Fastrack Reflex Play Vs Fire Boltt Invincible: Which Smartwatch To Choose?

Fastrack, a Titan sub-brand, has launched the Reflex Play smartwatch, adding to the company’s portfolio of smart wearables in India. It rejects the current trend of rectangular dials a la Apple Watch in favor of circular dials. Among other things, the smartwatch has an AMOLED display, a premium build, 24-hour heart rate tracking, integrated sports modes, and IP68 dust/water resistance.

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly fashionable as well as functional. Many users rely on their smartwatches to check calls, messages, and music controls, which eliminates the need for them to constantly access their phones. While most low-cost wearables only provide basic fitness tracking capabilities, the new Fire-Boltt invincible includes a calling function.

It can receive phone calls, which are usually reserved for more expensive watches. The device can monitor your blood oxygen levels (SpO2), heart rate, and sleep patterns in addition to the standard fitness features. The Fire Boltt Invincible costs Rs 4,999. Let’s see if this smartwatch is worth the money.

Fastrack Reflex Play vs Fire Boltt Invincible: Comparison Table

FeaturesFastrack Reflex PlayFire Boltt invincible
Launching Year20222021
BrandFastrackFire Boltt
Model NameReflex play invincible
Available ColorsBlack, silverBlack, blue, green
Average Battery Life15 days7 days
Charging Time2 hours2 hours
CompatibilityAll SmartphonesAll Smartphones
BluetoothVersion 5.0Version v5.0
Display 360×360 Pixels454X454 Pixel
Online Price RangesRs.5,995Rs.6,999
Customer Ratings4.4/54.2/5

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Fastrack Reflex Play vs Fire Boltt Invincible: Detailed Analysis


The Fastrack Reflex Play has a premium design that includes a circular aluminum dial and silicone straps. It has a 1.3-inch AMOLED display with thin bezels. The watch faces have more vibrant colors and deeper blacks than smartwatches with LCD displays. It has a variety of animated watch faces and AOD (Always On Display) capabilities. Notifications, important messages, emails, and weather updates, among other things, can be accessed quickly.

Running, walking, cricket, football, basketball, and yoga are among the 27 pre-installed sport modes on the Reflex Play. It can help with breathing exercises and has a health monitor for women. Furthermore, it continuously monitors heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2) levels, and sleep quality.

The Fire bolt invincible, on the other hand, measures blood oxygen levels, or SpO2, which is an important feature that will notify you if the blood’s oxygen saturation level has decreased. When compared to a standard fingertip pulse oximeter, the watch provided a nearly accurate reading. The oximeter read between 98 and 99 percent, while the wearable device read between 96 and 97 percent. The good news is that the device only took two seconds to record the readings.


Fastrack Reflex Play

The Fastrack Reflex Play Bluetooth connects to your smartphone for easy access to its music controls and camera. It has an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, so you can take it swimming. A single charge, according to the manufacturer, can last up to seven days with normal use. The smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Concerning Fire Boltt’s invulnerability, the watch should be within Bluetooth range of the smartphone, and you should not have to take the phone out of your pocket to answer a call while driving or doing anything else. For this purpose, the smartwatch has a loud and clear microphone and speaker. During our usage period, the person on the other end of the line could hear me clearly. However, speaking through the watch should be avoided in a noisy environment.

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I have to say that the Fastrack Reflex WAV’s features are truly impressive; you can control a variety of smartphone functions with a simple wrist twist. It supports gesture control, allowing users to change the music, take photos, and reject calls.

The device’s interface is extremely simple, and the most impressive feature of fitness trackers is the scrolling notification. You can also use the Reflex Wav app to connect the band to your smartphone. It only took a few minutes to set up the device and pair it with my iPhone.

When I connected my smartphone to the smart band, I started receiving notifications such as sedentary alerts, messages, weather updates, and the ability to locate my phone by activating a ringtone.

What’s wrong with Fire Boltt Invincible?

The Fire Boltt invincible can monitor blood pressure (BP), but a medical-grade device is required. When compared to a standard blood pressure monitoring device, the data provided by the Fire Boltt invincible watch was inaccurate.

The duration of Fire Boltt invincible will be reduced if you use it frequently. If you use the watch for sports tracking, heart rate, SpO2, sleep tracking, steps, and notification alerts, the battery life will be less than two days. If you use the device less frequently, it can last for up to three days. To save battery life, I disabled “Quick View.”

Efficiency in Fastrack Reflex Play

After using the Fastrack Reflex for over a week, I’ve seen both sides of the band. This fitness tracker provides notifications for almost everything. Inside the tiny case is a small vibrator that vibrates in response to any notification, whether it’s a phone notification or an ordinary alert.

Fastrack Reflex Play vs Fire Boltt Invincible: Quick Result

ParticularsFastrack Reflex PlayFire Boltt InvincibleWhich one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodAmazingFastrack Reflex Play

Fastrack Reflex Play vs Fire Boltt Invincible: Final Verdict

The Fire Boltt Talk is a high-quality smartwatch that delivers excellent results. Without having to pull out the phone, one can answer calls and communicate with others. It allows for notifications, heart rate, sleeping patterns, and music control to be tracked. The smartwatch has an IP67 rating, making it water resistant.

The only significant issue, in my opinion, is the battery life. There are several low-cost wearables with longer battery lives than the Fire Boltt Talk, so keep that in mind if you decide to buy it.

Overall, the Fastrack Reflex play appears to be well-designed. There are also numerous new features in the smart band industry. Because of its gesture control feature, the Fastrack Reflex play is a one-of-a-kind device, but it does have some drawbacks. The heartbeat sensor was removed entirely to make the device thinner. Furthermore, the company has restricted the smart band’s IP rating to IP67, whereas other brands, such as Xiaomi and Honor, offer IP68 products for less than the price of this device.

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