Huawei Band 4e Vs Mi Band 5: Which Is The Perfect Fitness Band For You?

Huawei Band 4e Vs Mi Band 5

There was a time when only athletes and sportspeople wore smartwatches. These watches not only display the time and date, but they also come with a variety of additional capabilities. You can use a smartwatch for a variety of purposes, including reading messages, checking the weather, playing games, and listening to music. If you select one of the top smartwatches, you will gain the advantage of customizing these features. But you’ll see that the majority of fitness enthusiasts choose smartwatches when they exercise.

People may monitor their health as well as their fitness objectives with the use of these gadgets.  There are many sports watches available for purchase on the market.  We will compare the Huawei Band 4e and Mi Band 5 to determine which device is superior.

Huawei Band 4e Vs Mi Band 5: Comparison Table

FeaturesHuawei Band 4eMi Band 5
Launching Year20192020
Model NameHuawei Band 4eMi Band 5
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Average Battery Life10-12 Days12-14 Days
CompatibilitySmartphone, TabletSmartphone, Tablet
Online Pricing Range₹8,945₹2,499
Customer Ratings3/54.5/5

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Huawei Band 4e Vs Mi Band 5: Detailed Analysis


Huawei Band 4e Vs Mi Band 5
Huawei Band 4e

The Huawei Band 4e features a fashionable and robust strap that comes in two color options, Misty Grey and Sakura Coral. Even if it’s not the most attractive fitness band we’ve tried, the fact that it’s constructed of recycled materials makes everything make sense and seem amazing. It weighs only approximately 15 grams, so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it while exercising. The gadget is also water-resistant up to 50 meters, making it the perfect fitness partner for exercises, surfing, swimming, and other activities.

However, its inventive dual-wearing modes—Wrist mode and Foot mode—seem to be its standout feature in terms of design. In contrast to other fitness bands, the Band 4e may be easily fastened to shoes using the boxed buckle. It can precisely track basketball and running performance with just a simple shoe clip.

In comparison to its predecessors, the new Mi Smart Band 5’s overall design has not changed significantly. It still has a bracelet made of thermoplastic elastomer with a loop buckle and a capsule with a color display. It is claimed to have a little larger display than the Mi Smart Band 4; however, the difference is negligible. Below the AMOLED display, which offers a 16-bit color range, is a touch-sensitive button.  The peak brightness, however, has gone from 400 to 450 nits.

The Mi Smart Band 5 is lightweight (11.9g), and it fits well on the wrist. Additionally, it appears like there is a coating to stop fingerprint smudges. The magnetic charger has two contact pins on the back. The Mi Smart Band 5 has a high-end feel to it, and during our time using it for the review, neither the strap nor the buckle loosened.


The Band 4e has a single capacitance home button that serves as an all-purpose key, making it simple to navigate. The gadget may also display the user’s recorded steps, distance, calories burned, moderate to high intensity, achievement reminder, single workout time and distance, activity reminder, stand reminder, sleep reminder, alarm, message reminder, and incoming call notice. It also features a Find Phone feature. It is useful for basketball players because it can give reliable data tracking for six axes of motion, allowing it to detect things like footstrike pattern, landing impact, ground contact duration, cadence, and more. You can also download the Huawei Health app for a better user experience and improved data access.

The Mi Smart Band 5 comes equipped with a number of software features, one of which is the capability to act as a remote shutter button for the camera on your associated smartphone. A new dedicated breathing guide can teach you to relax and concentrate better, and a globe clock function allows you to view the time in other cities. Based on information about heart rate variability, there is a stress monitor that can determine your level of stress. It lets you know if you’re relaxed or tense. Additionally, Xiaomi has released a menstrual cycle tracker that provides alerts for the fertile female period as well as reminders for the period and ovulation dates.

A new PAI index (Personal Activity Intelligence) will help you determine how active you should be to maintain good health. This is determined by taking into account a variety of data factors, including age, gender, and heart rate, among others. The goal of this new system is to keep users motivated, and in order for the gadget to consider you “fit,” you must maintain a score of 100 or near to it. It provides you with daily scores based on the workouts you complete and also provides recommendations based on the information it has collected.

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Huawei Band 4e Vs Mi Band 5
Mi Band 5

During our tests, Band 4e performs admirably. Although it can provide consumers with accurate statistics, clever moves can trick your gadget. Your wrists moving back and forth, for instance, will be counted as a step. Additionally, the device’s Sleep Time feature cannot provide precise data because even minor movement while sleeping could fool the gadget. However, the rest of its functionality worked flawlessly.

We tested the Mi Smart Band 5 for a number of weeks with no major issues. The touch interface worked well, and the workout modes provide thorough statistics according to the exercise you prefer. For instance, the swimming mode tracks different movement types and provides an average pace.  The selection of watch faces, along with the ability to alter the default ones, is a wonderful addition. Both the heart rate monitor and the recently added stress monitor were able to deliver results that could be independently verified.

Additionally, we identified no obvious issues with sleep tracking, and the values appeared to be consistent with the daily quality of sleep. The Mi Smart Band 5 now incorporates REM detection, giving you more precise information about the quality of your sleep. When you need to relax, the new breathing mode is helpful. For up to five minutes, users can choose to practice guided breathing exercises. The accuracy of the period cycle statistics and fertility reminders also met with our complete satisfaction. 


The Huawei Band is equipped with a number of different fitness modes, some of which are as follows: outdoor running, walking, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, indoor running, indoor swimming, etc. Additionally, it has an automatic running and walking detection system. Based on the user’s daily activity, age, and gender, “Personal Activity Intelligence” (PAI) also assesses overall fitness. An intriguing feature that encourages the user to continue moving and improve their PAI score.

Unlike its predecessor, which only had six professional sports modes, the Mi Smart Band 5 has eleven. These include swimming in a pool and freestyle, as well as outdoor running, cycling, indoor cycling, walking, yoga, jump rope, elliptical machines, and rowing machines. The fitness band tracks your heart rate as you work out and determines when the workout is over to automatically pause tracking.

The band has a 5ATM waterproof rating, making it suitable for use in a pool. The Mi Smart Band 5 passed both tests with no further issues after being worn while swimming and even in the shower. It’s important to note that Xiaomi advises avoiding using this device when scuba diving or in a sauna. Additionally, it has 16MB of storage, 512KB of RAM, and Bluetooth 5. A three-axis gyroscope, a PPG heart rate monitor, and a three-axis acceleration sensor are among the sensors on board. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 is compatible with mobile devices that are running Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 or higher.

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Huawei Band 4e

According to the HUAWEI website, the Band 4e’s battery life lasts for two weeks on a single charge. We used roughly 60% of it after using it for about a week. As it is a fairly basic tracker without heart rate monitoring or a particularly power-hungry display, we’re anticipating a longer battery life.

The Redmi Band Band now supports magnetic charging, which is its best new feature. Nowadays, charging is fully hassle-free, in contrast to prior generations. The charger merely connects to the band’s back and begins to recharge. In roughly two hours, the dead battery is fully charged. According to the manufacturer, the battery may last up to 14 days on a single charge under “typical use,” and it is delivered on that claim. It lasted up to 11 days with our typical use with a few battery-hungry functions like raise-to-wake and sleep tracking. 

Huawei Band 4e Vs Mi Band 5: Quick Results

ParticularsHuawei Band 4eMi Band 5Which One Is Better?
SoftwareGoodBetterMi Band 5
PerformanceGoodBetterMi Band 5
FeaturesGoodBetterMi Band 5
BatteryGoodBetterMi Band 5

Huawei Band 4e Vs Mi Band 5: Final Verdict

The HUAWEI Band 4e is so 2018 technologically, and given what it can do, the pricing is somewhat high. There are many options available at this price point, including Xiaomi and even the HONOR Band 5, which has a larger color OLED display, continuous heart rate monitoring, and comparable battery life. This smart band is made for people who want a lightweight, straightforward way to track their health.

A fitness band with several features, the Huawei Band 4e is fashionable and functional. Huawei packed it with useful features that can help users track and enhance their performance through precise statistics. It was designed for runners and basketball enthusiasts.

The Mi Smart Band 5 excels at every fundamental requirement for a fitness band. It may easily last for more than a week on a single charge and is sufficiently accurate for tracking. It offers additional practical functions like tracking stress and menstrual cycles. At its pricing point, the Mi Smart Band 5 stands out clearly, and most buyers should find it to be a reliable choice. The Mi Smart Band 5 is a great option if you’re searching for a fitness band that provides precise tracking, trustworthy workout statistics, and respectable battery life.

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