DJI Action 2 Vs GoPro Hero 10 Black: Which is Better?

DJI Action 2

Two of the best action cameras available right now are the DJI Action 2 and GoPro HERO 10 Black. After their 2022 software updates, they will both benefit from improved image quality, accessory compatibility, and modes. They both debuted within a few weeks of one another in 2021, upgraded their lines’ video capture credentials, and carry distinctive features.

The designs of the two action cameras are completely different, with DJI choosing a modular design with blasted metal and high-end style. The camera’s body is really small, so in order to add useful features like a front display for vlogging, you must clip on an additional device. GoPro’s HERO 10 Black, which has a front display on the main camera, looks almost comparable to the HERO 9 Black and the HERO 8 Black that came before it. Although you can purchase mods for it, the main experience is not modular. The Action 2 presently holds the top spot in our list of the best GoPro alternatives, while the H10 may be the finest GoPro you can buy. Which is indeed best for you? Read on for a detailed comparison of the DJI Action 2 and the HERO 10 Black.

DJI Action 2 Vs GoPro Hero 10 Black: Comparison Table

FeaturesDJI Action 2GoPro Hero 10 Black
Launching Year20202021
Model NameDJI Action 2GoPro Hero 10 Black
Camera TypeDigital CameraDigital Camera
Average Battery Life12 Hours20 Hours
Effective Pixels12 MP23.35 MP
Display TypeOLEDLCD
Online Pricing RangeRs 29,990Rs 26,990
Customer Ratings4.1/54.2/5

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DJI Action 2 Vs GoPro Hero 10 Black: Detailed Analysis


DJI Action 2 Vs GoPro Hero 10 Black
DJI Action 2

Since they’ve mostly maintained the same look for several years, GoPro cameras have remained recognizable in the wild. The major innovation was the front-facing display that was first presented on the GoPro Hero 9. With a sizable touchscreen on the back and the sensor located in the upper left corner of the chassis, the Hero 10 is nearly identical to the 9. Its design is highly comparable to the original DJI Osmo Action and the iconic action camera design.

On the other hand, by choosing a modular square form, the DJI Action 2 has taken an entirely opposite way. The entire front of the camera is made up of sensors, while the back is covered in a screen. It weighs only 56 grams, which is less than the 153 grams of the GoPro Hero 10 due to its diminutive size. Although it might not seem like much, if you’re filming for a long time with your arm extended, this weight differential could have an effect.


The simplicity of usage of action cameras is a crucial aspect to take into account. In challenging circumstances, the ability to start and stop recording fast and simply is crucial. For a few reasons, the Hero 10 Black is the undisputed champion in this case. The big record button at the top is, by far, the easiest to press by feel, even when wearing heavy ski gloves. In this aspect, the other two are great, but We were never as certain that We had actually started or stopped recording with them. Usability also heavily relies on menu systems, where GoPro also stands out as the champion. It has a larger screen and an improved user interface. However, Action 2 is not far behind, and the One RS is the only device that truly lags behind in this area.

They are also quite evenly matched in terms of how simple it is to mount and demount each camera. While the Hero 10 has a retractable action camera mount built into the camera body, the One RS has an action camera mount integrated into the external bracket. The DJI Action 2 makes excellent use of its distinctive magnetic design by quickly and effortlessly snapping into a variety of suitable mounts, including a magnetic necklace. It can also be magnetically fastened to almost any metal surface.

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Connectivity And The App

For integrating cameras with mobile devices or personal computers, all three businesses have created incredibly strong and capable software solutions. We’ve never been able to say this about any other camera connection apps, but it’s just so simple to connect the app to the camera that one finds oneself doing it regularly. Additionally, it’s a terrific way to edit and create 360-degree videos that were recorded using the One RS’s 360-degree module.

Features And Accessories

DJI Action 2 Vs GoPro Hero 10 Black
GoPro Hero 10 Black

GoPro has been emphasizing the numerous modifications that can be purchased for its cameras ever since the release of the Hero 9, such as a mountable fill light and a two-way microphone with a windbreaker. The GoPro Hero 10 does, however, appear to have been overloaded with accessories with all of the mods added; in contrast, the DJI Action 2 was created with mods in mind.

Modules like the touchscreen module for vlogging and the power module for longer battery life may be readily inserted and removed from the Action 2 due to a tiny magnetic strip at the bottom. Similar to the Hero 10, the Action 2 is compatible with a variety of mounts, including head and chest mounts for POV shots. In contrast to its predecessor, the DJI Action 2 now allows live streaming at up to 1080p 30fps, a function that GoPro cameras have had for a while.

VIDEO Quality and Features

The GoPro HERO 10 Black features a smaller field of vision and crisper resolution than the DJI Action 2. These two elements make it predictable that side-by-side film captured by the GoPro camera looks richer in detail. After all, items it catches appear larger due to its increased magnification, and it climbs all the way up to 5.3K in video or 23MP in photographs.

Although the DJI Action 2 had some serious color balancing difficulties when it was originally launched, software updates after our initial assessment have greatly improved image quality. Overall, the GoPro HERO 10 Black captures better shots, but it’s fairly close because both cameras produce vibrant saturated images. Although the DJI Action 2’s manual controls are simpler to use, we prefer the image in-video from GoPro. A lot depends on how automated you want your capturing experience to be.

The action cameras are quite equally matched in terms of stabilization, but DJI’s horizon leveling gives it an advantage in terms of versatility. However, once the lights go down, The Action 2 can’t keep up with the GoPro, which is better at shooting blurry, murky nighttime footage.

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A current trend in action cameras is to increase their functionality by creating modular cameras with a number of add-ons. With the One R, Insta360 really started this trend, but GoPro and DJI have since narrowed the gap with creative ideas. Three different lens modules are available for the One RS: a normal action camera, a Leica camera with a big sensor, and a 360-degree camera. The range of distinct video-capturing choices offered by these three cameras is astounding.

However, the DJI Action 2 has an absolutely amazing magnetic modular system that makes changing batteries a snap. The DJI Mic, a premium wireless lav microphone, is also compatible with the Action 2. That is very helpful to us because We make videos.

In terms of adaptability, a normal GoPro can’t possibly match with completely modular systems. GoPro has been working diligently and persistently to build external accessories to address this, though. An excellent illustration of this is the company’s most recent Creator Edition, which includes the Hero 10 Black along with a variety of extras like the Media Mod, an LED light, and the Volta battery/control handle.

Although the GoPro audio isn’t quite as clear for vlogging as it is with the DJI clip-on mic, the combo is quite reasonably priced, and the tiny LED light is unquestionably helpful. Despite some challenges with the Volta’s connection to the GoPro through the Media Mod, the Creator Edition is a terrific and powerful tool for creating videos. We have to declare a draw between the two cameras in terms of versatility because each one offers a different approach to modularity and has its own advantages and disadvantages.


The three cameras can work underwater or withstand significant falls and are all highly tough. Due largely to its integrated design, the Hero 10 Black beats out the competition. It looks to be an extraordinarily tough piece of equipment, and we certainly trust it the most in situations where it might be in danger.

When utilized in its most basic configuration, the DJI Action 2 might be argued to be more durable than the GoPro because its main camera module is entirely sealed and has no apertures at all in its housing. For the past month, it has been sitting outside while We have been filming a lengthy timelapse of an ant mound. 

The Action 2 is suddenly not waterproof at all if you want to use it with the selfie screen module or battery module attached. The optional diving case is required to make the camera waterproof when an additional module is installed. Another very small concern worth bringing up is the magnets in the Action 2 are likely to gather up magnetic particles found in loose dirt, and due to the magnets’ strength, such particles are quite challenging to clean. However, the camera can still operate normally despite this.

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DJI Action 2 Vs GoPro Hero 10 Black: Quick Results

ParticularsDJI Action 2GoPro Hero 10Which One Is Better?
Connectivity And The AppGoodGoodAny
Features And AccessoriesGoodGoodAny
VIDEO Quality and FeaturesGoodGoodAny

DJI Action 2 Vs GoPro Hero 10 Black: Final Verdict

If you just need a camera that will handle whatever you throw at it and produce high-quality footage without any hassle, the Hero 10 is the one to pick. It’s a multipurpose solution that represents a development of the action camera design. The Hero 10 is incredibly well-made, which is one of the reasons GoPro has enjoyed such a long history of confidence in this industry. Due to how simple it is to activate and capture video in demanding and extreme situations, it is the perfect action camera to put on a helmet.

Action 2 is unquestionably one of those innovative ideas. Choose this camera if weight and size are important considerations or if you can come up with a clever use for its strong magnetic connection system. When you combine these two items, you have recording equipment of a professional level that is portable enough to carry in your pocket, making it perfect for vlogging. This camera, with its compact size and magnetic module mechanism, is our favorite of the two for taking timelapse videos. The magnetic technology makes it simpler to recharge and attach to/detach from tripods, and the tiny size makes it simple to position in inconvenient spaces.

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