Oneplus Nord Buds Vs Oneplus Nord Buds CE: Which Is Better?

Oneplus Nord Buds Vs Oneplus Nord Buds CE

Imagine that you want to tune out the outside world, block out all the background noise, and immerse yourself in your favorite music. What better way to do this than with earpieces? It is simple to understand the advantages, usefulness, and significance of having earphones throughout our lives at work; earphone is now a necessary part of our daily existence.

It is available to everyone and can be used to shut out the sounds that are happening around them. We even utilize it when watching the newest movies or listening to music. High-end earphones are necessary for professional video editors to analyze the audio while editing videos. Observing the current trend, we will examine the differences between the Oneplus Nord Buds and the Oneplus Nord Buds CE to determine which pair of headphones is more suitable for you to purchase.

Oneplus Nord Buds Vs Oneplus Nord Buds CE: Comparison Table

FeaturesOneplus Nord BudsOneplus Nord Buds CE
Launching Year20222022
Model NameOneplus Nord BudsOneplus Nord Buds CE
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Average Battery Life7 Hours4.5 Hours
CompatibilitySmartphones, Tablets, PC, and All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphones, Tablets, PC, and All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.2Version 5.2
Online Pricing RangeRs 2,399Rs 1,999
Customer Ratings4.1/54.3/5

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Oneplus Nord Buds Vs Oneplus Nord Buds CE: Detailed Analysis


Oneplus Nord Buds
Oneplus Nord Buds

Although fashionistas wouldn’t be lured over by the Nord Buds, the style is distinctive and alluring enough to withstand any criticism from AirPods users. Although We don’t particularly like the rectangular shape of the stem, it is more striking than the thin designs found on other Fake AirPods. If you step on the earbuds or drop them from a great height, the sturdy, all-plastic frame won’t shatter. They maintain their resistance to water and sweat with an IP55 rating. The charging case for OnePlus is quite simple.  The front has a little LED, the back has a pairing button, and the top has an airbrushed logo. Although the build quality is poor, the lid contains a powerful magnet that securely stores the buds.

The OnePlus Nord Buds CE brings back memories of the first-generation OnePlus Buds. The smartphone has a smooth-finishing, glossy casing. It has a rounded oval shape with edges. The case weighs just 33 grams, making it convenient to carry throughout the day. You won’t have earache even if you wear the earphones for a long time because they only weigh 3.5 grams each. The front of the cover has the OnePlus logo and an LED that turns on when you charge it; begin pairing or unzip the case to take the earphones out. When it comes to earbuds, they, too, have a shiny finish.

Sound Quality

The Nord Buds provide a sonic quality that contradicts their modest price point in a significant way. The sound profile of OnePlus produces a sound that is clean and frequently balanced. When listening to some tunes, the bass might be overpowering, despite the fact that it has a significant influence. A programmable EQ with presets is included for audio customization, and Dolby Atmos support is built-in. For the price, the OnePlus Nord Buds CE provides respectable sound quality. The earphones do not provide noise canceling because of their design. The earbuds come equipped with 13.4mm titanium dynamic drivers, which produce a sound quality that is both rich and powerful.

The sound quality of the Nord Buds CE was good, and We heard a number of songs with them. We listened to a wide range of music, including rap, pop, and classical. The earbuds delivered strong bass in rap songs and accurately reproduced the tones of mainstream music. There are four modes available for your selection: bass, balanced, serenade, and soft. We selected the balanced setting, which provides a decent balance, as its name says.

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Battery Life

Oneplus Nord Buds Vs Oneplus Nord Buds CE
Oneplus Nord Buds CE

The OnePlus Nord Buds have a 7-hour playback time on a full charge. Even after taking into account the large volume and unique characteristics, this comes quite near to what OnePlus advertises. After around three to four days of light to moderate use, the battery needed to be recharged. In connection with that, the Nord Buds have patented Flash Charge technology that expedites the charging process by allowing for 5 hours of use after a 10-minute charge. Although the feature isn’t as strong as the Warp Charge on the OnePlus Buds Pro, it completes the task far faster than most wireless earbuds.

The OnePlus Nord Buds CE comes with a battery life that is satisfactory. The company claims that the earbuds have a battery life of 4.5 hours; however, in regular use, We discovered that the battery life was closer to 4 hours. A 300mAh battery that provides an additional 20 hours of battery life is also included in the case. With the device’s quick charging capabilities, you can get about 80 minutes of usage out of just 10 minutes of charging.

Oneplus Nord Buds Vs Oneplus Nord Buds CE: Quick Results

ParticularsOneplus Nord BudsOneplus Nord Buds CEWhich One Is Better?
DesignBetterGoodOneplus Nord Buds
Sound QualityBetterGoodOneplus Nord Buds
Battery LifeBetterGoodOneplus Nord Buds

Oneplus Nord Buds Vs Oneplus Nord Buds CE: Final Verdict

The Nord Buds are too wonderful to pass up, especially for commuters and OnePlus conformists looking for affordable real wireless performance. Although sound can occasionally be dynamic and bass-heavy, the option to adjust frequencies helps to balance things out. The controls are flawless, the comfort is good, and fast charging is essential for quick recharges.

The semi-in-ear style of the OnePlus Nord Buds CE significantly reduces immersion, but their clear, vivid, and lifelike sound quality truly elevates the listening experience. The Buds will make an excellent companion for budget-conscious home workers who can put up with the semi-in-ear design. They are fashionable, cozy, and have long battery life.

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