JBL Infinity Glide 500 Vs JBL T460BT: Which One To Buy?  

JBL Infinity Glide 500 vs JBL T460BT

Looking for some headphones? Still searching, right? Don’t worry here we have some good headphones coming under your budget. Not just that, we’ve prepared their comparison for you. The comparison between JBL Infinity Glide 500 and JBL T460BT.  

Two great quality headphones which are close competitors and were great products at their times. But the question is, is it worth buying them on today’s date or not? Scroll down to know everything you need to know before buying them.  

JBL Infinity Glide 500 vs JBL T460BT: Comparison Chart  

FeaturesJBL Infinity Glide 500JBL T460BT
Launch Years20202018
ModelInfinity Glide 500T460BT
Connection TypeBuetoothBluetooth
Color VariantsBlack, Blue, RedBlack, Blue, White
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Battery Life20 hours11 hours
Battery Capacity200mah
Charging Duration2 hours2 hours
CompatibilitySmartphones, Tablets, PC
All Bluetooth Devices
Smartphones, Tablets, PC
All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.0Version 4.0
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Online Price Range15992499
Sweat ResistantNoYes

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JBL Infinity Glide 500 vs JBL T460BT: Detailed Analysis  

Build And Designs  

JBL Infinity Glide 500 has an awesome design, it is a cool-looking headphone, especially with the Infinity logo on both sides but in terms of comfortability, it is not that great. It doesn’t have any cushioning on the headband and also the earmuffs are stiff so you won’t be able to put them on for a long time. The control buttons are located on the right side of the headphones, you will find 2 volume control buttons, a power button, and a call control button for picking and ending the call without even touching your smartphone.   

Now talking about the JBL T460BT have a decent design, it’s not that stylish but has several advantages of its design, first talking about its rotating dial which automatically fits at a perfect angle to provide more comfort and talking about comfort those soft ear muffs add ups to that. Same as the JBL Infinity Glide 500 the control buttons are located on the right side of the headphones and function the same.   


JBL Infinity Glide 500

JBL Infinity Glide 500, is a normal Bluetooth headphone with several features such as adjustable length/size of the headphone, switching tracks by the volume control buttons and the feature is the calling feature providing the ability to control incoming calls with the help of the call button and the most interesting feature of this device is the ‘heavy base mode’ which can be activated by pressing the power button twice. One feature that this headphone doesn’t have is the “Active Noise Cancellation” (ANC) which is a huge drawback for this device in terms of features.  

JBL T460BT provides almost the same features as the JBL Infinity Glide 500 and provides the same controls from the buttons provided but the difference is that the call button controls and the pause and play button controls are operated from the same button.  

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Audio Quality  

JBL Infinity Glide 500 has a good sound quality and doesn’t distort the audio at the full sound. It may not have the ANC feature, but the earmuff’s design pretty much cancels all the noise in the background. Now talking about the “heavy bass mode”, this mode is kind of a scam because after turning this mode on, it boosts the audio to 200% and becomes so uncomfortable to keep them on.   

JBL T460BT has an excellent sound quality, the bass isn’t that bad but it is better than JBL Infinity Glide 500. The flaw here is the audio distortion which may occur at full volume which you’ll find uncomfortable.  



JBL Infinity Glide 500 has a battery capacity of 200mah which provides 20 hours of playtime after a full charge and takes about 2 hours to a full charge, which is quite impressive for such a small capacity.  

But the battery life of the JBL T460BT is not as great as the JBL Infinity Glide 500, but still holds up for around 11 hours after a full charge. Apart from that this also takes 2 hours to fully charge itself.  

JBL Infinity Glide 500 vs JBL T460BT: Quick Result  

CategoryJBL Infinity Glide 500JBL T460BTBest One?
Battery LifeGreatGoodJBL Infinity Glide 500
Audio QualityExcellentGoodJBL T460BT
ComfirtabilityAverageGoodJBL Infinity Glide 500

Customer Reviews  

JBL Infinity Glide 500  

  • Battery life is good and long-lasting.  
  • It’s not that comfortable your ears will hurt if you wear them for too long.  
  • The audio quality is nice for such an inexpensive headphone.  

JBL T460BT  

  • It’s very comfortable for your ears, it is lightweight and the adjustable band is good too.  
  • The battery backup is decent but the charging time is a bit longer compared to the playtime.  
  • The audio is bad, it sparks when it’s on full volume.   

JBL Infinity Glide 500 vs JBL T460BT: Final Verdict  

So have you decided yet? If not then let’s do a quick want analysis. JBL Infinity Glide 500 has a great battery backup, you can enjoy a long playtime of 20 hours at a decent volume but that advantage gets cuts out by the comfortability of this headphone as it doesn’t have a cushion on its headband and its ear muffs are pretty stiff, but apart from that everything is great for an under 2000 rupee price range.

On the other hand, JBL T460BT is a great speaker overall, but its battery backup is only around 11 hours which is less than the JBL Infinity Glide 500 but in terms of comfortability JBL T460BT is far greater than the JBL Infinity Glide 500. So if you want comfort over battery life then JBL T460BT is the one for you. And if comfortability doesn’t matter and you just need long battery life and a cool look then JBL Infinity Glide 500 is the one for you.

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