Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra Vs Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Comparison!

Smartphones have become the next great technology these days, we can not imagine living without smartphones. A lot of work of us, can not be done without the use of smartphones. Lots of brands are out there which produce smartphones on a very large scale. As the industry of smartphones is a very huge economy, therefore there is very high competition on the basis of features and the quality that these brands produce. The flagships of these brands are very high range and the cameras are even close to the quality of the DSLRs, these flagships are very high-end in performance and are greatly designed. Slowly it is seen that smartphones are taking place of all the electronic devices such as cameras, clocks, recorders, and much more.

Lots of brands are out there which are very much recognized by everyone. One such aa brand is Samsung. Samsung is a Korean brand and over time it has been customers’ favorite brand. For lots of people, Samsung is their first priority as it provides smartphones in all price ranges. The latest launch of Samsung is, the Samsung S22 Ulta, which is a phenomenally great and one of the most powerful smartphones in the industry right now. The chipset is high-end that gives a next-level performance. Ther such a brand is Apple. Apple is an American brand and the largest company in the whole world. There is lots of craze for Apple products among the youngsters especially. Apple has become the standard because of its premium quality products. Therefore it is seen that people run crazily behind the apple products. The newly launched Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, is one such product by Apple, which has very large hype in the market and people are going crazy behind buying it.

Both the S22 ultra and 13 pro-Max are premium quality flagship smartphones, and there is a lot of comparison between these 2 smartphones going on. If you are considering buying a smartphone then you must consider buying one of these Brands. And if you are particularly confused about which one of the S22 Ultra and iPhone 13 pro-Max, then we will discuss all the features and aspects of the smartphones so that you will be able to decide which one is better for you to buy.

Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra vs Apple  iPhone 13 Pro Max: Comparison Chart

Feature.Samsung Galaxy s22 UltraApple  iPhone 13 Pro
Ram8, 12 GB6 GB
Storage  128, 256, 512 GB, 1 TB128, 256, 512 GB, 1 TB
CPUSnapdragon 8 Gen 1A15 Bionic
Rare Camera108 MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP telephoto with 3x and 10x zoom12MP main 12MP ultrawide, 12MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom
Front Camera40MP12 MP
Battery5000mAh4352 mAh
Charging Weight45W wired, 15W wireless20w wire, 15-watt wireless.
Screen Size8.1 ounce8.5 ounce
Colors  Black, white, green, burgundyGold, silver, blue, graphite.
Refresh Rate1 Hz – 120 Hz 10 Hz – 120

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Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra vs Apple  iPhone 13 Pro Max: Detailed Analysis


Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra

Cameras of smartphones these days are getting better and better, and on that, they are even replacing the huge DSLR and such kinds of professional devices too. The camera of S22 Ulta is of amazingly great quality and has the main camera lens of hug 108 MP. The clarity that is provided by the S22 Ulta is amazing. It has in total 4 cameras on the rear side, on main of 108 MP, one wide lens with 12 MP and 2 lenses of 10MP each.  The front camera is also amazing with 40MP.

The iPhones are always known for the great quality photos and especially the 13 Pro Maxis is famous for the cinematic Mode that they have launched with it. The launch of the cinematic mode has brought a whole new way of the cameras. The main camera of it is a 12MP and 12 MP ultra-wide camera lens and a 12MP telephoto lens which can zoom up to 3x. Both the smartphones have a great camera and are of the same level, though in the genre of zoom, Samsung is great and in the aspect of the video quality, iPhone is amazing because of its cinematic Mode.

Performance and Features

As both the in the market Smartphones are flagship therefore both of them have the best quality chipset available in the market. iPhone has an A15 Bionic chip which is the most powerful chipset out there and iPhone runs on its own OS ios, which is very great and has lots of features. Apple products are known for their security reasons. All the celebrity and important VIP use iPhones, as it has the best quality security. The chipset A15 bionic performs amazingly. The battery life is also good.

The Samsung S22 Ulta has a chipset of Snapdragon 8 which is the best chipset in the market and offers for android devices. The performance and the refresh rate are amazing, we can even control the refresh rate in the settings. The battery of the S22 Ultra is huge that is of 5000 mAh. On the paper performance of the S22 Ultra is very good but over the use of time, it is seen that the performance of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is better.


Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Pricing can be the deciding factor but as both of them are flagship, the price is going to be large to pay, but the features are also amazing.  The pricing changes according to the variant as iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at Rs. 1.3 lacs for the 128GB variant and goes up to 1.7 lac for the 1 TB storage. Samsung S22 Ulta has a price tag of 1.1 lac for 128 GB and 1.3 lacs for 1 TB storage.

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Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: Quick Results

Feature  Samsung Galaxy s22 UltraApple  iPhone 13 Pro Max
  PriceFairBit high

Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: Final Verdict

Both smartphones are great, but due to the price tag, Samsung has an edge. But if you are ready to invest a bit more in smartphones then iPhone is the best option for you.

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