JBL Tune 710BT by Harman Vs Sony WF-C500 Bluetooth: Which Is Good?

JBL Tune 710BT by Harman Vs Sony WF-C500 Bluetooth

We use music as a form of escape from reality while we travel. But how do we do that? Well, thanks to our beloved headphones. This prompts us to purchase a new pair for ourselves and investigate some intriguing possibilities. To evaluate and decide which is ideal for you, we have the JBL Tune 710BT by Harman and the Sony WF-C500 Bluetooth. The Sony WF-C500 builds upon the foundation laid by Sony’s extensive catalog of high-quality headphones and earphones. Although the in-ear market is saturated with products that are very similar to these, these earbuds claim a long battery life, high-tech sounding features, excellent audio, and more.

As one of the most well-known audio companies, JBL offers a wide and always-growing selection of headphones and earbuds. Whether you’re looking for quality over-ear cans for wired or wireless listening or a pair of ultra-inexpensive earbuds that cost negligible feelings, JBL has you covered. Which one is strong enough to set itself apart from other real wireless sound equipment? Check it out.

JBL Tune 710BT by Harman Vs Sony WF-C500 Bluetooth: Comparison Table

FeaturesJBL Tune 710BTSony WF-C500
Launching Year20212021
SeriesJBL Tune SeriesSony Wearables
Model NameJBL Tune 710BTSony WF-C500
Online Pricing Range₹3,399₹4,890
Customer Ratings4/54/5

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JBL Tune 710BT by Harman Vs Sony WF-C500 Bluetooth: Detailed Analysis


JBL Tune 710BT by Harman Vs Sony WF-C500 Bluetooth

The JBL Tune 710BT headphones are well-made and do not require an app or other complicated technology. They are compact, well-made, and somewhat bulky over-the-ear cans. As there is no app, there are more buttons to press than most. Buttons work well and don’t malfunction as much as touch controls. They weigh 220g, which is a decent weight, and fold flat for carrying. The carry case is absent. A Bluetooth pairing button, Power on/Off, Volume Up/Down, Fast Forward/Back, Google Assistant/Siri/Pause, and other buttons are also available. You can use a 3.5-2.5mm cable or BT to listen. USB DAC is not present.

The Sony WF-C500 earbuds weigh only 5.4g each, are lightweight, and are easy to put in place. Once they are in place, they will remain comfortable for hours because of the variety of ear tips that are included with them. The WF-C500 earphones are packaged in a compact, sturdy charging case that adds some weight to your pocket but won’t make you feel heavier. When closed or open, it remains flat and sturdy on its long side; however, dropping it will make the lid open and could cause one or both buds to eject. The buds are held in place by magnets within the case, so they don’t move around. Take account of the case since it is necessary to recharge the buds.

Sound Performance

JBL Pure Bass Sound, developed over the course of 75 years, is the company’s signature, stunning, and pinpoint bass. This means that the high-quality audio that produces deep and strong bass is reproduced by these headphones. ANC allows you to tune out background noise so you can concentrate on your music. We saw how portable and lightweight the JBL Tune 710BT’s foldable design was while testing the product for our evaluation. A device with such good looks as the Tune 710BT can accompany you anyplace.

A company known for producing a sound that appeals to consumers makes the Sony WF-C500. The majority of consumers often like the WF-frequency C500’s response because it closely resembles our house curve. The mids are, like the majority of in-ears, marginally underemphasized in comparison to the bass and highs. Still, you’ll probably appreciate what you hear if you’re listening to music while moving around or working out.

Since the Sony WF-C500 lacks active noise cancellation (ANC), getting a proper fit is necessary to block out as much noise as possible. Because the buds are better at filtering out highs than lows, they won’t be as successful at blocking out rumbling motors and other commute-related noises.

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JBL Tune 710BT by Harman Vs Sony WF-C500 Bluetooth

JBL states that the Tune 710BT’s 690mAh battery may last up to 50 hours. We also checked its capacity to see if it was accurate. It lasted for almost 46 hours while we left the headphones on an audio loop at 70% volume. Although it didn’t last as long as the company said, additional tests may yield different findings. No matter the type of headphones you choose, keep in mind that battery life may vary depending on the loudness and the audio source.

Just 14 minutes separate the Sony WF-9 C500’s hours, 46 minutes of runtime from the manufacturer’s stated 10-hour battery life. You will hear a warning once the buds are at 50% battery and once more just before the battery runs out. Each bud has a tiny orange LED that lights up while charging, and the case itself has an orange LED that lights up to show how much charge is left. There is no power adapter included in the box, only a short USB-A to USB-C connection.

JBL Tune 710BT by Harman Vs Sony WF-C500 Bluetooth: Quick Results

ParticularsJBL Tune 710BTSony WF-C500Which One Is Better?
Battery LifeGoodGoodAny

Final Verdict: JBL Tune 710BT by Harman Vs Sony WF-C500 Bluetooth

When it comes to wireless over-ear headphones, the JBL Tune 710BT is a top choice. It delivers a good and secure fit due to the carefully selected materials used in its construction. In addition to its construction and aesthetics, we liked that it had adequate controls on its earcups. Given that it lacks an associated app or software, this made utilizing the headphones convenient.

The Sony WF-C500 is a terrific companion if you enjoy listening to music while you’re on the run and want earbuds that won’t get in the way. This headset has a pleasant sound and does not interfere with regular tasks. Additionally, having the flexibility to launch your voice assistant and take calls comes in handy on hectic days. However, the restricted SBC and AAC codec support and the absence of ANC are unfortunate.

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