for the features that it provides. The Price of Xiaomi is about 27000 rupees, which is also decent.

Apple iPad Air 4 vs Xiaomi Pad 5: Quick Results

Feature  Apple iPad Air 4Xiaomi Pad 5
PriceBit highFair

Apple iPad Air 4 vs Xiaomi Pad 5: Final Verdict

Both the tabs are worth the product buying if you are someone who has very high-intensity work to do then apple products of good for you, especially for professionals and digital artists. But if you want the tablet for the common use and don’t want to invest that much amount of huge money on the device then Xiaomi Pad 5 is the best and the most convenient option for you to buy.

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