Tozo t6 Vs Tozo t10 Comparison: Which one to Buy?

The Tozo earbuds are very comfortable and have excellent sound quality. All types of ears can wear it due to their unique design. Additionally, the earbuds are available in four sizes: extra-large, large, small, and extra small. It is more comfortable to wear earbuds like these because of their impressive quality.

Tozo t6 vs Tozo t10

Battery performance is essentially the same between the two, but the Weight has some differences. There was a lot of attention paid to the sound quality. Comparison of Tozo t6 vs t10 specifications follow.

Both have the following features,

Colour  White, Black, Blue, Green, Champagne, Rose Gold  Black, Blue, Gray, White, and Khaki
Connector Type  WirelessWireless
Model name  T6T10
Form factor  In-earIn-ear
TWS earbudsTWS earbuds
1.04 x 0.99 x 0.66 inches4.69 x 4.57 x 1.49 inches
Impedance  16 Ω + 15 %16 Ω + 15 %
The battery capacity
of the charging
600 mAh  600 mAh/3.7 V
Earbuds battery
55 mAh55 mAh/3.7 Vx 2
Charging time of earbuds  55 minutes55 minutes
Standby time  70 hours70 hours
Call time5 hours5 hours
Music playback time  5 hours6 hours
Transmission distance  ≥10 m10 m
IPX ratings 8 8
Frequency  2.402GHz – 2.480 GHz2.402 GHz – 2.480 GHz
Online price ranges  Rs.2,555Rs.2,190  
Controls Control call volumes, calls, and the voice assistant through touch controlsControl call volumes, calls, and the voice assistant through touch controls
Item weight4.6 g2.9 g
Noise isolationGreat noise isolationGreat noise isolation
Customer ratings4.5/54.4/5
Tozo t6 and Tozo t10 features

Tozo t6 vs Tozo t10 Battery Performance:

Both the Tozo t6 and Tozo t10 are powered by lithium metal batteries. Fast charging is available on both the T6 and T10 rechargeable cases for 55 minutes with a cable or under 2 hours when charging wirelessly. We can prolong the earbuds day as long as we like.

Charge efficiency is 98% higher on Tozo t10. A constant playback time of 30 hours is offered by both earbuds. Charge the earbuds via the USB cable that comes with the device. However, we can purchase the wireless charger separately.

Tozo t6 vs Tozo t10 Design features:

Tozo t6 Vs Tozo t10

The Tozo T6 weighs more than the Tozo T10.  Tozo t6 weighs 4.6 grams and Tozo t10 weighs 2.9 grams. It is designed to be small and portable. Its shape is perfectly aligned with the shape of the ear’s inner contour. The air does have touch controls that reduce ear pressure.  It’s comfortable to wear and stays in the ear securely thanks to silicone ear tips.

Tozo t6 vs Tozo t10 Sound Quality:

Both have a high-quality stereo sound with deep bass. There is no better sound effect than this one. They both determine the best sound characteristics for human hearing sensitivity.

Tozo t6 vs Tozo t10 Bluetooth:

Both devices support Bluetooth version 5.0 and can connect to Android, Windows, iOS, and other devices. For both devices, the Bluetooth range is less than or equal to 10 m. It is not possible to connect multiple devices at the same time. This product delivers a fast transmission speed as well as a low-latency listening experience.

Tozo t6 vs Tozo t10 Ingress Protection (IPX) ratings:

Tozo t6 Vs Tozo t10

It has an IPX 8 rating which means that it’s resistant to sweat, water, and rain. In the water-resistance experiment, the air buds are submerged 3 feet underwater for 30 minutes. In this way, we are no longer concerned about sweating affecting the air buds. Waterproof condition is guaranteed. They were also washed in water and soap. In both cases, they are suitable for sports and physical exercise.

Tozo t6 vs Tozo t10 Active Noise Cancellation:

There is no active noise cancellation on the Tozot6. Tozot10 does have active noise cancellation, which means it suppresses unwanted background noise using noise-canceling technology.

Tozo t6 vs Tozo t10 Other Inclusions:

This package contains two pairs of Tozo t6 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds, extra 6 different air tips, a Type-C USB cable, and product manuals.                                                                                    

Observations on Tozo t6 vs Tozo t10:

Tozo t6 Vs Tozo t10

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks:

Tozo t6:

  • It has deep Bass features. So, it especially suitable for the vocals.
  • It is light in weight.
  • The touch controls are difficult to use.

Tozo t10:

  • An excellent design.
  • The ANC control is best.

Tozo t6 vs Tozo t10 Final Verdict:

According to the information provided above, Tozo earbuds t8 and t10 share some similarities. However, they have a few differences. Tozo t10 is a product I like because it has features that Tozo t6 doesn’t have. With ANC, lightweight, and easy portability, the Tozo T10 is perfect for in-ear listening. Bluetooth has a range of around ten meters. I am happy with the water-resistance of the product. They offer a superior audio experience.

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