Boat Air Dopes 452 VS Boat Air Dopes 141: Which One Is Better?

Boat Air Dopes 141 Vs Boat Air Dopes 121
Boat Air Dopes 141 Vs Boat Air Dopes 121

Among the best-selling earbuds in India, a boat is one of the most popular models. Their products attract customers due to their design, audio quality, affordable prices, and high quality. Boat air dope 452 and boat air dope 141 are some of the best earbuds on the market. Both of them are launched this year. There are some similarities between the two. Their simplicity and low costs make them a good choice. Specifically designed for gamers, Boat Air Dope 452 has been dubbed a beast mode. Excellent sound quality can be heard through the microphone device is capable of serving a variety of functions, making it a product of high expectations.

In these articles, we briefly describe the differences between the two products. Which ones performed well? What are the features of these devices? Is one better than the other?

Boat Air Dopes 452 VS Boat Air Dopes 141: Comparison Chart

ParticularBoat Air dopes 452Boat Air dopes 141
Model Name    Air Dopes 452Air Dopes 141
Launching Year20212021
Product Dimension8 x 4 x 4 cm5 x 5 x 2 cm
Weight66 Grams60 Grams
ColourBlack, White, Blue, MaroonBlack, White, Cyan cider
Connector TypeWirelessWireless
Form Factor  In-EarIn-Ear
Generic Name Air DopeAir Dope
Headphone Type  TWS EarbudsTWS Earbuds
Driver Type  6 mm x 2 dynamic8 mm
Impedance  16 Ω + 15 %16 Ω + 15 %
Battery Capacity  380 mAh (case), 40 mAh (two earbuds)600 mAh (case), 30 mAh (two earbuds)
Charging TechnologyASAP TechnologyASAP Technology
Playback Time  20 Hours  20 Hours  
Charging Time  50 Minutes2 Hours
Standby Time  60 Hours42Hours
Compatibility  All Bluetooth DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Bluetooth Range  10 m10 m
Bluetooth Version  v5.0v5.0 
Frequency  20 Hz – 20 KHz20 Hz – 20 KHz
Online Price Ranges  Rs.1,299Rs.1,299  
  Controls Control volume buttons, Voice Assistant, and callControl volume buttons, Voice Assistant, and call
Customer Ratings4.2/54.0/5

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Boat Air Dopes 452 VS Boat Air Dopes 141: Detailed Comparison

Battery Performance

There are three lithium polymer batteries in the boat air dope 452. The boat air dope 141 has three lithium-ion batteries. When comparing boat 151 with boat 452, its battery capacity is higher. In both cases, the ASAP technology allows fast charging. Ten minutes of charging provides one hour of playtime with this technology. The standby time, playback time is lower in boat 141. Additionally, boat 452 takes less time to charge. The battery performance of Boat air dope 141 is better than the performance of the other model.

Design Aspects

The designs both look very good. In comparison with 452, boat 151 is lightweight. It’s comfortable to use the buttons. I find the earbuds to be comfortable to wear. There are many color options available for it. In contrast to boat 141, boat 452 has many colors. Boat 452 is made of polycarbonate.

Sound Quality

boat airdopes 452

The ENX technology on Boat 452 provides audio sound with deep bass. It is designed specifically for gamers. Gamers can enjoy excellent gaming sound with earbuds. The 3-D audio provides players with a truly immersive experience. Each has an integrated microphone. Although both microphones have decent sound quality, the boat air dope 452 is the best. If you are a gamer, it is your favorite. In boat air dope 141, the sound effect is good.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Features

In smartphones, both devices are connecting via Bluetooth. A boat airdope 452 is equipped with Bluetooth version 5.2, where a boat airdope 141 is equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0. The ability to function on both Android and iOS devices. They both use IWP technology. It enables seamless pairing of devices without any obstacles. Instantly, they wake up and connect with their smartphones. There is no difference in the Bluetooth range between the two devices within 10 meters. Several devices cannot be connected at the same time. On both devices, there is no Wi-Fi connection.

Ingress Protection (IPX) Ratings

boat airdopes 452

These products are IPX 4 marked for water resistance. They protect you from sweat, spills, or splash of water. In comparison with other devices, it does not have a high level of water resistance.

Active Noise Cancellation

They both do not have active noise cancellation, which means they can not reduce unwanted background noise with their noise-canceling technology.

Other Features

With just a touch, you can playback files, take calls, and activate your voice assistant. Using Google and Siri, you can find weather, news, and cricket scores with a single voice command.

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Boat Air Dopes 452 VS Boat Air Dopes 141: Quick Result

ParticularBoat Air dopes 452Boat Air dopes 141Which is better?
Sound QualityGreat bass quality and effects.Good sound effectsBoat air dopes 452
Battery BackupGreat playback time, less charging timeTakes somewhat long to chargeBoat air dopes 452
Noise CancellationNot availableNot AvailableAny
IPX Ratings IPX 4 IPX 4Any
DesigningGreat design, heavyGreat design, lightweightBoat air dopes 141
Gaming Great for gamers Not suitableBoat air dopes 452

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

Boat Air Dopes 452:

  • Both the features and the quality are outstanding.
  • Batteries are a great backup.
  • Gamer’s best friend.
Air Dopes 141

Boat Air Dopes 141:

  • The device that lightweight.
  • Battery performance needs to be improved.
  • A beautiful design.

Boat Air Dopes 452 VS Boat Air Dopes 141: Final Verdict

Boat Air Dopes 452 VS Boat Air Dopes 141VS

In addition, the products are of good quality. It’s a real disappointment to see the IPX rating. There’s no problem with the battery’s capacity. Boat air dope 452 may be purchased, in comparison with boat air dope 141. The variety of colors, the audio experience, and the selection of features made it appealing.


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