OnePlus Vs Apple Phones: Which Smartphone Is The Best?

OnePlus Vs Apple Phones

A face-off between the Apple Phones and the OnePlus Phones is expected to be closer. Although OnePlus phones have typically offered superior features for less money than rival flagships, they have frequently lagged behind the iPhone in terms of camera quality. In this post, we’ll compare the OnePlus to the Apple iPhone to see how one of the best smartphones on the market stacks up to OnePlus’s most recent and greatest flagship.

OnePlus Vs Apple Phones: Comparison Table

FeaturesOnePlusApple Phones
Refresh Rate120 Hz60Hz
RAMUp to 12 GBUpto 6 GB
StorageUp to 256 GBUpto 256 GB
Software UpdatesRegularlyRegularly

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OnePlus Vs Apple Phones: Detailed Analysis


With its rounded edges and gentle curves at the front and back where the glass panels meet the mid-frame, OnePlus Phones have a very recognizable design aesthetic. This year, the camera island—which is, to put it mildly, highly polarizing—is the key differentiator. Some users appear to favor this design, while others believe it lacks the elegance of some of the brand’s previous smartphones. The iPhone, on the other hand, has flat sides and sharp corners like every other glass-slab smartphone. Additionally, it sports a recognizable camera island for the dual cameras at the back.

Whatever your opinion of the design may be, there is no doubt that the OnePlus Phones are more pleasant to hold when using. Speaking of Apple Phones, they have a flat display, something resembling the OnePlus. The Apple has a two-camera configuration on the back, with the exception of the Pro and Max models, which have a triple camera setup. Even though the camera may stick out somewhat from the back, it still has a nice appearance. Since design is so individualized, it is challenging to declare a winner in this category. However, both of the phones feel fantastic in hand and have terrific looks.


A dynamically renewing display, which is quickly becoming a standard feature on high-end phones, was introduced by Apple, among other manufacturers of flagship phones. Unfortunately, only the iPhone 13 Pro models have that feature. The 60Hz refresh rate is still present in both the normal iPhone 13 and the less costly iPhone 13 mini. The OnePlus, in comparison, features a variable refresh rate that, when necessary, may scale up to 120Hz. This results in more fluid scrolling on websites and a lower possibility of graphic stuttering in games that enable quick refresh rates. It surely enhances the whole experience.

Operating Systems

Operating Systems are quite important in determining how users engage with both of these companies. All of Apple’s gadgets run the company’s exclusive iOS operating system. This mechanism is crucial for the flawless operation of iPhones. In addition, Apple provides regular software upgrades as well as security fixes for all of its iPhone models. This means that even if you have an older iPhone, you will never miss out on any new software features.

When it comes to processing speed, OnePlus’ Oxygen operating system outperforms competitors.   In addition, similar to other Android mobile phones, OnePlus devices are guaranteed to get software updates for a complete three years and security fixes for a full four years. It’s true that this Oxygen operating system is just a thin layer on top of Android.

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Despite the fact that the cameras on the OnePlus are definitely amazing, the camera system on the Apple Phone is more reliable and competent, which is why it continues to be one of the greatest phone cameras that consumers can afford. At first, we were eager to match the OnePlus against the iPhones with their powerful cameras and Hasselblad branding. The results were closer than we had anticipated. Apple’s computational photography, however, is the primary factor in the high image quality of iPhone pictures. In medium-light conditions, such as indoors, the cameras have more latitude due to SmartHDR and Deep Fusion processing. The OnePlus does not offer the same robust computational photography capabilities.

Our favorite camera on the OnePlus is unquestionably the ultrawide camera. The white balance appears to be more accurate than the primary camera, and the details, sharpness, and color are all good. The iPhone’s ultrawide, on the other hand, has a broader field of view, but the photographs from the OnePlus have more true colors. For better photos in dim light, both phones offer a night mode.


For an iPhone vs. OnePlus battery comparison, things are rather more balanced, at least in terms of longevity. In our unbiased battery testing, the OnePlus competed favorably with the iPhone’s record-breaking battery life, and while it did not come close in the online surfing test, the OnePlus did dominate in the round of YouTube video streaming.

Overall Experience and Price

Apple products are designed to provide a unified user experience across all platforms. Additionally, given that they only sell proprietary goods, the only way apps and services on your phone will function properly is if they adhere to Apple’s own standards. However, there are no such requirements for OnePlus products. Free app and software downloads are available through the Google Play Store. For users that don’t want to be confined to a specific system, it is the ideal option.

When compared to Apple’s iPhones, the OnePlus is the more affordable of the two gadgets, though not by as much as previous OnePlus phones were. You have the option of purchasing one for yourself offline or online.

OnePlus Vs Apple Phones: Quick Results

ParticularsOnePlusApple PhonesWhich One Is Better?
Operating SystemGoodGoodAny

Final Verdict: OnePlus Vs Apple Phones

The comparison of OnePlus and iPhone is a difficult one to do because, in addition to other considerations, you also need to take into account the ongoing “Android vs. iOS” argument. In most cases, the operating system (OS) that you like will ultimately determine which smartphone you buy. Although the OnePlus is a fantastic all-arounder, we believe it falls short of attracting those who are completely entangled in the Apple environment. If you want to move from iOS to Android, OnePlus undoubtedly has better solutions available.

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