How To Stream Music Through Chromecast?

Chromecast built-in is an audio-only version of Google’s Chromecast protocol. It is simple to set up with a wide variety of devices that are compatible with Chromecast. You must first join your device to the network. The Google Home app for iOS or Android may be used to set up the majority of Chromecast built-in devices, regardless of whether you purchased a Google Nest or a third-party product like the JBL Playlist.

Be aware that you might need to first follow the setup instructions provided by the device for some third-party Chromecast products. This could entail accessing the setup process through the device’s smartphone app or the Settings menu.

The Google Home app’s home page should update to reflect new devices. When you find them, simply click on them and adhere to the instructions. You might need to manually add them if the app doesn’t recognize them, perhaps because they have already been configured.

To achieve this, locate the little plus sign in the Google Home app’s upper left corner. By pressing it, you may access a menu where you can configure new devices or create groups. All of the suitable devices that require setup may be found here by going to Add and Manage, then Set up Device, and then add New Device. For additional information on the setup procedure, read our article on how to set up a Google Home speaker.

How To Stream Music Through Chromecast?

How To Stream Music Through Chromecast?

You might want to look into Chromecast Audio if you plan to stream a lot of music. It is a special device for direct streaming to speakers. It can be connected to computers, smartphones, tablets, and anything else that has a jack plug. This might suit you better if your phone still has one of these connectors. The regular Chromecast can handle streaming if you only sometimes do it.

Music casting is similar to casting for anything. Ensure that the Chromecast and the source device are connected to the same wireless network and are able to communicate.

Google Play Music was once a simple way for us to cast music, but the service is no longer available. Instead, YouTube has replaced Spotify as Android devices’ default music provider. Thankfully, iPhones can also use this.

Open YouTube on your Android or iPhone and start listening to your favorite music before casting it. Next, tap the Cast symbol located in the top right corner. The song will start playing right away. Your TV speakers should be able to hear the audio directly from the app.

Using Google Assistant To Play Music

Asking an Assistant to play music on a specific Google speaker or set of speakers requires either a Google Home device or the Google Assistant app on a smartphone. In some cases, such as when a suitable receiver is in the same room as a Google speaker, you can even set up a default speaker to play music from.

For example, if you want to utilize a Google Nest Mini, click on the speaker on the Google Home app’s home screen. Then, hit the Settings icon, followed by Audio. The “Default music speaker” option is the third item down; from there, you may select the speaker you want to use to listen to music, podcasts, etc. Then, when you ask Google Assistant to play something while you’re in that mood, it will do so on the default speaker you choose. If you’d like, you can also set a group as the default.

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Music Quality on Chromecast

The audio quality of the stream will be mediocre at best. The streaming quality for the majority of Chromecast-compatible apps is limited to 192 kbps, and the sound will be sent through your TV’s audio channels, which are probably not designed for music.

Apps for Chromecast Music

How To Stream Music Through Chromecast?

Yes, you can finally enjoy the vintage VJ party of your dreams, according to YouTube. It should come as no surprise that Chromecast and YouTube work well together. Of course, your experience is entirely dependent on the selection of music videos on YouTube that you enjoy, which can be hit or miss. 

  • Rdio: This on-demand streaming service also has a very good mobile app, but it exclusively offers premium services for mobile devices. It does, however, offer an ad-supported tier for playing over the Web.
  • Pandora: The Internet radio veteran Pandora is available for free with unpleasant audio adverts on your Chromecast.
  • Vevo: The music-focused video service has made it much simpler to access high-quality music videos on its site because it has the endorsement of certain major record labels—but beware of commercials.
  • Songza: Songza is a free option for listening to curated playlists created by real people. Songza is still the greatest site to find playlists based around each Game of Thrones house, earning it a million extra points.
  • Plex: Chromecast compatibility is a pleasant feature if you’re an avid user of Plex’s premium home media library streaming service.
  • Spotify: One of the most well-liked music streaming applications, Spotify is simple to use with Chromecast.
  • Qobuz: On both Android and iOS devices, Qobuz provides a rather straightforward method for streaming music to Chromecast.
  • Apple Music: If you want to stream Apple Music to your Chromecast from an iOS device, things get a little trickier. It’s simple for Android devices. On its iOS app, Apple Music does not support Chromecast. This implies that you cannot play music on your Chromecast using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This was previously assisted by third-party apps, but more recent changes have rendered them incompatible.
  • Amazon Music: Once more, streaming music to your Chromecast via Amazon Music is not too difficult.

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