Boat Stone 170 Vs Boat Stone 180: Speaker Comparison

Boat Stone 170 Vs Boat Stone 180
Boat Stone 170 Vs Boat Stone 180

In the fast moving era, we have the best speaker to multiply the sound of your choice in your life. For that boAt brings you the best speaker of today’s generation. When talking about music, playlists, watching movies on big screen with loud noise, enjoying gaming music while gaming, having friends sessions you all need speakers. So here are two speakers of boAt that we are gonna talk about Here we talk about two low-range boAt speakers- boAt stone 170 and boAt stone 180 which are best for a solo person.

Both the speakers boAt stone 170 compatibility with 4.2v and boAt stone 180 is compatible with Bluetooth version 5.0v. They differ in battery too. boAt stone 170 has 3600mAh and boAt stone 180 has 3000mAh. Here the talk doesn’t end.

Boat Stone 170 Vs 180: Comparison Chart

Model Name Stone 170stone 180
Launch Year
ColourMysterious maroon, electric blue, black, cameo green, cobalt blue, indi blackblue, black, red
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
ShapeTriangular cylinderoval
Compatible Devicesall bluetooth devicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Batteries 1800 mAh800 mAh
Driver Size
Audio Output Modestereostereo
Speaker Maximum Output Power5 watts5 watts
Speaker Amplification Typeactiveactive
Speaker Connectivity wirelesswireless
Wattage15 watts 5 watts
Average Battery Life 6 hours 10 hours
Battery Cell CompositionLithium ionlithium ion
Water Resistantyes, IPX6yes, IPX7
Dimension7.6*18.4*7.6 cm10*4.3*10 cm
Warranty1 year1 year
Product Box Contentstone 170, charging cable, user manual, warranty cardstone 180, charging cable, user manual, warranty card
Weight499 g200 g
PriceRs 1,299Rs. 999

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Boat Stone 170 Vs 180: Detailed Analysis

Battery Performance

When talking about music, playlists, watching movies on big screen with loud noise, enjoying gaming music while gaming a speaker should have good battery backup.

Here both the boAt speakers are highly battery powered but differs in something which we are look on. boAt stone 170 is powered by a rechargeable 1800mAh lithium battery, setting the mood on fire for extended durations up to 6 hours. boAt stone 180 is powered by rechargeable 800mAh lithium battery providing backup for 10 hours of playback in a go. Both speakers have Type-B charging port.

Stone 170 maximum output power is 5W whereas stone 180 competes with 5W high definition maximum output power.

Connectivity Features

Boat Stone 170

Connectivity is one of the basic feature of a speaker. Both the boAt speakers can operate compatible with Bluetooth. boAt 170 is has with 4.2v bluetooth version with multifunctional controls on top that allow easy interface, keeping in mind that nothing stands between you and your music. Whereas stone 180 is compatible with bluetooth verion 5.0v and comes with 1.75” dynamic drivers for powerful immersive sound.

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Design And Convenience

Looks matter when buying a gadget. Speakers are bulky to carry so here are two portable speakers with easy portability and good designs. Both the boAt speakers come with sturdy build. Design, looks drags audience attention as well as built up quality matters. boAt stone 170 is triangular cylinder in shape whereas boAt stone 180 is oval in shape which can fit single hand/palm size for easy portability. Additional feature to both stone 170 and stone 180 is, it comes with itegrated controls for you to easily change volume/play/pause/tracks and control the music of your choice.

boAt stone 170 has a special feature of reading SD card. Both the speakers are splashproof and water resistant, stone 170 has IPX6. On the other side stone 180 is rated IPX7 water resistant design.

Audio Output And Power

Boat Stone 180

boAt stone 170 is highly powerful speaker with good quality audio output of 5Wastts and boAt stone 180 is another highly powerful speaker with high definition audio quality of 5Watts.

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Customer Reviews And Feedback

Boat Stone 170

  • Integrated controls
  • 1800mAh battery
  • Handy
  • SD card

Boat Stone 180

  • Audio output of5Watts.
  • 800mAh battery
  • Handy
  • Integrated controls

Boat Stone 170 Vs 180: Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best, so I guess you might have got your answer by now by reading this article. If you are still confused then we prefer you to buy boAt stone 170 if you are going for sound quality and latest features of speaker in low budget. As it is compatible to carry, easy to use and stylish and fancy looking with shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Is it stereo or mono sound?
A-Yes, it is worth product with stereo sound effect.

Q-Which is better stone 170 or 180?
A-Stone 170 is better than 180.

Q- This bluetooth water proof?
A-Actually it is not fully waterproof but its splash proof, don’t try letting it submerge in water for long duration.

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