Oppo Enco M31 Vs OnePlus Bullets: Which Neckband Is Best For You?

OnePlus Bullets

Life can be rather dull without sound and music, which is something that we are all well aware of. It is essential that the headphones you use, whichever ones you decide to go with, have a high sound quality in order for you to be able to take pleasure in the music that you are playing or listening to. Earphones just cannot compete with headphones when it comes to design and sound quality. Headphones are far superior to earphones in every way. To listen to audio files of good quality, you should wear headphones. They are more efficient at producing exceptional audio outputs that no earphone can equal.

People nowadays are confused by the distinctions that exist between the OppoEnco M31 and the One Plus Bullets. In that case, you’ve found the right place. Here, we’ll compare and analyze the OppoEnco M31 and One Plus Bullets, emphasizing their main differences. Because we are going to analyze each characteristic of the earbuds and determine which one is superior, we are hopeful that by the time you have finished reading this page, you will be able to choose the model that is right for you and then go out and get it. Let’s compare the two earphones first.

Oppo Enco M31 Vs OnePlus Bullets: Comparison Table

FeaturesOppoEnco M31OnePlus Bullets
Launching Year20202022
Model NameOppoEnco M31OnePlus Bullets
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Average Battery Life12 Hours20 Hours
CompatibilitySmartphones, Tablets, PC, and All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphones, Tablets, PC, and All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.0Version 5.0
Online Pricing RangeRs 1,899Rs 1,899
Customer Ratings4.1/54.2/5

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Oppo Enco M31 Vs OnePlus Bullets: Detailed Analysis


Oppo Enco M31
Oppo Enco M31

The OppoEnco M31’s design isn’t very eye-catching, but it’s also not garish either. In an all-black shell with a smooth matte finish and a small amount of shiny metallic lining on the rechargeable batteries and at the back of the earbuds, you get quite conventional-looking wireless earphones in the neckband style. You can use a green and yellow mix with this model if you prefer something more vivid. Personally, We liked them more in black. It contains volume control keys as well as a multipurpose button that may be used to play/pause music, answer/end phone calls, and change between balanced and bass modes. By holding down the volume up or down key for two seconds, you can skip to the next or previous track.

On the left side of the battery, It is where you’ll find a USB port that uses the Type-C standard as well as a little LED with multiple colors that will light red if the battery is running low and green otherwise. These earphones, like those made by OnePlus, include magnetic tips at the rear that serve as the device’s power On/Off switch. When not in use, make sure they don’t accidentally split since if they do, they’ll connect to the source device and use some battery. The OppoEnco M31, like the OnePlus, isn’t compatible with Qualcomm’s AptX or AptX HD codecs, but it gets better by supporting LDAC codecs, which have a higher performance than even AptX HD. Unfortunately, not all devices are capable of playing that codec, so if that applies to your device, you’ll have to settle for AAC or SBC. The company hasn’t included a carrying pouch with these earbuds in order to keep costs down.

On the other hand, an earphone with an aluminum alloy housing protrudes from either side of the One Plus Bullets. The shine of the aluminum contrasts with the matte silicone ear and wing tips, which looks lovely but soon attracts dirt.  Each earbud has a flat, magnetic panel; when the enclosures are pressed together, playback of your media is automatically paused; when they are separated, playback is started. 

On the right side of the neckband, which is quite similar to the BeatsXFlexForm cable, is an accessible power button. When worn, the smooth neckband is barely noticeable. The wireless earbuds, a USB-C charging cable, three sets of ear and wing tips, and a storage pouch are all included by OnePlus.


The OppoEnco M31 weighs only 22 grams, making it even more lightweight than the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. Thanks to a skin-friendly liquid silicone rubber neckband, you hardly notice they are around your neck. With medium-sized silicone tips, the oval-shaped in-ear monitors fit comfortably within the ear without causing any discomfort, and they do not come out even when jogging. The mid-sized tips provide a better seal from outside noise than what you get with the Oneplus, even though the passive noise isolation isn’t complete with either of the three pairs of ear tips that are included.

Although the arrangement of the inline controls initially seems strange, one will get familiar with it. In this area, OnePlus does better. Additionally, if you pay attention, each button has a different indent to make it easier for you to push the correct key without having to look. Due to their IPX5 rating for sweat and splash resistance, you may wear these headphones while exercising or in a light drizzle without worrying that they will get damaged.

Although the One Plus Bullets earbuds perform satisfactorily when working out, We would put them in the top five of our own list of workout earbuds. The neckband, however, is firm enough to stay on the neck during horizontal activities like bench pressing because the fit is secure.  You could even “take them for a run, but not for a swim,” as OnePlus advertised.

It is strange, however, that in spite of their apparent resistance to water, the Bullets Wireless has not been given an official IP certification by the manufacturer. In fact, OnePlus explicitly notes that it “makes no guarantees” regarding water resistance and that liquid damage is not covered by the warranty. Therefore, make sure to be careful.

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OnePlus Bullets
OnePlus Bullets

The M31 is unable to compete with the OnePlus Bullets Wireless in this regard; in fact, it does not even come close to meeting its standards. When not activating LDAC, the M31’s battery backup is rated at 12 hours, and when using LDAC, it is rated at 8 hours. The earbuds lasted a little over 9 hours under typical usage conditions, with LDAC always on and about three hours of listening each day. You can get close to 12 hours on AAC or SBC, but it is still less than the 21 hours that Bullets Wireless can handle.

Additionally, Oppo offers you the choice of charging this gadget for just 10 minutes to obtain 3 hours of LDAC playback. In reality, it performed marginally better, with a total of four hours of playtime. The earbuds’ eight-hour battery life is claimed, but in our testing, we discovered that they only lasted 7.16 hours with continual 75 dB pink noise exposure (SPL). Since you won’t actually listen at such loud volumes, you’ll probably reach the eight-hour milestone considerably sooner than we did during testing.

Quick charging is among the nicest features. Five hours of playback are available after a ten-minute USB-C connection, which is a terrific feature for forgetful people and is noted in the workout earphones guide. The wireless neck buds have a 255-hour standby period on a full charge, so there are no concerns if you manage to lose them to a couch cushion for a few days.


When it comes to this particular category, the Oppo pair easily outperforms the Bullets Wireless. The M31 is only slightly less loud than the majority of other wireless neckbands We have tested. Most headphones operate at volume levels below 70%; therefore, you will need to turn it up close to 90% for everyday use. The most crucial thing, though, is that even when you use them outside, they get the job done with sufficient clarity and impact before you reach the peak. Thankfully, they don’t crack even when turned up to the max. Additionally, the sound stage is notably improved, despite the fact that it is not as expansive as the sound stage of certain earphones that sell for twice or three times the price of these.

The OppoEnco M31 complies with Bluetooth 5.0 standards, making it easy and quick to pair with devices that meet those requirements. There are also no serious problems with the Bluetooth range; this pair is able to keep a stable connection even at a distance of 10 meters when there is a clear line of sight. It decreases to around half when there is a concrete wall between the source and the listener. As long as the parent device is in a similar room as you, there is no reason for anyone to be concerned about this matter.

When it comes to OnePlus, each earbud contains a 9.2-millimeter dynamic driver that is encased in an “energy tube” to reduce the amount of harmonic distortion. Although this may sound like a lot of PR mumbo-jumbo, our testing revealed that the OnePlus Bullets Wireless offer a frequency response that is very neutral-leaning. This was a pleasant surprise. We found that switching to third-party memory foam ear tips improved isolation and increased bass.

The Bullets Wireless’s general sonic character can be characterized as laid-back, which We define as cozy, unexceptional, and non-fatiguing. These are the kind of headphones you’d wear while working or doing household tasks all day long to listen to music.

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Oppo Enco M31 Vs OnePlus Bullets: Quick Results

ParticularsOppoEnco M31OnePlus BulletsWhich One Is Better?
ComfortGoodBetterOnePlus Bullets
BatteryGoodBetterOnePlus Bullets
PerformanceBetterGoodOppoEnco M31

OppoEnco M31 Vs OnePlus Bullets: Final Verdict

The OppoEnco M31 has a one-year warranty and is available for a weekly price range of Rs 1,999 to Rs 2,499 on Amazon India. Therefore, is it preferable to the OnePlus Bullets Wireless? If you are searching for better-sounding headphones with a more balanced sound signature and if you care more about the details in audio than just the bass, then you should absolutely consider purchasing this. Due to the two different sound profiles, this pair is capable of producing; even those who prefer greater bass won’t be dissatisfied. Oppo deserves praise for creating a single product that appeals to two very diverse preferences. If long battery life is an important factor for you, then the Bullets Wireless is the product that will meet your needs the best. However, even if the earbuds lose their charge, you can always charge them; however, you cannot improve the quality of the sound they produce.

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