Boat Stone 180 Vs Infinity Fuze Pint: This Should Be Your Choice

Boat Stone 180 Vs Infinity Fuze Pint
Boat Stone 180 Vs Infinity Fuze Pint

The followings are small, cute, and unique speakers. We can carry them wherever we go. There are two speakers in this article. Those are Boat Stone 180 and Infinity Fuze Pint.

The Infinity Fuze Pint and Boat Stone 180 provide a big sound in a small package. This convenient design makes it as handheld and travel-friendly as they come. Indoor indulgences such as Netflix sessions and shower music. Using our smartphone, users could communicate this beauty as well as get weather forecasts or Google or Siri to answer our questions.

Both devices are tiny-sized beauty with a lot of music. Connect your Bluetooth devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, to the Pint and let the great quality sound take over, whether you’re at a party or watching a movie at home. These Bluetooth speakers are incredibly lightweight, able to take your music with you wherever you go. Stone 180 and Infinity have seamlessly integrated controls that give you a lot of the total version of rearranging through one’s favorite music library.

Boat Stone 180 Vs Infinity Fuze Pint: Comparision Chart

FeaturesBoat Stone 180 Infinity Fuze Pint 
Launching Year20212019
Model NameStone 180Fuze Pint
Generic NameSpeakerSpeaker
Connector TypeBluetooth, AUXWireless, Bluetooth
Available ColorsSteel Blue, Indian Red, BlackRed, Black, and Blue
Dimensions‎15 x 15 x 2 cm3.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm
Weight145 grams65 grams
Battery Capacity800 mAh480 mAh
Battery Average Life10 hours5 hours
Charging Time1.5 hours2.5 hours
Bluetooth Versionv5.0 + EDRv5.0
Range of Bluetooth10 m10 m
Maximum Sound Range80 Decibels70 Decibels
Frequency70 Hz – 70 KHz180 Hz – 20 KHz
Online Price RangesRs.799Rs.799
Customer Ratings4.1/54.2/5

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Boat Stone 180 Vs Infinity Fuze Pint: Detailed Analysis

Battery Life:

The Boat Stone 180 features an 800 mAh battery-powered Lithium-ion battery which can provide up to 10 hours of playback time, as well as a direct Benefit charge out whether to immediately begin charging one’s devices, ensuring that you’ll never run out of energy again. The Infinity Fuze is equipped with a lithium polymer-ion battery with a capacity of 480 mAh and a median back – up power time of 5 hours.

Design Features:

The tough and durable material of the Infinity means making sure that one’s device has always been ready for some musical action. Users can go hands-free and talk indefinite period by trying to connect their mobile to the speaker and then using the built-in microphone. Boat Stone 180 is a stylish, modern, and portable speaker. It’s in a circular-shaped speaker with soothing sound effects. In comparison to Infinity, the boat is lighter.

Sound Quality Features:

Boat stone 180 brings the pounding 5W boat unique sound with oneself when we go there. Including its deep bass sound, this stone delivers sharp, best high initial rhythms and tends to make all of one’s music tracks pop. With its deep bass sound, the Infinity device of beauty delivers sharp, high-quality percussion and ends up making all of your music tracks stand out from the crowd. We can adjust the beat to suit one’s mood using the dual equalizer characteristic. The Fuze Pint is easy to carry, strong, yet always prepared to just go.

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Bluetooth Features: 

Both wireless speakers have Bluetooth version 5.0 and therefore can meet a distance of 10 meters. The devices communicate wirelessly with the speaker, allowing up to 2 smartphones and tablets to appreciate the potent voice in essence. Both speakers are available for both Android and iOS devices. Boat stone 180 has Bluetooth speakers that have dual connectivity modes, Bluetooth or AUX, for the best listening experience, and a single tap on the power button can link two speakers for augmented bass and stereo audio.


The Boat Stone 180 and Infinity Fuze Pint are both waterproof to IPX 7. As a result, we’ll be able to use the devices at the pool and on the beach. Splashes of water or sweat do not affect it. An accident or incident that starts to fall into the water will not harm it; its complexity is determined by the depth of the water.

Active Noise Cancellation:  

Active noise and echo canceling speakers are available on the Infinity and Boat Stone 180. The technologies allow the speakers to reduce the amount of noise in the ambient sounds.

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Boat Stone 180 Vs Infinity Fuze Pint: Quick Result

ParticularsBoat Stone 180 Infinity Fuze Pint Which one is better?
ANCNot GoodOkayAny
Water-proofIPX 5IPX 5Both
Battery backupGreatOkayBoat Stone 180
SoundGreatGoodBoat Stone 180
PartyLouder MusicClear MusicBoat Stone 180

Customer Reviews And Feedbacks

Boat Stone 180:

  • The speaker has a simple, kind, or average voice. Even now the microphone appears to work well and it is of adequate performance. Music fans will enjoy it.  
  • Users will have an enjoyable perspective with 5w. And that it works perfectly. 
  • Bluetooth runs perfectly.

Infinity Fuze Pint:

  • It is quite thin and compact.
  • The noise is completely obvious as well as pleasant.
  • 3 hours of battery backup.
  • Superb Bluetooth connectivity.
  • But users should not expect loud explosions if they would prefer a limited, clear sound, and the bass is adequate for a device of this size.

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Boat Stone 180 Vs Infinity Fuze Pint: Final Verdict 


A crisp and clear sound emanates from these speakers. Something is appealing about the size of these speakers. You can easily move them around. While Bluetooth device connectivity is excellent, it only connects with devices that are within range; devices outside of range do not connect. The price range and color availability are also the same. Battery backup in the Boat stone 180 is superior to that of the Infinity, which cannot withstand long periods of use like the Boat. The sound quality in both devices is excellent. These speakers have a small budget and a louder sound system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it capable of connecting Boat Stone 180 via AUX?

Yes, if Bluetooth is not accessible, the Stone 180 Bluetooth Speakers can indeed be connected via AUX cable.

2. Do all the boat stone 180 speakers come with such a charger? 

No, the Stone 180 does not come with a charger.

3. Is it possible to link the Infinity Fuze Pint to a laptop?

Yes, it works remarkably well.

4. Does the Infinity Fuze Pint make music sound like it’s coming from JBL speakers?

It does, indeed. We can hear it from a maximum range or outside of the room if we maintain it on profound base mode and full volume. The sound quality is excellent. Keep in mind that this is a pocket speaker. It’s only a few rounds larger than a watch dial.

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