boAt Stone 1200 Vs boAt Stone 1200F: Which Is Better?

boAt Stone 1200 Vs boAt Stone 1200F

Everyone loves to listen to music.  And especially if you are someone who enjoys listening to the music with the group then you must need a speaker. these days having an old speaker does not make any sense as we have to carry along the wires too with it, here comes the portable speakers which are loud, small and easy to carry.  With only one charge they are enough to go for a long time and will play the audio without any extra wire.  Therefore having a portable is a very great idea and it will be a great purchase for you.

There are lots of brands that makes portable speakers, and are very popular in the music industry too.  But there is one brand that has created a great hype in the market about the quality.  The main motto of this brand boat is to make its products fashionable the bass and the quality of this brand have never disappointed its customers. If you are considering buying speakers then you should always consider this brand. There are a number of models of the boat but particularly the speakers then there are two models which are very famous . one of them is boat stone 1200 and the other is boat 1200f, both of these are in the same range of the company. If you are confused about which one to buy between these two then after we discuss everything you will be clear on which one is best for you to buy.

boAt Stone 1200 VS boAt Stone 1200F: Comparison Chart

Feature  boAt stone 1200  boAt stone 1200f
Water resistanceIPX 7IPX 7
Battery9 hr9 hr
Battery capacity3600 mAh3600 mAh
Charging time4 hr4 hr
Standby time360 hr360 hr
range  10 m10 m

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boAt Stone 1200 VS boAt Stone 1200F: Detailed Analysis


boAt Stone 1200 VS boAt Stone 1200F

While listening to music no one will like to get interrupted especially if you are someone who likes to listen to the music while with your friend in the group then you have to carry a portable speaker and in case the charging of the speaker is down then in such cases the whole enjoyment fades away. Ther it is very important to check the battery of the product and read honest reviews about the product’s battery life. The other most important thing is the charging time of the product. Because it has to be charged quickly in order to save time.

Both of these speakers are of the same brand and over that, they belong to the same range of product categories too. They’re both of the speakers have a similar kind of battery or rather can say the exact same battery. Both of the boat speakers stone 1200 and stone 1200f last up to 9 hours which is very decent timing for the speaker of this range. Over on that the charging time if the speakers in about 4 hours which is also good for the music time that it provides.

Music quality

Over the period of time, lots of brands have been in the industry of music and are very favorite among the customers, the brand boat is very good and the sound quality provided by them is un doubtable. The bass and the quality both are really great. As boat stone 1200 and boat stone 1200f both are from the same range of products that’s why the quality of the music provided by both of these speakers is very great. The base produced by both of them is almost of equal level. Over that the driver size provided by them is also same. But it is seen that the clarity of the music that is provided by the model boat stone 1200  is better than that of the boAt 1200f. if you are someone who is not from specially music background and only listens to the music for fun then there is no harm in considering the 1200f model too.  As the normal ears will not be able to differentiate between these two speakers while listening to music or while watching a film with it.

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Pricing of any product can become a deciding factor in whether to buy the product or even whether to consider buying it. Before buying the product one should keep in min how much money would you like to spend or can say want to invest in buying the speaker. Having a budget will give you a clear idea about the features that you want and according to that you can finalize the features and sort the products which you want to buy.

Talking about the individual product prices as said both of these speakers are of the same brand and of the same product range too, but there is a significant amount price difference between them. The model of boat stone 1200 f has a price tag of around 3000 rupees which in this category is acceptable. On the other hand, as we discussed the quality of stone 1200 is better than the clarity of 1200 f therefore the price of boar stone 1200 is also high, it has a price of 4000 rupees, which is a bit high.

boAt Stone 1200 VS boAt Stone 1200F: Quick Results

FeatureboAt stone 1200boAt stone 1200f
Batterygood  good
Qualitybest  decent
price  high  fair  

boAt Stone 1200 VS boAt Stone 1200F: Final Verdict

Both of the speakers have great quality and buying either of them will never feel your regret. But if you are someone who can not compromise with the clarity of the music and have an extra budget then boat stone 1200 is a good option for you on the other hand if you are a casual listener then boar 1200f is very highly preferable for you as it won’t show any great difference between those two models and you will end up saving some money too.

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